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Author Topic: Four Kinky Ideas (F for either)  (Read 483 times)

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Offline BamagirlTopic starter

Four Kinky Ideas (F for either)
« on: April 24, 2015, 01:37:19 PM »
There are various amounts of smut or story in each of these ideas. It just depends on who ends up picking them up with me!  For the other writer, besides an interest in the idea of course, I'd like someone who can carry the story with me. There are no limitations on post size, however I've found shorter usually isn't very good. The flip side being that people can also overdo it. Generally speaking I've found the first couple of posts are best around five to seven paragraphs (as we get to know the characters) and then go down to around three to five (response, body, and push). But....  With some stories I go well into the four digit words, it all depends.

I typically reply two to five times a week, sometimes less or more depending on the depth of the content and the frequency of my partner. I never drop stories without letting the person know, I'd appreciate the same. It happens, sometimes things just don't click, right?

Miss Piggy
She's big, like size 18 or more heavy, and in her early 20s.  Little to no self esteem and except for a few embarassing experiences in high school has always been single. Lives with her mom and works nights at a diner. That's where she met your older man who has a thing for big girls- a very dark and nasty thing. I picture him as being some sort of blue collar guy, rough around the edges, and very masculine.

For this story I'd really like to explore erotic humiliation, on a scale of 1 - 10 around an 8.5.  At first he has to help her get off as he lays it on, but she's submissive and on some level likes it, even if she is crying. And it gets to the point she's actually getting off on it, can't be excited without it, as she totally embraces being a fat pig.

This rabbit hole goes pretty deep, so please, if you're not sure you can take this on....  That being put out there: I'm totally willing to write this as a PM. I know some people may like this idea and not want to really get into it on an open board.

The Party Favor
She's a high school senior up to a college sophomore, and it's spring break at PCB or Padre or Daytona or wherever. Her friends are a little boring as far as partying goes (or she's with her parents), which is how she ended up getting "separated."  And how she ended up with a cup of something strong and red in her hand. At a beach house. With a bunch of horny college guys.

How many boys do you feel comfortable playing?  Like seriously, she's almost ready to take them all on. Maybe she wants to experiment with being a total whore, or maybe it can be some dubious consent/date rape. I'm open to either, let's talk about it.  For the right partner I'm open to taking on the role of a pair of girls, make it a party (even if or especially if one is more willing than the other).

How much do you want it?
I like to think I have a lot of range, and can play this from top or bottom- but for other gals only. One of the women is in a position of authority in some sort of organization: the cheerleading team, the sorority, the weekend bar shift- whatever. The other woman wants to be a part of it. Really bad. Like willing to do whatever it takes.

This story could go all over the place, and I'm totally open to that. I'd like to play up some embarassment and shame though, and I don't think the "top" ever really plans to deliver, she just wants to see how far she can push the "bottom," what level of debasement is possible. Totally willing to take on some NPC roles to spice up this story and sorta GM it for the bottom if I'm the top.
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Offline BamagirlTopic starter

Re: Three Kinky Ideas (F for either)
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2015, 05:06:22 PM »
Wow, I posted this like six months ago!

Since this a pretty big bump up on the list, allow me to add another idea.

The Maid
Her first time she had barely been a teenager, and lived with her parents and siblings in a camp, and later the back of a van. It had been hard, stoop labor, picking fruit in California and Washington. She had never finished school, could barely read and write her own language, but she learned some English, and that as hard as it was, it was better than south of the border. The INS had come though, and took her parents, she lasted longer, went to a legal distant cousin, something to do with courts. By the time the migras came again she was at a poultry plant.

That had been a terrible and frightening place.  She was harassed by her supervisor, bullied and pressured, and then there was the work itself. Maria had stopped eating chicken, still couldn't stomach it. When the migras finally came she was an adult, and was deported with everyone else. At first she thought of it as liberation, had forgotten how bad it was in her village. Bad water, little electricity. By the time she got back the cartels where there too, her father had disappeared, her mother had nearly given up.

So naturally she wanted back in Estados Unitos.  Maria was a hybrid now, didn't fit in the old country, was illegal in her new. But she spoke passable English, and was determined, the land of milk and honey beckoned. Towing her mother she dared the crossing again, walked for two days in southern Arizona to find the coyote and finish the passage.

Land of opportunity!  She was in Norte Carolina now, another distant, but naturalized, cousin. And his wife and kids. And his brother and and his brother's cousin-in-law. With her own mother. All crammed into a three bedroom apartment. She cleaned houses now. The network of the immigrants- one legal to land the work, and a van load of workers with fake IDs not paying taxes. Well there was the work tax: every house was $40 back to the driver, the rest was hers. They got dropped off in the morning, picked up at lunch, another place in the afternoon. If you were lucky it was in a neighborhood, and you could find extra houses, work faster and harder, get two or three out of one drop.

Obviously there's a ton of stories we can write about Maria, what are your ideas?
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