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Author Topic: My Ideas And What To Do With Them.  (Read 3634 times)

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My Ideas And What To Do With Them.
« on: April 22, 2015, 11:27:57 PM »
hello and welcome to my thread, major changed since my last one. anyway I know I have a lot of RP ideas but that's what happens when you have a huge writing habit, sorry about that. so if any of these catch your attention or you think I would like a idea of yours feel free to message me with suggestions, hell if you like part of one of these but think it would be better with a little change just let me know, I'm very flexible with my RPs and all of these can and will be changed if my partner has a better idea. feel free to contact me with any RP's you think I would like.

stupid little wolf
in the beginning there were 4 races.
first were mortals, the shortest lived of the 4 and the highest numbers. humans were arguably the strongest of all 4, they had no real weakness like the others and could with a little skill kill rather easily.

then we had the hunters of the night, those who drank blood and drew power from it. now called Vampires. who's weakness was was the sun and wood, the sun would fry them and wood was the only thing that made wounds that didn't heal instantly.

next were the worshipers of the moon and the wolf, those that were able to change their normal human like bodies to mix man and wolf into one being of immense power. the werewolves who's weakness was silver, the metal burned their skin, the moon makes then stronger or weaker as is wanes and waxes.

following them were the rarest of the 4, those who looked and smelled just like humans but were almost impossible to find unless they revealed themselves. witches. being of magical power with spells and potions that allowed them to almost bend reality to their will. one of their greatest weaknesses in they require things like herbs, crystals and rituals to perform their magic, with out them very few can defend themselves at all. they die as easily as humans and are almost extinct because of human "witch hunts" the other 3 races all believe witches have died out.

now it is modern day, werewolves and vampires learned from the witches mistakes and have hidden themselves from the humans but sometimes a human finds out about them, which is how we find a young werewolf (m or f) running through a forest in their were form with a silver bullet in their arm with a hunter on their trail. lucky for the wolf they find a cabin that looks to be one used for those week long camping trips, busting into the cabin they find a single human (m or f) holding two crystals, this one isn't human its a Witch!! one crystal is used to hide the house from the hunter the other is used to knock the wolf out.

when the wolf wakes they are naked in a bed, the bullet is out of them and over their arm is a herbal bandage. and they are tied down, with the witch making something across the room.

this idea just came to me like a hour ago (11/25/2015 7:36 pm) I can and would love to play either part, and it can be M/M, M/f or F/F

soulmates need help
two girls grow up together, almost every moment they spend together from new born, everything was perfectly friendship until they start to have feels for each other, they shared their first kiss when they were 13, they came out to their parents at 15 that's when they were ripped apart. both sets of parents told them they were moving away and said that hopefully the girls would find a nice guy to make them forget about the other girl. that night they cried in each others arms. swearing that once they were free they would find each other again. as the years passed they tried to keep in contact through email but those were shut down by the parents.

one conformed and buried herself deep down to protect herself, the other rebelled no matter what it cost her, she never stopped loving her. once the rebel was 18 she left home on her search, praying that the love of her life was looking for her. it took 4 years to finally find her, on the day of her wedding.

the one who gave it took two years to bury herself, one day she just seemed to stop caring about anything. she was the perfect daughter and followed what ever her parents wanted when she cried herself to sleep at night knowing she would never see her love again. when she was 18 a lawyer came into her life and liked the way she looked and perused her. once her parents found out they were thrilled and set up dates for the two of them. she was nice and polite to the man but never let her heart open ,after all she buried it so deep she couldn't find it anymore. three years later he proposed to her in front of her parents and after looking to her mother who nodded her approval she said yes. her mother pretty much planned the whole wedding with almost no impute from her.

at the wedding just before the vows are to be said a wild haired girl about her age bursts into the church and once their eyes lock the rebel woman falls to her knees crying as if someone had ripped her soul out right there, that's when she felt her heart breaking again but she didn't know why a random crying woman would undo what she tried to hard to bury.

AN: im really sorry for this but i don't know how to continue, please help me.

So You Can Hear Me
He died. It wasn't like the movies, there was no bright light or s video of his whole life that flashed before his eyes, only the cold and emptiness waited for him now. He couldn't remember how he died it seemed that part of his memory was gone. When he woke up he was standing next to his body, he didn't know exactly how he knew it was him but there was no doubt in his mind. His body looked like it has been hit by a truck or something, it was mangled and bloodied up and his clothing was missing.

Looking around him he was his body had been ditched in a forested area, this was starting to feel like a bad dream to him so he turned and ran away from the scene as fast as his legs would carry him. when he got to his home he found that no one could see or hear him at all, he was truly alone and scared out of his mind, for far longer than he cared to remember he wandered the earth everything changed around him while he stayed the exact same.

It had been over 10 years since his murder and no one had found his body yet and every one had given up. Then one day he was at the police station and he happened to say “I wonder what that green haired freak did?” to himself and to his great surprise a female police officer answered him ”he stole some kids bike and got busted.”

her partner asked her who she was talking to and when she looked around she couldn't see any one, scratching her head she told her partner that she heard someone ask about the green haired guy to which her partner responded that he hadn't heard anything at all. When he realized that this women could hear him he started following her around and randomly saying something and about half the time she would look around and ask who said that? This continues for a month, until she can hear him every time he speaks.

She starts to think she is going insane since she is hearing this guy’s voice in her head all the time that is until one day she gets out of the shower and sees him laying on her bed

Star Wars-Ideas

the outcasts
after being taken from his parents to train to be a Jedi all seemed well with him, that is until a month after he graduated and went of his first few missions. during one of these missions he and his master were attacked and his Master was slain, giving in to his rage he picked up his fallen masters saber and slaughtered over 100 of his enemies, even the ones that choose to surrender or flee. when he was found wounded on his masters ship he was healed and questioned about the events that had befallen him, when he told how he had killed so many that ran from him the Jedi council imprisoned him for murder, they didn't seem to care that the ones he had killed had taken the life of his master, In the minds of the council this young Jedi was only one step away from becoming a Dark Jedi or possibly a Sith. when he found out from a friend from training that the council thought he was like that he broke out and took the two Sabers with him.


she was found by a Sith lord looking for a apprentice, finding a helpless little girl what he could feel was powerful in the force he couldn't help but kill her family and take her for his own. for many years he trained her every day and used her body for sex when ever he desired. when she reached the age of 17 she over heard her Maser speaking about his plan to kill her, she had grown almost as powerful as he was and he feared she would try to kill him and become a Sith lord herself. a battle ensued resulting in both her and her Master badly wounded but he was on one knee while she was on her hands and knees. when it looked like he might be able to stand and finish her off her summoned her only friend, a android that served a similar role to R2D2  and made her escape, vowing to come back and finish him, her Master just laughed and taunted with "bring a friend next time, you might actually be a real challenge you little whore" she ended up in a hospital on the other side of the planet since she had no means of getting off the ground and too wounded to steal a ship, her android hiding her saber so she could get the treatment she needed.


i would like for the story to begin with her sensing a powerful force user in the hospital and at first thinking its her Master and getting scared but its him going through and healing those he can, while he may enjoy killing his enemies he still is good at heart and what is now what is called a grey Jedi (if you don't know the term ill explain if you wish) what happens from this point could be anything, does she try to turn this powerful force user to the dark side and take out her former maser? does the grey Jedi teach her that she doesn't have to be bad? do they just say fuck it all and take over the universe? i hope to find the answer soon.

Frozen In Time

((not mine))

when humanity first discovered space travel they knew they needed a way to keep their people alive while going far distances it took 300 years until they found the secret to cryo-sleep and launched a few shuttles to explore deep space. all but one made it back, since then the technology has gone a lot farther and now we enter into the year 3212 and space travel is as common as a computer now-a-days, and so is space piracy and salvaging usable parts from wrecked ships from wars, piracy and/or meteor showers.

you are a salvager who finds a locator beacon, a extremely old beacon. at first you don't believe it, how could a ship from over a thousand years ago still have a active beacon? You quickly plot the course and upon your arrival the beacon is shut off. in front of you is the mother load of all salvage jobs and your the first one here! after a scan of the ship the impossible is revealed, there is one living being on the ship.

so the basis of this story is I am from that long lost ship and you are the one who has found me, this can go any number of ways so I would like to see where you would like to take this so we can find a scenario that is to both our liking

ok so this story is going to take some work for me and who ever wants to join me. its mysterious and gives very little detail but it is a beautiful but dangerous world, if you would like to join me please watch this video it will explain some

The Ghost Girl
(my original idea)

after moving to a small town in the middle of nowhere a 17 year old you (can be boy or girl, IKC) don't like it very much, you miss your old friends and your old hang out places but your mum got a really good job here so this is where your at. for the first three weeks nothing interesting happened, during school you over hear some guys and/or girls talking about a ghost, a young girl in her mid to late teens (age changes with each telling of the story) wearing only a thin, almost see through white nightie will appear and walk down the streets humming a song no one knows, for some reason this intrigues you so that night you stay up to see if the tales are true and just as it turned 1 am you hear a girl humming and right in the middle of the street she appears, the nightie is a lot shorter then it should be and the girl is almost dancing as she walks, once she reaches the near by forest she looks over her shoulder at you and nods toward the forest before vanishing.

a Halloween to remember
(first off this is not a original idea and I don't know who it belongs to but I have made changes to it, if this is yours and you would like it taken down just PM me and it shall be done)

two sisters dress up as sexy/slutty witches for Halloween and head over to a friends party, half way they crash while trying to avoid a large animal that jumped in front of them. they quickly find out their cells are dead even though they had been fully charged when they left the house. if that wasn't strange enough one of them spots a porch light a little ways into the forest next to the road. deciding that they cant walk all the way to the party (which was at a abandoned barn 10 miles out of town) and the cant walk all the way back they go check it out. the house they come upon looks like a normal three story house and the front door isn't locked! this house was used to trap succubus and incubus that real witches couldn't destroy or banish, now these two sisters are dressed like a sexy version of their hated enemy, what fun could these creatures have with all their powers?

the step mother
it was just a normal day for him, at 1 on a hot summer day there wasn't much to do in the morning but go wake his step mom up, her and his father had been together for almost 10 years now but his father was as usual away on business or at least that's what he said. both him and his mom thought he was cheating while he was away so much but no one talked about it.

once he stepped into him moms room his world was turned upside down. there she was butt ass naked on her back with her blanket tossed off in the hot night and her legs open, arms wide. her hairless pussy and perfect breasts on full display was far to much for a horny teenager.

she wakes to the feeling of her pussy being played with for the first time in almost a year, the sensation causing her to cum, her eyes flying open just long enough to see her step son knuckle deep inside of her and his hard 10 inch cock in his hand then she passed out and he fled the room and tried to pretend he hadn't made his mom cum that hard.

while he can forget about it can his sex deprived step mom after she has seen a more then willing cock in the house that has already showed interest?

this is a odd story so please watch this then, it explains a lot

this android goes on to get bought, I wouldn't mind playing either role. android or client but here are a few pairings i would like to try

parents buy android to help around the house, their teen daughter/son fall in love with her and find out she has a glitch that turned her from a VI to a AI.
        *Craving the daughter/android*

rich guy/girl buys android for sex and sex alone, she has to keep her ability to think a secret.

the person who buys her 'plays' to rough with her and she shuts down from the psychological trauma and the guy thinks he broke it so he throws it away, it was good while it lasted. a nerdy guy finds her in the trash crying after her system reboots and he takes her home with him not knowing she's a android

a Princesses gift
a medieval kingdom is taken over by their bitterest rivals, all but the eldest son of the royal family is slaughtered, the young prince is presented as a plaything the the new kings daughter but this prince isn't the soft boy she expected and she finds herself falling for the fallen prince as she makes him do what ever she wants, she knows she can have him beaten (which she would do often in the beginning) but over time she finds herself unable to bare the thought of him hurting. she knows her father would kill him if he ever found out that she had grown to love him

i see this as the prince being a dominate male and the princess has had everything given to her, the prince defies her at every turn unless its in the peoples best interest. she might come to admire his strength and his inability to be broken by anything she does, i see a little non con int his. maybe she takes him as her bed warmer or he breaks free for a moment and fucks her hard as a bit of revenge which she would never tell anyone about as it would ruin her in the eyes of suitors everywhere. i see that happening more and more as she starts to crave that powerless feeling she has around him. let me know your thoughts on this.

taken for the time being

.... you have got to be shitting me. . .
it was a simple camping trip with the family, mom and dad, boy and twin girls. left Friday afternoon had the camp set up and smores at dusk then sleep. Saturday was filled with goofy camp games and a lot of hide and go seek with a little swimming in a nearby lake. then more sleep. Sunday was the day we went home in the afternoon, yeah about 48 hours we were gone but it looked like the world had got to shit that quickly. people were eating each other in the street for fucks sake!!! once we were home dad got his hunting rifle and the rest of us packed what we could, dad got bit before we could get to the car, there were just to many. mom went back to help him. . . the rest of us didn't wait. the boy got behind the wheel and took off, leaving their parents screaming as they died and sisters crying in the back seat.

yes this is a incest zombie RP, this can be brother/sister-sister/sister what ever fits you all i know is someone in the car right now is going to die, which is up to my partner. typical end of the world stuff follows, hunting for food and water, looking for safety and dealing with other survivors. this story can include almost any kink or fetish but i want incest to be a big part of our people healing from the trauma of seeing so much death at their age (I'm thinking 18 for the brother and 16-17 for the twins)

You Though You Were Safe

They volunteered.

Years later, as they looked back on their lives and wondered how they got to where they were, that would be what killed them. They had been told about the dangers, what might happen, and they still signed on the dotted lines. How could they not? The money offered for the project was substantial, and the promise of power was tempting.

Allow me to backtrack first. After the second world war, the United States decided that mass casualties wasn't the best way to fight the war. Scientists threw themselves behind creating super soldiers. But the original test subjects were too rigid and inflexible and rejected the created serum. Their bodies couldn't handle the change. Thus, younger volunteers were sought after. The government looked for the desperate, or those who wouldn't be missed if the experiments went amiss.

But they didn't. The children survived. And they wielded powers never before seen. They were joyous – until they read the fine print on the contracts they had signed in ignorance. They were all owned, and the scientists took full advantage of that. For two years, the volunteers were nothing more than guinea pigs. They were regulated to numbers, and more than one was driven utterly insane. Perhaps they would have been let go earlier, but the scientists were hit with drawbacks. It depended on the nature of the person's power, but the drawbacks were vital enough that the volunteers were essentially useless as weapons.

Escape came in the form of human stupidity. A guard got careless with his utility belt, and, keys in hand, a group of experiments were able to escape. They split up and vowed to lay low, and never see each other again. That was three years ago.

Three days ago, there was an attack. One of the former experiments was accosted in her New York apartment by another superhuman. One who didn't have the drawbacks. A little less powerful, but a super none the less. She barely escaped but the pursuit continued. She realized that all the former experiments were being tracked down, one by one, and if they were going to survive, they needed to band together. Thank god one of them had been smart and made a plan just for such a event, with a quick text on her phone to a number she had memorized the day they split. the text was only one word long, any longer and she might not have been able to send it before she was blasted from behind "go" had been sent to them all, she might be caught but she would be the one to save the others. . . not a bad trade

the prince and the pauper
a rich boy that's sick of all the backstabbing and fake personalities of the popular circles and decides he wants normal friend/s and more importantly a normal girlfriend, how will this sudden change rock the school? lets find out!

a shy girl who hides her body because of the popular girls bullying her for her whole life. no self confidence with a fiery temper, this girl has never had a boyfriend and usually hides in a book. one day the hottest and richest boy in school bumps into her and knocks her reading glasses off, much to the young woman's irritation! the glare she gives him steals his heart. how will she react when the guy just wont leave her alone?

will she accept that he is truly interested or will she think its just a trick? message me to find out!

Twisted by fate
everyone knows stories of a vampire and a human, usually with the male being the vampire and the female being a human, but what id the genders were reversed? the plot of the story is a young female (your character) grew up with her best friend Eric, one day a vampire took a interest in her and turned her and she ran away from him and in her newly turned state she went to her best friend Eric and accidentally drained him of blood.

about 300 years go by and she has come to terms with her fate and accepted it, she still feels guilt of killing Eric but its a dull wound. one day she enters a auto shop to get her car fixed and the mechanic that comes out to meet her is a dead ringer for Eric, they might as well have been twins! how will she deal with the surprising situation? please help me find out
might still accept these if there is a interesting twist on them, feel free to message me if you would like to try

stories on hold for one reason or another
mix up at the lab

anthro pets have become rather popular recently and now you can customize your own and have it sent to your home! only problem is some of these harmless anthros are changing while they are being shipped, you ordered a male black cat anthro? to bad a full grown panther anthro that's horny as fuck showed up instead. you wanted a puppy anthro? ops you got a full fledged wolf anthro. the list goes on and on.

cats=big cats, color picks the type of big cat
birds=harpy like women regardless on gender
ect, ect.

Need A Body Guard

YC is a rich and powerful women, a rarity in this male dominated world of white collar business. one night after a fundraiser you leave a little early and you find  your car was impounded and the street is clear of taxi's, but hey your only one block from your house and you live in such a classy neighborhood what the worst that can happen? haha, don't even think it. one of your rivals has sent 3 men to have some 'fun' with you before disposing of your corpse, you had been given a contract that would have saved his failing company and the wound to his pride couldn't go unanswered.

while taking a short cut through a local park the would be assassins attack, they are dressed in suits so you didn't think anything of it when they walked close to you going in the opposite direction, that is until one of them punches you in the jaw so hard you are to dazed to scream, next thing you know they are raining punches and kicks down on your body, you curl into a ball to try and protect yourself as much as you can.

just when you think you are going to die they blow stop, someone has come to save you, barely able to lift your head you see a tall homeless man fighting with your attackers, and the strange thing is he is winning, he breaks ones neck, snaps another's arm and then his leg, the last flees while he still can. the homeless man looks into your eyes with his bright green eyes then your world turns black.

i would like to begin this when she wakes up in her home, still bruised and sore from the night before with the homeless man sleeping on her couch. there is a lot to discuss about YC and what she does. 

The World Of Darkness
(WOD is a table top story telling RP game, yes there is a character sheet)

"Ever had the feeling of being watched when walking home at night but you appear to be alone on the street? Ever thought that homeless guy on the corner that smiles at you every day always had a sinister look in his eye? If you haven't then please closer your browser and forget what you just read if you don't know then you have a chance at living a peaceful life, but if you have seen these things and know the truth of the underside of our world then please read on, I'm going to die but if my death helps you survive then i didn't die in vein.

first things first, you are not alone! there are a lot more of us then you think there are. none of us look or act any differently then regular people during the day, after all how are monster hunters suppose to act? we keep our regular jobs so we can buy what we need to keep us and those we care about safe from every disgusting thing that crawl out of its hole at night to prey on the innocent. vampires, were wolfs, witches, shape shifters, dragons, goblins, faeries all of them and many many more are real. no your not crazy and no neither am i we did see what ever it was that alerted us to their existence and no they will not stop hunting you as well so get your weapons together, your blades sharp and your guns loaded because your life has changed forever. the only advice I can give you now is EVERYTHING HAS A WEAKNESS! you just have to find it. i have lost more friends to these things then i dare to count, if you find the goblin goddess with three arms her weakness is a fucking hat!! put any hat on her head and she dies. she ripped my stomach open before mine fell off and touched her. she killed me but at least I'm able to write this much before I"

this note was found next to the body of a man in his late 20's who was missing much of his lower torso and even being a homicide detective the sight almost made you want to up chuck. this was the only thing found with the victim, no ID no wallet nothing to tell you who he was. the note sounds like it was written by a lunatic but if a dying man took his last moments to write this down it must be important to someone, what will you do when that someone come a knocking?

a billion different ways this can go and will require a little story making between the two of us


a young women (you) is offered a job as a nurse in a mental health hospital (aka insane asylum) at first its almost the perfect job until a tall black hairs and green eyed man is let out of solitary. upon seeing him her heart races with no explanation, and it seems like she's not the only one, every female in the room in looking at him doe eyed. after a little asking around she finds out his name is "Saber" no one knows where he came from or what his real name is, he is in the hospital for believing fantasy is reality.

lots of ways this could go, random idea i had before sleep XD

Her Guardian

(not mine, a old one that never got past the first post, changed a bit of it.)

ever sense she was a little girl (YC) swore she had a 'Guardian' (MC) Following her but instead of being scared she felt safe, he helped her compete in her first dance competition, he was there when she was in her first play, he was always for her unlike her father, mother, and even her siblings. She loved him even though she had never spoken to him and only caught glimpses out of the corner of her eye or in the back of a crowded room. When she got into a one of the best 'Arts' high schools of all time she was so proud and wrote a letter to her Guardian and put it on her window seal and when she woke the next morning it was replaced with one that said "Good Job." Just like that she knew he was real, Every night she wrote him a little note and he always replied with a even shorter note only two or three words but some how she knew he loved her and she knew that she would marry him no matter how old he was. When she graduated she ran home to see if he had gotten her message about her graduation today, she had been a little worried since he had not been there tat she had seen, on her bed were a dozen black roses, and a note that said "need to go. danger. i love you" and with that her Guardian was gone for many years until one day she thinks she made him up completely. one day she is dancing on stage for the first time and as the performance finishes she sees him, way in the back but standing out clear as the full moon to her.
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picture inspiration

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Re: My Ideas And What To Do With Them.
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added  "stupid little wolf"

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Re: My Ideas And What To Do With Them.
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Re: My Ideas And What To Do With Them.
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updated pictures

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Re: My Ideas And What To Do With Them.
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bumping as I am back from my break

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Re: My Ideas And What To Do With Them.
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bump. still taking ideas

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