A few rp ideas and a handful of pairings. M X F

Started by seeker619, April 22, 2015, 03:57:28 PM

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A Female genetic scientist who recently lost her husband decides to put her knowledge to work and to clone him with his own cells which she saved and speeds up the aging process of the clone to reach full size and age in four months. 
At first the clone obeys her every command sexual and otherwise.  However as he learns he learns he can control her and by the end she is his slave

Love Potion Backfires-A woman uses a love potion to attract males to her and it backfires.  Instead she falls for the men and they are only interested in commanding her to fill there fantasies.  Can she reverse the spell?

The Lottery-A man wins ten million in a lottery.  The check is delivered by a woman from the lottery but her real purpose is to use mind control with drugs to force him to turn the money over to her.  However he has audio and visual monitoring throughout the house and it is all caught on tape and when he sees what she is up to quickly turns the tables getting what he wants from her.


I dream of jeannie
Sleeping beauty
Little Red Riding Hood
Snow White

Grimm Brothers stories of your choice


Actress X crazed fan
probation officer X ex con
Anger management instructor X client
mob wife X opposition mob's hit man
human X shapeshifter
wayward wife X sugar daddy
Wonder Woman X Super man- one brainwashed to attack the other
maid X boss
neighbor x neighbor
lab supervisor X mad scientist
roomate X roomate
brother X Sister
Teacher X m principal

All suggestions welcome and if nothing here suits you I would love to hear your ideas.

Thanks for your time