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Started by Trickster132, April 21, 2015, 12:55:16 AM

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(Sorry for the pun, it had to be done)

About me: (see On and Offs for more details)

Hey all, I have just gotten the new Mortal Kombat X game on April 14th (the fatalities are pretty sick and brutal this year :) ) and that got me thinking in making an RP after the plot of Mortal Kombat X (which is basically after the end of the game) so I was wondering on who will take up on my craving based on said plot. That craving would be something OC x OC because I love to create my characters and generally, I don't really play as canon characters because in my opinion, I can't really develop them further because they have a set personality.

Anyway, that being said, here is the Mortal Kombat Wiki where it tells you what the game is about and any information you are wondering about the series if you are a newcomer. In addition, I could give you the rundown (the general version) of the plot if you find the wiki to be too detailed for your taste.

As for my Ons and Offs, if you don't feel like clicking on the link, I'll just give some information about myself:

  • I live in California (Pacific Standard Timezone)
  • Keep in mind that I do have a life, I go to school full time and so my schedule varies every semester
  • I play as heterosexual males only
  • I prefer story over smut but as for posting lengths, I love detail over quantity. Try not to write 5 paragraphs with irrelevant details

Getting that out of the way, here are two plots that I was thinking of...

The Plots

Aftermath: A New Generation
After defeating Shinnok and restoring the Jinsei Chamber, balance is restored between the realms. After all the conflicts that has happened, the next Mortal Kombat tournament takes place in Earthrealm for the first time where kombatants from various realms are invited to show their might to many. My OC gets invited into the tournament representing his respective realm and discovers that the tournament is not what it seems...

(This idea could be either smut or story so if you are interested in either one then please let me know)

Beauty and the Beholder (OC x Mileena)
After being captured by Mileena and sent to Outworld, my OC awakens in a prison where Mileena (you) looks at me with her reptilian-like eyes, her teeth glistening under the fire provided by the torches. My OC prepares to accept his fate of being eaten alive by you until you give me a proposition...

Blondie (OC x Cassie Cage)
My OC arrives at Earthrealm from the NetherRealm escaping the wrath of Quan Chi and he wanders around Earthrealm searching his purpose in life until he bumps into Cassie Cage where she deems him suspicious and be under supervision by the Special Forces. After days of intense interrogation, my OC was about to be free until Cassie offers me a position in the Special Forces. She doesn't know that my past is about to unravel...

I Need You (OC x Jade)
After the incessant fighting between the realms, the elder gods merged the six realms into one world where Edenians could live in peace in humans and so on. Jade, a well-known figure in Edenia, is tired of her barren love life until she eyes my OC and senses a connection between him and her. However, this won't be easy given that my OC has been through so much and refuses to open to anybody...

Link to the storyline for easy access:

^^I would suggest looking at the sections "Return to the Past" and "25 years later" for the MKX alternate timeline. Anything before those two sections are for the original timeline of MK

I know the plots may not seem like much but more details will be discussed over PM. Please let me know if you are interested via PM :) I'll add more as soon as I could think up of some.

Note: If the plots don't interest you then let me know via PM about your MK fantasies ;)

P.S: Make sure you have enough room to take on another game. I don't want you to be overwhelmed because of the 6 RPs you are also in.


Note: I forgot to add this but please do not reply to this thread. Just PM me as stated before :)


Updated formatting (added a big red heading titled Plots), added two plots, and a link to the MK storyline for newcomers to the series who want to know the lore


Added a disclaimer about taking on another game if you have enough room. This is because a prospective partner was interested in one of my ideas and she realized that she was in 7 other games. I don't want you guys to be overwhelmed :)