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September 28, 2023, 03:48:46 am

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Author Topic: In need of female Saiyans! (M for F)  (Read 525 times)

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In need of female Saiyans! (M for F)
« on: April 20, 2015, 09:32:20 pm »
So finally I've had some DragonBall Z inspiration that is less big plot and more fun and simple, not so much a complex or detailed story that requires extensive knowledge of the series and more so a smutty, fun, and possibly funny story involving the sexy, strong, overpowered idea of female Saiyans. Perhaps as such, this will have more interest than the usual (albeit rare) DBZ request.

A long time ago there existed a warrior race of beings called Saiyans. They were born incredibly strong and enduring comparatively to most races in the universe. The usually dark haired beings were fit and had tails as well as access to great technologies. By nature they were harsh and ruthless, taking what they wanted when they wanted with little care in the world beyond their own power and gratification, rarely ever even having a proper concept of exclusive family besides the royal family as mating was done sporadically with any mate either party chose -- truly a race of cruel warriors.

Through a great planet trade federation, Saiyans were used as mercenaries, hired to be sent off to other worlds and conquer them so that they may be sold to the highest bidder. They were feared across the galaxy for the most part.

Due to a powerful force, however, their entire planet was destroyed in a single blast, most of their race killed with it, driving them to near extinction. Given their employment, some small groups remained scattered through the universe. So when female survivors eventually found one another, their pride as Saiyan women, those with the ability to birth new members of their race, dictated that they had a duty to restore the Saiyan race by going to any world they could find with races compatible to them and mating with the species.

So what happens when they make their way to Earth, a backwater planet with abysmally weak beings? Could a Saiyan possibly put aside their pride to mate with such a weak creature?

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So, this is not set in stone but the plot I image as something close to the above. Ideally a group of Saiyan women would invade Earth looking for mates and they find one in my character, creating a sort of fun/funny harem anime situation. Of course the number can be discussed, maybe it's just one Saiyan (though I would prefer at the very least two, I'm willing to negotiate just one if said partner has ideas for the content of the rp to replace the harem idea). I also have many different ideas of the direction the story could go, perhaps the events of DB still happened a long time ago and this human is a small part Saiyan making him a bit more powerful than the rest and it could be the reason they stick around for a bit. This idea is open to a lot of input, we could play with all the transformations, different personalities and reasons/kinks and or reservations they might have for the idea of mating with a human, and with such power I'm sure there are a plethora of unique sexy situations we can put them through! I'm also willing to double up on characters. Maybe there's a female human friend, maybe I could play one of the group of Saiyans, my only stipulation is that I'm not looking to play the girls for a partner playing the male, the idea is that I'm playing the human male and wish to have female characters to play against while playing some females and other males myself if required.

My O/O's can be found in my signature. As a partner I am pretty frequent, I can't really measure a 'this many posts a day' as for me it's more that I'm on most of the day and reply as soon as I see the post assuming I have the inspiration (which never usually gets lost for long) so if you're looking for a partner where you can be sure we'll not have to take weeks or months to get passed the first scene, then I'm the partner for you~ Likewise I would like at least a semi-frequent partner, I would prefer for this story at least to not take weeks to get through one scene but I'm not gonna be upset about it if you're a bit slower, real life is a thing of course.

As for length I post what I get out of my partner. I'm not so strict as to not understand that scenes with action (be it smut or action action) sometimes require shorter replies due to the need of a response from the other character but I'll make sure that those shorter replies have the content to be worth a post, even if they are short. Otherwise the only time I let my posts get on the shorter side depends on how much I receive from my partner, if you give me a lot to work with I'm going to give you a lot, maybe even more, back.

So, if you think we match up nicely and would be interested in a story like this, shoot me a PM and I'll be happy to play with you~

Hope to hear from you soon!