Candlelight Society: Kosvar chapter (a pathfinder or freeform game)

Started by godfang, April 19, 2015, 02:11:09 AM

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Arana is a holy city in the nation of Olan. It is the headquarter of the church of the light father, the dominant religion in the world. The church teaches that in the beginning of the universe, everything was dark and demons ruled the world. This all changed when the light father descended from the heavens, recreating the world with his radiance and bringing forth the age of men, banishing the demons away into the abyss.

Thousands of years later, in an age where mankind prospered from the rise of science and logic, these scriptures are viewed as nothing more than tales. Unknown to the public, however, demons still exist. They have been hiding in the dark corners of the land, and some even managed to exist amongst humans without being discovered, preying upon god’s chosen people from the shadows.

Humanity, however, is not without its defenders. Among these guardians are members of the Candlelight Society, a secret organization that recruits and trains people from all walk of life who hunts demons. The Candlelight Society’s reach is far and they are sponsored by some very influential members of the church and the government, providing them with the best means to fight their adversary, from the finest weapons and firearms to ancient tomes of magic kept in their hidden chapter houses all across Olan. These men and women lead dual lives, hiding their lives within the society from even their immediate family.

The thrills of a dangerous life, combined with the promise of secrecy led to a hedonistic lifestyle for these hunters within the walls of the society, where sex and even drugs can be enjoyed freely amongst its members. Even those members who live their lives as respectable part of the public might partake in these indulgence.

This is a story of the hunters and their hidden adventures.

System Info
Point buy 25
Any paizo classes
Starting Level 4
Starting Gold 2000

House Rules

Each character may pick one of these origin bonus, they receive the bonus only once at lvl 1 (Unless otherwise specified)

You were recruited by the society for your fighting prowess, born by either experience or pure talent.
-1 masterwork weapon and armor
-1 combat feat

Your knowledge and Expertise in certain fields of knowledge made you a valuable asset to the society
-The Scholar Feat
-When taking 20 for a knowledge check, you spend only 10x the time needed instead of 20x

You are a field expert, recruited due to your unique skillsets and abilities
-Gain Skill Focus
-You may always take 10 for the skill chosen for the skill focus bonus even when distracted or in danger

Your family is influential and an ally of the Society
-Gain a starting gold of 2000 instead of the normal, and 1000 gold each time you level up*
-Access to a mansion in Arana or a different location

A student of the mystic arts, you possess ancient knowledge lost to the world
-Gain one Metamagic Feat
-Cost of components and focus are reduced by half


Seeing as the setting is based on the Victorian Era, I'd like it if my partner is fammiliar with the cultures of the time. This will be a short solo adventure with multiple romancable npcs (male or female depending on my partner's prefference).  If you're interested in playing, PM me your character's background story (crunch can come later). Alternatively, we can do this as a freeform game.