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Author Topic: A lantern corp story: guardians of the multiverse  (Read 317 times)

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A lantern corp story: guardians of the multiverse
« on: April 18, 2015, 11:36:51 PM »

A lantern corp story: guardians of the multiverse

Rating: NC exotic. 

Plot:The guardians of the multiverse are bound to the area that holds the multivere. Anomalies are now happening which threaten to tear the muiltverse apart. The guardian chose member of the lantern corp to act as there avatars in the muliverse.

Settings: to start there will be 8 universe each with it only laws, rules, cultures, planets and belief systems. The constant rules between all the universes. ( physic with not change from universe to universe.)  the “()” shows which universe would likely have heroes from each corp.

    Universe 1- the normal green lantern universe but Abin Sur never died. Which mean Hal Jordan never became a lantern (Green lantern)   

   Universe 2- Atrocitus kill Hal Jordan then the guardians. Then in a final act of rage he blow up the central battery  releasing the green energy into the universe. Re activating the man hunters the only power able to hold off the man hunters was fear it self.(Sinestro Corps lantern ,)

   Universe 3- In this universe the guardians used blue energy instead of green energy. (Blue lantern)

   Universe 4- The orange lantern corp never turned on each other.(orange lantern)
    Universe 5 -The  Indigo tribe is to group left to maintain order in this universe, as the other 6 corps. Have become one order with it members doing what ever they want. (Indigo tribesmen or tribeswomen

    Universe 6 -The righteous rage of the red lantern is known thru out this universe. (red lantern)

    Universe 7- this a universe with little to no love (Star Sapphire).

    Universe 8- None of the lantern corps ever existed

Roles: Every PC as of now will be heroes, In that there working for the greater. There will be no cannon PC's. Anything else the Dc universe is completely fine.  The PC will come for one of the 8 universes. Your Pc can be of any race with one exception earthling cant be green lantern. The story wont be able to start with out at least one person from each corp. there is room form multiple members of one corp.

Rules: Fallow the Sites rules. The only personal rule I have is if you an issue with someone for any reason. try to find common ground and solve it. If you can't solve it that way then get a Gm or mod involved.

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