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May 23, 2018, 03:52:09 PM

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Author Topic: Seeking f Harem Slave (Master/slave, group-sex, supernatural themes)  (Read 409 times)

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Offline BehemothTopic starter

Hey there!

I'm looking for a female writer/roleplayer for a new story involving a young woman who is kidnapped and finds herself thrust into the role of a harem slave to a mysterious 'Lord' in a large, palace-like mansion, complete with luxurious amenaties and guards to ensure no slaves escape. Here she is forced to undergo training as a sex slave.

I have a detailed setting (which I have created myself and used before) and some characters in mind. I have a few specifications for the main female character you would be playing - I'm looking for sometome to play a female slave character who is 18-25 y.o, curvy (meaning not skinny, but with a nice buxom figure) with long blonde hair, C to DD cup, nice big butt (yes, i'm a butt man) with a tendency for submissiveness. I'm ok with her being reluctant and first (she has been kidnapped and forced into slavery after all!) but i'm not looking for lots of Non-con scenes or an extended period of her resisting his control - I'd much prefer her to submit and actually come to enjoy her position before too long. One (slightly more unusual) alternative is that having met the Lord, she could take an interest and approach him seeking to 'be with him.' The rest (including her personality) would be left up to you.

Erotic content:
Group-sex (mostly multiple males on one female, but some scenes will involve 2-3 women 'serving' one male and small orgies)
Size disparity
Bondage (more on the lighter side)
Exhibitinism/Voyerism/Scenes oudoors, in 'risky'/public(ish) spaces

My writing style tends to invlove detailed descriptions, I love my smut but I enjoy developing and interesting story and some character development. I enjoy including plenty of 'build-up' prior to erotic scenes.
My posts average around 300 to 3450 words (often more) and I try to post at least 3 times per week (more when I have free time, less when work gets super busy).

Near-future earth, a large city full of decadence and corruption. This is a darker reflection of our own world where the supernatural is very real, but the average Joe in the street is largely unaware of its existance. Similar to White Wolf's 'The World of Darkness', but a bit more subtle. Thies is the name given to the Lord's domain.

The structure was vast, set atop high cliffs overlooking a turbulent ocean below. At first glance, one would be mistaken for thinking it was the great masion of a millionaire or perhaps a drug baron, but a close look would soon reveal its strange architectural design. Three stories in some places, dozens of wide windows and balconies lined the walls. Domes could be seen cresting much of the roof. Towers thrust skywards, the largest of which overlooked the ocean cliffs. The building had a symmetrical feel, simple yet graceful despite its size. More a castle-temple hybrid - certainly, this was a building wholly unique. The grounds were filled with gardens, a vast entertaining area around a long pool and a circular training ground of some sort by the cliffs. The whole area was surrounded by high walls, and beyond, rugged forest as far as the eye could see broken only by a single road leading up to the property.

*          *          *

The bedroom was luxurious, comfortable and modern, however not to the point of excess. Beside the large bed was a nightstand with a black phone and a small book with a red leather cover inscribed with a strange symbol in gold. Across the room was a wide vanity unit and comfy-looking leather chair. The vanity was covered with cosmetics and beauty tools of a feminine nature.

In many ways the room represented a thousand other hotel rooms in high quality establishments around the world. This however was no hotel. Three doors exited the main space, one to a simple but well-appointed bathroom equipped with everything a lady might need to prepare for an evening out, the second opened into a large walk-in wardrobe complete with a full-length mirror, chests of drawers and hangers already full with an array of clothes.

The room’s major oddity was it's complete lack of windows and the fact that the wall of the room opposite the bed was composed of a single, massive, seamless mirror. Beside the mirror wall was the third and final door, black and heavier than the rest, it lacked any visible handle or doorknob.

Accross the rumpled bedcover lay a woman, strewn haphazardly and caught in a deep sleep. Her blonde hair was cast about her beautiful face as she rested silently. Slowly, the beautiful young woman began to stir...

Our heroine's training would only be the first chapter - I have plans for more ongoing plots.

If this sounds like it might be your kind of roleplay, please send me a PM.