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Author Topic: Male role needed [Historical | Adventure | War]  (Read 360 times)

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Offline BlondeTopic starter

Male role needed [Historical | Adventure | War]
« on: April 17, 2015, 09:39:30 AM »
My O/O’s are listed in my signature, however I will not  be incorporating all of those into this role play, as they wouldn’t make sense or fit the setting.
There are specific character traits I am looking for in the male character, and whilst I am not creating the character for you I would like them included. Everything else is up to you.

I am after a frequent poster, and someone who can post more than one paragraph. I love content, drama and detailed posts. I also prefer story over smut, so am not after an all-out smut fest. This will involve a lot of build-up and sexual tensions, and lead into it, not fuck in the first few posts. That bores me.

The characteristics.

A real man. I don’t like metrosexual men, or weaklings. Whilst I am not after a D/s relationship, I would like him to be the dominant kind. Brave, bold and daring yes, but also witty, sarcastic and perhaps not the most over friendly of men. I do not want one who talks and talks and talks, just to fill up your posts.

Doesn’t conform. So the rebellious bad boy kind. Not someone bound by court etiquette and chivalry, not a romantic poet or nobleman. Give me a wild man.

An infamous warrior. Think Berserker style, have him show no fear or mercy in combat.

The Idea

The King of Thule is a much loved monarch, as fierce as he is dedicated, he won the freedom of his beloved Kingdom from the oppression of the North and built a prosperous and safe realm. However, the King’s health is failing, and rapid decline has left the future of Thule in jeopardy. Next in the line of succession is his daughter, but there are some who think that if she is to take the crown, Thule will flounder and will fall to the mercy of the North again, as well as neighbouring lands who seek to rule the fierce nation.
•   After the King’s death, the Princess goes missing and it is announced that she died through grief, and a fake funeral held for father and daughter. In actual fact, she was kidnapped by spies of the North who were supposed to kill and dispose of the should-be Queen. However, she manages to escape. She runs through the wild forest where she encounters your character.
•   Your character would either be a man who lives alone, perhaps outlawed or just because he hates society or for another reason. Or, he could be part of a wild tribe.
•   The newly appointed King is of the North’s choosing, a puppet of sorts who is slowly handing over Thule piece by piece to the North. The people are once more falling into poverty, more are being executed for petty crimes and failure to reach the high tax demands. They’re being over worked and underpaid and starved. Women are being raped by the Northern soldiers, men are killed for defending their homes. The once respected and feared Thule is being plunged into ruin.
•   Your character will help the Princess return to her rightful position, whilst also fighting back the Northern intrusion. If he can show the people the rightful heir is alive, they can expel the North from Thule.

The idea is rough and needs a lot of fine tuning, and a lot of editing etc, but the basics are there. I will play one of two characters in this setting, and it is up to you which I play.

The Princess, or, a hunter who is a highly skilled archer and will fight alongside your male character.

There will be plenty of background characters that we will need to play to aid the story, and I need a partner who can keep up the ideas and help with the story, not just follow my lead.

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Offline BlondeTopic starter

Re: Male role needed [Historical | Adventure | War]
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2015, 06:31:01 AM »
Going to bump this.