College Girl

Started by Katrina, April 16, 2015, 03:36:02 PM

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I've played this before, but would like to give it another go.

I play a college freshman who is attending a local university.  She's there on a scholarship, and she's quiet, shy and well innocent.  Her roommate, I'm thinking is in a position of power, perhaps the dean's daughter, or the daughter of a wealthy contributor to the school, but has a secret.  She was born with both male and female parts.

She sees my character and learns quickly she can assert her authority and decides to make this girl hers.  Of course, my  character goes to report her, but learns there are no other rooms  and she'll just have to learn to get along with this girl.

The story will include reluctance, a bit of non con at first, can include bondage, toys, d/s  and maybe pet treatment, ie collar, leash taken out to clubs and whatnot.  I'm open to other ideas as this will be your roleplay too.  :)