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Author Topic: A Family's Capture: Abduction & Incest & Slavery OH My! (Trying To Reboot It)  (Read 330 times)

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Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

They were a somewhat wealthy family from the United States living their opulent lives and enjoying every moment of it. As part of this lifestyle they had booked passage on an exclusive Yacht that had been chartered to take them on an extravagant tour of the Caribbean. The brochure had promised privacy, luxury, and utmost safety.... but little did they know of the fate that truly awaited them all. Of the fact that their existence would soon be radically altered by the plans of a powerful and predatory man. Of the humiliating, perverse, and horrible 'new lives' they would soon come to live as the slaves of such a man. And finally of their now sealed fate as little more than slaves....

Alright, so this is an idea that popped back into my head earlier today and despite my having tried to get it up and running relatively recently(wound up losing a few players) it just wont go away. It screams to be written, and I'm hoping that it will garner some interest. I'm looking for 3-5 players interested in taking on the roles of the family. While I play the role of the man who has arranged for their capture as well as the role of the thugs he uses to do so. Its, admittedly, a pretty simple premise but I feel like it has the potential to create a very deep and twisted story as we work together to explore the ways that the different family members, react, resist, and possibly even eventually embrace the situation that is forced on them.

We will have the opportunity for this because I'm planning on it being more than just one sex scene after another, with time for the characters to interact with one another in order to illustrate the slow breaking of their wills, and the reshaping of them into good little salves.  Below is a list of the slots open for the game.

Master Jose Martinez(Urbanzorro)
Mother OPEN
Father OPEN
Daughter OPEN
Daughter OPEN
Minor Characters/Extras(Urbanzorro)

The required roles for game start are the mother, and the daughter. With the optional roles being the mother's spouse, and the additional children. This means that the actual family's composition is open for a little wiggle room. For example they could be husband and wife or wife and wife with the kids. Or a single mother with her children ect. It should be noted that character slots will be given on a first posted basis. So if you want the slot for the mother, or father, etc please post up said character as soon as possible rather than simply posting interest in playing them.

Next up is the character sheet

Code: [Select]
[b]Position:[/b](Mother? Father? Son? Daughter?)
[b]Personal History:[/b]
[b]Character's Sexuality/Ons/Offs[/b] Not to be confused with player's Ons/Offs. For instance your character probably doesn't like being forced to serve but if you're playing a slave I bet you enjoy having them forced!
[b]Player's Limits[/b] I'm not asking for your whole On/Off list, just the things that you know you don't want to happen to your character in this game. Bear in mind that it is extreme and will involve incest.

Assuming you're still interested there are a few things I'd like to say up front so that we can hopefully avoid any problems/issues. This game is going to be placed in the Extreme category, and it is going to involve elements that would not belong anywhere else. Below is a short list of what extreme aspects you can expect to take place in the game and a short description of their context in the game. Also below that list will be a list of what might take place and a separate one of what won't take place.

Things that WILL happen Everything on this list will happen to most if not all the slave characters
Rape Its going to happen, but then again given the setting it would be very surprising if it didn't. 
Forced Incest The different members of the family will be forced to have lots of kinky sex ;D
Forced Same Sex Encounters Both the male and female characters will be made to serve males and females.
Body Modification This can be anything from changing character's grooming habits(I.E. pubic hair) to tattoos to piercings.
Anal For both the male and female characters
Bondage Basically anything my mind can come up with as far as tying your characters up/down/all around is an option

Things that MIGHT happen The items on this list may or may not happen provided there are players interested in them, these items will also ONLY happen to those character's who's players want them to happen. So if you don't like any of them you shouldn't worry about them happening to your character so long as you mention not wanting it to happen.
Bestiality Something I have played before and that I think can be interesting if done correctly.
Water Sports This is something that I haven't played before I am curious about and would be willing to incorporate into the story.
Electric Play Something that like bestiality can be quite interesting if done correctly.

Things that WILL NOT happen
Blood Play
Mutilation/Severe Physical Damage

Ok....With all that out of the way, if you're interested please feel free say so, or even better to fill out a character sheet and post it up.

Here is a bit of info on yacht which the game will be taking place on. I'll post this up in the eventual OOC/Character Thread as well.
The Aurea Vincula

Areas Of The Ship
Sun Deck: The ship's highest open air area. The sun deck is meant to serve as a place for those aboard to enjoy the warm weather of The Caribbean. It boasts a fully stocked bar, a professional quality card table, several pool chairs for tanning, and an extremely luxurious hot tub.
Bridge The ship's command and control center. It is from this room that the crew can oversee the ship's engine's, navigate the ship, and communicate with the outside world. It is dominated by a large forward window, and houses work stations for the ship's navigation gear, radio equipment, and steering systems.
Viewing Room Boasting the largest windows of any room on the ship, save the bridge, the viewing room is meant to serve as a calm area where guests can enjoy an exquisite view of the ocean. This makes it very popular for use during breakfast hours in order to catch the sunrise and eat one's breakfast without worry of the wind, as well as at nightfall in order to enjoy a romantic sunset.
Guest Cabins The ship hosts two 'standard' guest cabins. Each of which comes fully stocked with top quality furniture such as a large bed, a reclining easy chair, a solid oak desk, and its own bathroom. Everything from the thickly carpeted floors to the ornate lighting fixtures within these cabins practically screams 'luxury' making them easily an par with the presidential suites of most high class hotels.   
Master Suit Larger than the standard cabins, even more lavishly furnished, and sporting an amazing view the master suit is a true work of art. It boasts a massive bed, a redwood desk, a small sofa, its own small bar, and its own bathroom containing both a hand crafted tub and large shower.
Front Deck The front deck is another open air area of the ship, it allows guests to enjoy the unique sensation of the wind whipping by as the ship cruises the seas. It is also the forward-most point of the ship and the are from which the ship's forward flag is flown. There are two deck chairs and a small table on the front deck so that guests can relax and enjoy the sight of what lies ahead of the ship.
Ballroom A large room next to the dining facility, the ballroom boasts a large central dance floor, and a state of the art sound system making it perfect for both romantic dances and drunken parties, both of which it has played host to many times over the years.
Guest Dining Room The guest dining room is the area in which the guests' dinner is served each night. It houses an ornate dining table with matching chairs. The table itself is hand carved from mahogany, as are the chairs. The room is lit by a large chandelier set above the center of the table and has windows along both side walls to offer guests the best possible view while they eat. 
Media Room The media room, also called the 'entertainment center' is comprised of several top quality couches, and reclining chairs. All of which are arraigned to offer the best possible view of the room's massive big screen tv.
Gym The ship's gym is a moderately sized room dedicated to allowing guests to maintain their daily exercise habits if they so choose. Its walls a lined with mirrors, much like most modern gyms, and it has free weights, a treadmill, a bench for bench pressing, a rowing machine, a stationary bike, and a stair stepper.
Water Deck The lowest area of the ship and the only area with open access to the water. It is the area where guests can embark and disembark from the ship. The other half of the are is used to store water related gear, such as scuba and snorkel equipment as well as a small jet-ski.
Store Room The ship's storage room. It holds spare nautical equipment, foodstuffs, and other such odds and ends. It is simply a large room piled high with crates of useful materials.
Kitchen The ship's kitchen would look at home in any five star restaurant. It contains all of the highest level cooking equipment.
Crew Quarters The ship's crew quarters are spartan and simple, each crew member has a small cabin which contains a bed, a small end table, and little else. The crew shares a communal bathroom with a large group shower, the door to the bathroom has a small slider that can be used to mark the door as either 'mens' or 'womens' depending on which gender is using it at what time.
Engine Room The ship's engine room is the area where it's engine is housed. It is a clean but noisy area filled with the smell of motor oil.

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