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October 23, 2016, 01:06:33 PM

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Author Topic: ALT's Fantastic Freakshow story-driven horror & more (FxM)  (Read 204 times)

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ALT's Fantastic Freakshow story-driven horror & more (FxM)
« on: April 15, 2015, 11:38:48 PM »
Welcome all good peoples; my name is ALT and I'm new to Elliquiy so bear with me.

It's been a good two years or so since I've last rp'ed but I've been rp'ing and writing for a good fraction of my life. That said, I'd like to think I'm a decent writer albeit out of practice. It's not like I have anything to show for it just yet given that I just joined Elliquiy (hoping to change that soon). Anyways, here's some little tidbits about me:
Word Count//On average I post around 3-5 paragraphs but I can do more or less. I'm more a quality over quantity kind of person and I don't much mind how long my partner's post is as long as it gives me something to work with. However, I will always match the length of my partner's post assuming they do more than 2-3 paragraphs.
Availability//I try to post at least once every other day but I like to post once a day if I have the time.
Preference//I prefer forums over other mediums for rp'ing but I can be convinced to do email or pm. I don't mind talking about an rp over im'ing but I don't have so much freetime that I can sit down and rp on, say, AIM anymore. I also don't have the attention span for it, I tend to lose interest in im'ing pretty quickly because I'm like that.
Sexuality//I’m heterosexual but bordering asexual for a lack of a better word.
Writing Saucy Bits//Just a heads up, straight up smut doesn't really do anything for me, I need context and story (and I much rather prefer story over random sex scenes).
Ons and Offs//For now I don't have an official On/Offs thread and simply using the "My Role Play Preferences" section in lieu of one but I set it up pretty conclusively.
Gender//I'm a girl and have a strong preference for writing females but I can write other genders to, likewise, the gender of my partner and what/who they play doesn't really matter to me. I won’t write another gender if it comes to anything sexual though.
Characters//Even though I’m new, I had a look around at other people’s requests and I’m not criticizing anyone mind you, especially since this is a site where you have the freedom to play out your fantasies but I make requests with the assumption that I can write the characters I want to write, likewise for my partner. Please don’t tell me who my character should be, I’ll hear suggestions but I won’t mold my character to someone else’s preference. That said, I try to include descriptions for the characters I want to play so any potential partners have an idea of what they're getting into.

And now onto my requests.

Miscellaneous roles with no set stories, I'll bold whichever role I have a preference for (sometimes they change), otherwise I don't care who plays who.

Dark Souls: Cleric, Way of White / Darkwraith (Covenant)
Dark Souls: Cleric, Way of White / Any
Fallout: Ghoul/Human
Forgotten Realms: Any/Halfling
Robot Maid/Master
Knight/Commander or Captain
Prisoner/Warden or Guard

ALT's Fantastic Freakshow
All of my requests that contain some kind of horror or supernatural element.
Alchemia Open
Summary and Information
Halfway between nowhere, in the thick of a forest where radiant sun is dimmed by heavy brush occupies a grand manor implacable in its form. Where one should expect birdsong, there are none, just a gusts quiet whisper. The mansion is an aged grey, surrounded by bizarre plants that thrive in the darkness its towering presence creates. Every morning a woman in red tends the garden, unperturbed by the darkness. Her delicate form masks her inhuman origins.

Far beneath the surface, well into the depths of the mansion’s viscera are confusing mazes of hallways. Dimly lit corridors surrounded by heavy steel doors and the occasional pristine room with medical neatly equipment dispersed contrast these battered stained passages. A guttural growl, a scratch, and a cry—behind dungeon doors enclose horrific and powerful abominations created in a lab somewhere even farther below. They are carefully contained and many have been trapped there for an insurmountable time, subjected to experimentation or simply forgotten. Never before had they managed to break free from their prisons, until now. A mindless slaughter induced by madness insures, many of the monstrosities are too forgone however some of them actively seek revenge on their captors and creator.

The woman in red and her housemates (her master and her brethren who also tend the manor) are ignorant to the turmoil going down below, unaware that the prison below is about to become theirs.

Note// Now, where the story starts is largely dependent on what role my partner plays and what they're most interested in so here are some imagined, but not limited to, scenarios I've thought up:

  • My partner plays the role of another homunculus, either newly created or an older one, he either escapes with the other creations or has more freedoms akin to Fabiola as there are several creations who upkeep their masters home. In the event that he is vengeful towards their master, the two would be more antagonistic towards each other, if not, then their primary goal would to be to rescue their master.
  • My partner plays the role of her masters associate who may or may not be an alchemist as well and gets caught up in the mess while visiting. In the event that he doesn't like her master, she would threaten/blackmail him into helping her find/save her master having a similarly antagonistic relationship to the above idea, otherwise they would simply try to escape together.
  • The most obvious one I think, my partner plays the role of the master and the two either try to escape or contain his creations. In regards to this, the story can actually start well before his creations escape and we could introduce our characters in their daily rituals instead.
  • My partner plays the role of a human who was captured and was either going to be or was subjected to experiments/torture of Fabiola's master. In this scenario I don't expect there to be much love between the characters and Fabiola would mostly view this human as a lab rat though they could become more friendly as time goes on. Likewise above, this scenario could start well before the creations escape with him and Fabiola becoming acquainted through experimentation.
Fabiola// Switch or Dominant
A homunculus taking the form of a tall woman, she acts as a servant, sometimes assisting in the experiments that take place in her residence and often performing housework at the beck and call of her master. Said master is her object of adoration, in complete subservience to him and her feelings towards him border on obsessive. Usually, she is docile, very proper and polite and a stickler for cleanliness but fiercely protective of her master. Her frail appearance masks her freakish strength accounted to her inhumane origins. Despite her humanoid form, there is something distinctly unearthly about her—grayish skin, black emotionless pupils, dark eyes and hair, and a token red dress.

Blind Justice Pending
Summary and Information
The Kingdom Solophero has been torn apart by a Holy War and several years of conflict has brought many people and settlements to decay. Vaftom, a small city bordering on the Holy City of Torle has been acting as a pivot for refugees. However a holy sister who lives within one of many cathedrals’ watches on in silent revulsion as the turmoil has slowly caused people to reject their faith, to act out in malice and indifference, to fear one another and cause terror in an already harsh time. She views everyone as a degenerate sinking lower into the bowels of impurity.

Disturbed by the clergy’s apathy, angered by the soldier’s brutality, and frustrated by the refugees’ despondence and cowardice, she decides to carry her Divine’s will herself. Stealing a relic from the cathedral’s innermost hidden sanctum, she summons forth a powerful demon to act as her divine instrument. Her first task is slaughtering the residents of the church—refugees and all. She escapes, letting her name slip away with the massacre and she takes her new companion to spread divine punishment where she sees fit.

The contract
The agreement between a human vessel and a demon; what binds the demon to the mortal plane and what the human must give to the demon as payment. In this particular instance, the holy sister Hannelore gives her physical form up in exchange for the power to enact what she sees as divine punishment carried out by the demon so that she can remain untainted by murder. He must obey her orders and her physical form is his to do with what he sees fit, however, he cannot make her unwillingly commit sin, i.e. he cannot make her kill someone by her own hands and he cannot taint her chastity.
Hannelore// Switch
A woman with a somber expression, a gentle voice, long blonde hair and a simple black dress, she comes off as disarming. However the reality is that she has a rather twisted mind—greatly disturbed with a violent streak, Hannelore has a single minded drive to carry out her Divine’s will (or what she believes it to be). She’s unintentionally self-destructive perhaps as a result of chronic bad luck but she’s also oblivious to this. She treats outsiders and strangers kindly but secretly judges them. Arrogance, delusion, and madness define her.

All other requests that don't fall into the above category.
Endless Track Open
Summary and Information
The premise of the rp is that our characters were childhood friends but gradually grew apart as they got older—she was a model student, a goody-goody while he got involved with the wrong crowd and became a delinquent. However, they still kept contact albeit infrequently up until the end of high school in which they stopped talking completely. Two to three years later, she happens to pass by him and makes an attempt to become friends again but he’s still involved in the same old misconducts if not more severe cases. She wants to rekindle their friendship and help him get his life back on track, whether he wants the help or not, and practically forces her way into his life from that point on. I figure the story can either start with them just happening to pass on the street or with her getting lost in a particularly bad part of town only for them to stumble upon one another but it's all up for discussion.
Lise English// Submissive
A high strung if not somewhat jumpy girl, despite her tough demeanor—always looking like she’s too focused on something else to have time to chat—she’s quite the pushover, well to certain people and situations, otherwise she's as stubborn as a mule. At first glance, she comes off as stoic and attentive but in fact often has her thoughts going a hundred miles a minute, easily distracted and very talkative when given the chance. Lise wears her emotions on her sleeves. Not the glamorous sort, she keeps her look professional and never wears anything to show off her feminine form and wide hips. With round girlish features, she always keeps her long brown hair in a tight ponytail; a non-revealing blouse and jeans are her trademark.

Omerta Bossa Open
Crime, Historical
Summary and Information
I’m a big fan of old mob films: White Heat, Scarface, The Public Enemy, Little Caesar and all that good stuff and have always wanted to write a mafia themed rp so here’s my shot at it; the story takes place during the Roaring Twenties where an Italian-American mafia (a la The Godfather) rule New York's underworld. Massive in size, their crimes range anywhere from drug trade, loan sharking, prostitution, protection, and most recently bootlegging as a result of the Prohibition. I'd play the role of a 23 year old woman by the name of Jane Erankston and her four year old son Giorgio Rossi who come to seek refuge from an assailant gunning for their lives. They find safety in the mafia of whom they owe her late husband, a made man who went missing for undisclosed reasons, Bruno Rossi, a debt.
Jane Erankston// Submissive
A 23 year old woman, plain and modest, she's the caring sort who enjoys doting on others—the ideal wife in a middle class America and definitely not the type to be running with gangsters, let alone marry one. Despite her modest upbringing and demeanor she can be surprisingly crafty and is not easily intimidated with a willingness to do anything for her son Giorgio. She would even be willing to throw her own life, and the lives of others, away to keep him safe. Strong-willed but still just a commoner, she gets uncomfortable/agitated with excessive talk of violence and crime.

The Hounds of Primidi Open
Summary and Information
Inspired by The Most Dangerous Game, this story takes pace on an intergalactic planetary prison (Primidi) where the convicts are let loose and struggle to stay alive in a harsh environment. They are regularly targeted by the Warden and Officers who can kill them from weaponized satellites that orbit Primidi. The other threat are the convicts themselves since Primidi contains some of the most dangerous and vicious criminals in the entire Universe. The story would involve our characters trying to survive and escape. Straightforward enough but I also hope for this rp to be more character driven than anything and I've written up an entire cast that our main characters would interact with. I'm also game for my partner adding their own characters to.
Evu~aporo// Switch
An alien from some unknown reaches of the galaxy. Despite the situation, she'd be playful and affectionate to whoever my partner's character, no matter how dangerous he is. However, she's also ambitious and manipulative when warranted, very much inclined to use anyone she can to get what she wants. Her most noticeable ability would be minor levitation. A humanoid, yellow skinned and a single antennae-like structure atop her head, she has two vacant black eyes that share a single white pupil. She has a thin wiry tail that doesn't look like it can support itself with how thin it is but upon touching it, it feels like some kind of metal. Wide hips, average bust, her body is considerably more flexible and soft than a human since her species can take a beating, so to say, without actually being damaged (internally anyways). Her attire consists of a white prisoner uniform that is surprisingly clean for the amount of time she's spent on Primidi but she has long since discarded the pants of the uniform opting to only wear a jacket, boots, and undergarments. She finds an ideal partner in whoever my partner's character is—whatever that may be, maybe their abilities compliment each other or perhaps even just simply being able to communicate seeing as how the prisoners don't have any special equipment to understand one another.

Requests that have already been taken or I lost interest in.
Eternal Family
Summary and Information
Up North is a regular town of peaceful townsfolk called Grimsby. Surrounded by lush forest, the town is an old one but well-kept and there’s a charm to its rustic presence. People are friendly, greeting visitors with open arms however that same couldn’t be said for the Dysart family. At one far end of Grimsby is the Dysart Manor which is home to the six Dysart children, left behind with an enormous fortune inherited by the late Albert Dysart (their father). The late Albert Dysart had an infamy in life: insane and cruel, a man who resented all people but his loving family. His children very much carry the same ideals. The townspeople are afraid of them and when someone goes missing, they know who not to point fingers at despite evidence to the contrary. A traveler knew not of such rumors when he enters Grimsby.

He meets a young woman, Joliet Dysart, who instantly takes a liking to him. Charming enough, she offers him a warm meal and a place to sleep at her family’s mansion. With little money and no food or board, he accepts her offer. He’s met with a lukewarm reception but Joliet insists he stay the night her infatuation for him too obvious but he can pass it off as a childish crush. In the dead of night Joliet wakes him and informs him, through his bedroom door, that she plans on keeping him locked away in that room forever—the thought of being separated too unbearable for her.

Several days he’s kept imprisoned in his room, oddly he doesn’t hear from Joliet and is given idle threats by the family who bring him his food. When the door finally opens, the eldest brother Harold and Joliet announce that he’s going to marry her with or without his consent. He’s then forced into an engagement, to become a part of this twisted family. Their secrets are now his and he witnesses just how horrific their home really is.
Joliet Dysart// Dominant
A 19 year old girl barely on the cusp of womanhood, with her head in the clouds and a sweet demeanor she is very much the proper little lady she was raised to be. However, her sinister side presents itself in the form of complete apathy to strangers’ wellbeing and rapid mood swings. She adores her new fiancé and treats him well but he’s still subject to witness her wicked twistedness and isn’t an exception to her erratic behavior. A demure girl with brunette hair, it’s hard to image that she’s bordering sociopathic.

The Degenerate Little Town
Summary and Information

A small island with no name: a picturesque town where homes spill onto street sides from hilltops through the thicket of trees. An atoll of buildings surroundings the town square and the hum of busy townsfolk. It's the false image of a cursed town and the cursed people who live there. The empty docks, not even a single ship or vessel. No animals, not even a seagull. The ocean is possessive of all senses. The smell of salt in the air is overwhelming and at night when people have hidden back into their homes, the waves at the shore are unnaturally deafening. The people don't remember how they got there, their memories feel looted and burned.

They live in a purgatory where escape is impossible even by means of death. Accidents are prone to happen, like some kind of sick cosmic joke where the townspeople end up maimed, burned, drowned, electrocuted, diseased, and disemboweled by freak occurrences only to stumble back into town in a daze all in good health as if nothing had happened to them the day before (but the memories—and the mental scars linger). The town is kept impeccable, they’re bloody remains vanishing without a trace as if something was taking great care of their sea-bound prison.

They try to maintain some semblance of order and avoid the dangerous ones, going about their days in a false idleness. However, one day something occurs that greatly interests and perturbs the residents: someone goes missing. A search team is disbanded within hours because no one can escape the island anyways and wherever they may be, they'll come stumbling back in time. But they don’t.

There are strangers lurking the night.
Linda// Submissive
A short-stature, mid-late twenty year old woman with long black hair and a timid demeanor, she is very shy and withdrawn. An irrational fear of pain keeps her locked up inside her home most of the time. Reclusive but not unfriendly she tends to leave her home if only to contribute to the townspeople’s desire to appear “normal”. Paranoid to a fault and a coward of the highest degree, her readiness to flee at the first signs of danger largely overwhelms any notion of saving/helping others.

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