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June 17, 2018, 11:11:26 PM

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Author Topic: Are you a fast poster? Have plots, will RP (F lf someone to play a male)  (Read 408 times)

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Offline AstiraTopic starter


This little thread is a shortened list from the Emporium to express what I'm really hankering for at the moment. It will constantly change and adjust (or not, haha. Depends on my moods). Hopefully thar be some nibblers about!

I'd like to note that I'm looking for someone who can post a couple times a day and who is okay with the plots being character driven more so than plot driven (and lots of smut, hehe).

~Lady Astira

Original Plots:

The Celebrity and His Fan

I have this idea in my head where an older celebrity encounters a young fan. In fact, she is surprisingly young - usually his female fans are around his age or older. But this girl...there is something about her that he can't put his finger on, but he knows he wants her to be his. And only his. He wants to corrupt her, love her, manipulate her, use her, care for her....the whole nine yards. This doesn't HAVE to be the actual celebrity (although it's preferred) - feel free to claim a face below.

As for the young girl, she is his biggest fan - she follows him on twitter, has a poster or two of him on her wall, knows every movie he's been in, fantasizes about him, goes to every premiere she can...but she never imagined she'd be his in real life. Despite her little 'crush' she is fiercely intelligent and fiery, very strong-willed but her age comes through in small things like being overly dramatic sometimes, a bit needy, stubborn, things like that.

Celebrities in mind:
In order from most desirable...
Richard Armitage, pic 2
Lee Pace, pic 2
Michael Fassbender, pic 2
Luke Evans, pic 2
Liam Neeson
Tom Hiddleston, pic 2
Alan Rickman, pic 2
Tom Wlaschiha, pic 2
Mark Strong, pic 2
Jason Momoa, pic 2
Benedict Cumberbatch
Johnny Rzeznik
Hugh Jackman, pic 2
Jason Isaacs

"One More Time"
A young woman is hired to be his servant. She is blind and she wears a mask to conceal her handicap. Day after day she cleans, silently as he conducts his affairs. At first, he barely notices her. But that changes. He begins to see her more often, notices the ethereal way she moves, how she is fastidiously kind hearted to those who do her harm and blends in with the wall. HE begins to talk to her and soon begins to rely on their talks, seeking comfort and solace in her. He tells her of his long lost love. They begin to fall for each other. One night, it goes too far and he discovers she is his long lost love, but fearful he is disturbed by her handicap, she flees. He chases her, determined to never lost her again.

"The Price of Rejection"
He is the ruler of the Underground appointed with the care and collection of those unwanted, those who are wished away. Many years ago when Alexandria was thirteen, she accidentally wished away her young sister. He challenged her to a game of danger, wits and puzzles and she beat him. He declared his love for her, this delicate flower wiser beyond her years, but Alexandria rejected him, beat him at his own game. For many years after her rejection, he has watched her, carefully, quietly. Watched her grow into the woman she is, occasionally having influence over her decisions and discreetly guiding her towards his goal. Through a “miscommunication” (but ultimately by his doing) Alexandria accidentally agrees to accompany a friend to a few BDSM/fetish classes. She is vastly uncomfortable but agrees to keep her friend company and not back out of her word. Besides, the classes are anonymous and masks must be worn…so what could go wrong? She’ll just sit in the corner and not participate Their teacher is a tall, dark man that exudes sensuality, sexuality, domination and confidence. Every girl in the room wants him, but he has eyes only for Alexandria. She is reluctantly sucked in, unable to say no for fear of embarrassing herself and her friend. He becomes her “Dom”. Through more and more interaction, she discovers who he is. But by now, it’s too late.

“A Dark Night Out” - One night while in detention for speaking out of turn, Persephone accidentally tags along with her teacher as he is summoned to a dark meeting. Without any warning, she is thrown into the magical world of witches, warlocks and creatures of the night. Here she learns that her brooding, dark, nasty, Alpha-male teacher is a warlock and a spy for the "good" side. She inadvertently blows his cover and now they are on the run in the largest warlock-hunt of the age. A story of survival, tragedy and risks Persephone never wanted to take.

Canons I'm craving:

Thorin Oakenshield (The Hobbit)
Thranduil (The Hobbit)
Professor Snape (Harry Potter)
Khan (Star Trek Into Darkness)

Generic Pairings I'd love to work out a plot for:
(format: You/me)

Older man (40s)/ younger woman (17/18) - this would pretty much be the format for all of the below
Guardian/young ward
Hunter/target (or prey)
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Adjusted to take away "No Long a Wallflower" and emphasize that I'm looking for someone who can post a few times a day.