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August 18, 2022, 08:29:34 pm

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Author Topic: Cross a black cat's path (F for M or F player, long term stories)  (Read 901 times)

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Hi there whomever comes across to read this, I am at a point where my schedule has freed up and I do so enjoy writing. I am looking for some unusual stories, settings and ideas but I am also open to input from others. If you have an idea or would like to take an idea listed here and throw it into a completely new genre or take some liberal twists in the premise please do so. I enjoy collaborative story telling, otherwise I'd write alone. Please PM me if interested in RPing with me, do not post here.

Crazed Criminals
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This idea is heavily influenced by cyberpunk and shadowrun the RPG game. Its the distant dystopian future, corporations have finally  had their way and overrun the market proving that money is power and technology rules the masses. The technology boom started innocently enough, smart phones, better computers, and then humanity started relying on devices for nearly every and any simple task. Before long companies began to merge into Mega-Corporations engulfing who sections of industry, unchecked in their greed and becoming the dominant employers of the every day citizens. Soon countries, nations and individuality began to fade in favor  of blending together to better suit the vision of unity amongst all peoples. This created a whole new subsection of people, not criminals, not cogs in the machine but vigilantes who didn't conform to the bleak new world not wanting to fit into the cubicles but not willing to harm others directly to make money or earn a living.

My character would be apart of a group who take odd jobs either from corporations pitted against each other or from every day people looking for revenge. Ideally in this RP I would like the two characters to run in the same circles, group or familiar with one another due to the work they perform. My character augments her body with science to make herself run faster, hit harder and think more quickly, she doesn't care about being human anymore her family are trapped in the perpetual cycle of working for the mega corps and she wants to prove there is another way to get by in this crap future. The details of this story are up for negotiation.
Action and adventure this story would be mostly character driven, I do anticipate the characters having a romance of sorts what the type is would be up for negotiations.

I'm Going to Make You a Star

Young attractive and naive, my character is seeking to make it big on the holly wood scene, only having done a few bit parts here and there she is willing to do anything to make her career a success. Your character would play a con artist or perhaps a legitimate talent scout who decides after meeting her they want to represent her. She works her nights as a singer and a stripper in a lowly dive bar and auditions during the day for plays, movies, television and anything in between. Although she shows off her body for tips she is determined to have a classy career, your character tries to convince her to work use her sex appeal to win parts to get her career going.
This one has no gender preferences, I would like to include elements of manipulation, humiliation and degradation to a point, I would like this to also include teasing and provocative scenes to draw out the sexual tension built into the story

Opposites Attract
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Clashing egos on set create chaos for a film director, his leading lady and man refuse to take part in a crucial scene in the movie. Our characters despise one another, in their careers they've worked together and each time they find something to disagree on making them a perpetual nightmare for any director. Until now they've managed to make it work until they are forced to play parts where they are lovers. Each has their own stake in making sure the film is a success so now they have to figure out a way to make their clashing egos cooperate by any means necessary.

This role has no gender preferences on my end, I would however say I would love to include non-con elements and other kinks, this would be a more sex driven emotional story

Business Rivals
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Having started at the same company our characters have always been at odds over promotions. In the cut throat world of business while a spark exists between the two, their flirtations never elevated past a fleeting office friendship. As the two climbed the corporate ladder they are both vying for the same promotion. Desperate to get ahead after doing some snooping your character finds a bit of dirt on mine. What starts as simple blackmail over a position grows into something more sinister as your character starts to fulfill dark fantasies and sexual desires with mine as the puppet manipulated and forced into compliance.

D/s story with heavy elements of bondage and can go as extreme as slave and master, specific kinks would need to be worked out ahead of time

Magical Training
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The lands have been torn apart by war and travesty, magic users forced to turn their mystical arts into tools of death and destruction.  With most commoners now fearing those who capable of the arcane anyone exhibiting even the smallest amount of magical predilection are forced from their homes and towns either into forced servitude to the kingdom they live or flee as outlaws. Seeking solitude from the chaos at hand Trinia fled to a remote part of her country seeking others like herself hoping to start a resistance movement against the corrupt nations and educate the people on the good qualities of magic. Now all she needs is a teacher to perfect hers skills and join her cause. Once she finds her trainer will they be willing to teach or reject her radical idealistic notions?

Modified Teacher Student scenario with elements of D&D style fantasy interjected, world building opportunities and action adventure elements

X-Men Re-imagined
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

I really like the X-men, especially the beautiful bold and complex female characters. I would like to pick a pairing or multiple parings depending on the willingness of my partner and construct a new story for the characters to follow.Past, present, future, movie, television or comic versions I don't have a preference. I don't have a particular idea I'm looking for a fan of this series to pick some characters and create a story together.
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