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June 23, 2018, 08:22:32 PM

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Author Topic: Stories to Slip into (F/F or poss F/M)  (Read 4705 times)

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Stories to Slip into (F/F or poss F/M)
« on: April 15, 2015, 01:12:41 AM »
Slippery Thoughts

I am primarily interested in F/F role plays, but will definitely consider F/M role plays.  I am largely submissive, but for the right partner and right scene I could switch.  I love detail and historical accuracy, and while I am not a grammar Nazi and I realise that American English is spelt differently to 'Real' English, I use English rather than American but do not care what version my co-writer uses.  I do however hate the contractions of text speak, so please in role play and indeed in PM don't use it or you will be ignored and/or binned.

Era and pairings can be mixed and matched to suit.  Just because I already have an active story or have one under discussion, don't be put off.  I am more than willing to write several stories at the same time on the same basic premise.

Some of the 'live' stories may be dead also, but I need to discuss them with my co-writers, before I give up on them.  Do not allow the fact that there is already a story running or in hiatus to put you off, if you are interested ask, as I am always looking for new challenges.

If its purple it is a current interest, if it is bold and purple it is a real interest currently.  However I do remain open to other ideas.  All existing stories now appear dead so I am open to other writing opportunities.

Please respond in PM only.  Seriously PM only, not this thread.

Pairing suggestions

Professor/College Student (Open to discussion)
Military Officer/Military Other Rank
Pirate/Captive (Open to discussion)
Pirate/Pirate (Open to discussion)
Neighbours (Open to discussion)
Work Colleagues (Open to discussion)
Stepmum/Stepdaughter (Open to discussion)
Mum/Daughter (Dead)
Mum/Daughter's best friend (Dead)
Sister/Brother (Dead)
Businesswoman/Escort (Dead)(Open to discussion)
Hooker/Madame (Dead)(Open to discussion)
British Chieftain/Roman (Open to discussion)
Viking Warleader/British Captive (Open to discussion)
Actress/Director (Open to discussion)
Older woman/younger woman (In progress? x2 different twists)
Politician/Politician or Head of State (Open to discussion)

Fandoms (Canon or OC)
Babylon 5
'Our Last, Best Hope' Either involving the Canon characters or non-Canon characters from B5 and beyond.

(Open to discussion)
Battlestar Galactica (Dead?) (Open to discussion)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
(Open to discussion)
Chicago Fire/Chicago PD etc

Non-definitive list of possible characters




(Open to discussion)
CSI (All versions) (Open to discussion)
Devil Wears Prada (Open to discussion)
Doctor Who
Canon(ish) 13th Doctor, Missy, any female companions
OC 14th Doctor (female), any Time Lady especially The Travels of Romana (Mary Tamm or original incarnation preferred)
(Open to discussion)
Dracula (2013)
Outcasts (Open to discussion)
Sherlock (Dead?)]
Spooks (US title MI-5) (Open to discussion)
Stargate (Open to discussion)
Star Trek (Dead?) (Open to discussion)
The Black List (Open to discussion)

Eras/Areas of Interest (in no particular chronological or preference order)

Modern Era (Post Apocalypse) (In progress)
Modern Era (Various underway)
World War Two (Dead) (Open to discussion)
World War One (Dead) (Open to discussion)
Victorian Britain (Open to discussion)
English Civil War
Napoleonic Wars
America during prohibition era (Open to discussion)
America during the 'Wild West'/Klondike Goldrush
American Civil War (In progress)
American War of Independence/War of 1812 (Open to discussion)
Medieval Europe (either realistic or fantasy world)

Viking period
From the sea

The potential character list is endless, the story ranging from either a tight tale of a Viking couple to a wide spread history like the TV series Vikings or even The Last Kingdom for interaction between Norsemen (raiders and settled) and the native Saxons/Celts etc.  Lords, Ship Captains, Spear and Axe Danes, Shield Maidens, völva or spákona (female shaman/seers of Norse religion), skald, villagers and slaves or hostages captured or taken as guarantee to name just some of the possibilities.

It can be set in a fixed location or more likely as we are talking about 'The Wolves of the Sea' a free ranging tale, across Europe and beyond.
(Open to discussion)
Age of Piracy (17th/18th Centuries)
Future (Space Adventure/Piracy or planet based but not fandom related)


A wide ranging category, involving any or all sports, could be any combination sportsperson, coach, official, journalist, fan.  Indeed I quite like the idea of the sportswoman (my character) interacting with a series of characters in an ongoing tale of her career and sexual exploits.

Suggestions for sports: 
  • Football (Soccer to American reader)
    Formula One/Motorsport (see Formula One section for further detail)
    Equestrian events (Horse Racing, Show Jumping, Eventing, Dressage)
(Open to discussion)
Formula One
Life in the Fast Lane

There are many possible scenarios around this idea.

The characters can be any combination of drivers (team mates and/or rivals), team managers, mechanics/engineers, journalists, fans or pen pushers/bean counters from 'the company'.

A possible image for a driver would be
(Open to discussion)
British Politics
The Body Politic

Have started a version of this with the much missed Chrystal, where she played an original Prime Minister and my character was her PPS.  As with all my stories I would prefer F/F, and not be actual current politicians, as frankly most of them are not attractive in my opinion.  This could just be about the characters but preferably throws them into the wider world and plots their way through it.

Possible Scenarios

Prime Minister/Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) or other member of the Government
Prime Minister/Aide
Prime Minister/Journalist
Prime Minister/Constituent
Prime Minister/Other

Member of the Government/Member of the Opposition
Member of the Government/Aide or Civil Servant
Member of the Government/Journalist or Lobbyist
Member of the Government/Constituent
Member of the Government/Other

Regardless of the pairing, one of the characters could be happily married with children but having an affair, as so many politicians have, including male MPs caught having affairs with men while proclaiming their 'family values'.
(Open to discussion)
World Politics
Possibly the same as British Politics above, but could also cross national borders.  Perhaps, the leader of one country interferes with the democratic process of another country to get a particular elected, and then Madame President/Chancellor/Prime Minister etc has to live with the consequences.
(Open to discussion)

Picture Inspirations (non-exhaustive list of inspirations)

Work Safe

Fantasy Character
Fantasy Character
Fantasy Character
Fantasy Character
Tennis Character
Police Character
Civil War Character
WW2 Character
F1 Character
Pirate Character


Not work safe

Other Information

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Re: Stories to Slip into (F/F or poss F/M)
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2017, 04:07:32 AM »
Several changes to all aspects of page, but mostly good old fashioned BUMP.

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Re: Stories to Slip into (F/F or poss F/M)
« Reply #2 on: December 24, 2017, 03:09:25 PM »
General updates

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Re: Stories to Slip into (F/F or poss F/M)
« Reply #3 on: February 03, 2018, 05:24:20 AM »
Minor changes plus bump