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Author Topic: Looking for a loose MTG based RP(M for F)  (Read 309 times)

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Looking for a loose MTG based RP(M for F)
« on: April 13, 2015, 07:12:03 PM »
This usually goes against my preferences as I don’t like telling my partner what to play, but hopefully I stumble across someone interested in playing one of these three. I have come to a strange desire lately to actually rp with specific cannon characters. To be clear though, I don’t really care for perfect lore based representation. I want similar basic backstories but the details can vary. Similarly, the personalities can be slightly off(and probably have to be for any sort of relationship to be formed).

So before the question comes up, these characters are from the Magic the Gathering Universe and most are what are called “Planeswalkers”. This means they are very powerful mages who are capable of jumping between universes. Think Multiverse theory but most of the universes they jump to are dramatically different.

The plot can vary depending on what my partner is looking for. I’m not going to restrict this to any particular story. Though I am not against a hefty amount of smut, I do want plot mixed in a fair bit.

Alright so, without further ado, here are our three cannon characters.

First, Liliana Vess

Summary, Liliana Vess is a necromancer who is, at least to my understanding, near god level in necromancy. Downside is she made a number of deals with demons and has to pay them off. I don’t know the entirety of her lore or what stage she is at. So there are a number of ways to go with her inclusion in a story.

Personality wise my understanding is that she is very self centered and believes everyone is out for themselves, she is just the best at it.

Second, Narset
She’s really interesting to me due to her choices. She is dramatically younger then Liliana(who has prolonged her own life through magic). My understanding of her lore is that she is around eighteen-twenty when she “Transcended”.

So basic summary, she is obsessed with learning and for many years craved to learn under the “Great Teacher” Dragonlord Ojutai. Ojutai saw her learning from him from afar and eventually he deems her a Master in her own right. This causes her to have a mental breakdown of sorts because she always wanted to learn more. Being told she had learned everything she could learn caused her to run away even as she was declared a Master. Eventually she stumbles across the hidden archives that were forbidden by Ojutai. Another Master threatens she will be declared a heretic if she continues but her desire for knowledge pushed her forward until she learns what she considered the great truth.

Ojutai and the other dragons had apparently been oppressing the clans in a sense until the clans tried to band together to end it. Ojutai and one other dragon ambushed at the khans as they were meeting and ended it on the spot.

At that moment she awoke as a Planeswalker but didn’t jump immediately as she tried to find some other piece of the truth, to tell her something she assumed she was missing. When Ojutai approached her, he, in summary, told her that she was expelled but that there was already more for her to learn in a sort of indirect forgiveness.

Narset is, from what I can tell, a genius of martial arts and magic. Capable of the deflecting palm(pretty much what it sounds like), high level prediction through monk techniques and a unknown level of magic(I don’t know if the monk arts are also considered magic as well, but it is outright stated she can use magic as she busted open a sealed magical door like it was nothing). She is also capable of sealing other people’s ability to use magic(based on her cards). She is also the youngest Master ever of the Ojutai monks.

Lastly we have Avacyn, the Guardian Angel

Unlike the others, Avacyn is not a Planeswalker, though I am kind of interested in seeing her react to jumping to another world by becoming a Planeswalker or due to another being.

Short version: She is a god like figure created artificially as a defense for humanity against the demons of their world. She gains power from the faith of others. In a great fight between her and the lord of demons, she burned everything she had to seal the demon back in their version of hell. In the demons last attack of that battle, he accidently pulled her in with him. Liliana Vess in an attempt to kill the Demon lord released Avacyn and all the demons which restored the human’s primary defense.

As far as I am aware, her powers are not well defined. I assume she basically can do almost anything by sheer force of will as long as there is faith in her.(In her card she basically makes everything indestructible)

So those are the three females I would like to do an rp as my partner.