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June 23, 2018, 05:41:44 AM

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Author Topic: Everybody shake, till your heart breaks (F for M, F, T)  (Read 368 times)

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Everybody shake, till your heart breaks (F for M, F, T)
« on: April 13, 2015, 10:04:46 PM »
GoddessPersephone's Plot Ideas

Plot Ideas - Here are some ideas and stories I want to play out.

American Horror Story: Asylum
Idea: I'd love to do something with Lana/Oliver pairings. I don't care if he's crazy insane Oliver or if it's an AU where he is madly in love with Lana and is the actual reason she gets out of Briarcliff and they fall in love. Either way, I'm really itching to do something with these two characters! Now there would be certain characteristics in the roleplay that I wouldn't normally include but I'm willing to do whatever to get something going here.
My Character: Lana Winters/Lana
Your Character: Oliver Thredson/Dr. Thredson/Bloody Face
Genre: Real-Life/Cultural/Society, Sexual, Non-Sexual, Fiction, Drama, Action, Suspense/Thriller, Tragedy/Sadness, Minor-Horror, Romance

American Horror Story: Coven
Idea: Honestly I don't have a huge idea here but I would love to do something of Cordelia/Hank pairings. I don't care if maybe it's that Hank doesn't want to kill the witches because he fell in love with Delia and realizes that they are simply women born with gifts and they just want to live normal lives like anyone else. I don't care if it's about the struggle of their marriage with trying to have a baby and Hank's infidelity and issues with Delia's mother, The Supreme. I'm open for ideas here.
My Character: Cordelia/Delia Foxx/Goode
Your Character: Preferably Hank Foxx but open to others as well
Genre: Real-Life/Cultural/Society, Sexual, Non-Sexual, Fiction, Drama, Action, Fantasy, Suspense/Thriller, Tragedy/Sadness, Minor-Horror, Romance, Supernatural, War

Gods Vs. Titans
Idea:For centuries, Zeus and his gods have ruled over everything the light touches and Hades and his gods of misfits have ruled over every inch of darkness. While Zeus runs amok in Olympus and Hades tries to keep the Underworld organized. Zeus believes his reign is perfect, his world will never be compromised. Hades on the other hand believe otherwise. Hades releases the titans from their binds in Tartarus. They quickly overthrow the gods, banishing them to Atlantis. When Zeus calls for all gods to meet, Hades refuses while his wife, Persephone goes in his place in secret. When she arrives at the meeting, she causes an uproar that causes Zeus to lock her up until her husband comes to retrieve her. From that moment on, Persephone decides to side with Cronus, the king of the titans and to blackmail both her husband, Hades and her father Zeus and to become Queen of all, alongside Cronus. Can Hades change Persephone's mind or will Cronus have too strong of a hold on her?
My Character: Persephone
Your Character: Cronus or Hades (Your choice)
Genre: History, Mythology/Folklore, Supernatural, Romance, Sexual, Non-Sexual, Fantasy, War, Drama, Fiction, Tragedy/Sadness

Officer Of The Gods
Idea: It's the new year going into 2015. The Greek gods and goddesses are growing incredibly angry with the mortals. The half-god-half-human children, the demigods, are becoming restless as they can feel their godly parents growing angry and causing unrest. The mortals are taking over the earth and causing more harm to the world than good. Now, the gods decide its their time to rule. So with their demigod children, they do just that. Zeus, king of the gods, along with the other Olympians destroy what the humans know of the world by destroying the powers within each country of the world and also wiping the electricity and every luxury known to man away and turning the world into the new ancient times. With the help of the demigods, the gods use them as officers, making sure the humans are to not ever go back to their ways.
My Character: The daughter of Persephone and a human - Melinoe Snow
Your Character: Preferably a fellow demi-god or god
Genre War, Drama, Suspense/Tragedy, Real-Life/Cultural/Society, Sexual, Non-Sexual, Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Mythology/Folklore, Action, Fiction,

The Bloodstone Society
Idea: In the Victorian Era (June 20, 1837 - January 22, 1901), there's the start of the three main social classes; Upper, Middle and Lower. Although these classes existed before hand, they were now becoming more known by name and now it was becoming harder to reach at least the middle class and almost impossible to reach the upper unless you were born into your wealth. Queen Victoria's reign over England was proving to be for the best. Lives were getting better, the quality of life improved greatly as well as the fertility rate and the mortality rate was lowering. Life expectancy was only growing even more as well. Now a secret society threatens the fall of the empire. They consist of men and women who are of the lower class and are angry with the monarchy for not doing more to help them. They are angry with the upper class and even middle class. They are ready to bring England burning to the ground.
My Character: Lorena Dyson or Sybil Crawley (Depending on what is discussed) - Upper Class
Your Character: Preferably a member of the Bloodstone Society or a fellow member of the Upper Class who supports what the Bloodstone Society stands for, maybe a character who used to be lower class?
Genre: Historical, Romance, Fiction, Action, War, Real-Life/Cultural/Society, Drama, Tragedy/Sadness, Suspense/Thriller, Sexual, Non-Sexual

Will France Fall?
Idea:(This one is based in the era but is completely original) France is in need of a prince. King Fabrice Moreau III has fallen ill and is unable to rule as king. His wife, Queen Claudine Moreau and his brother Phillipe Moreau are made to take control until their daughter, Delphine is said to wed or until Fabrice was well enough again. Fabrice and Claudine only had three daughters; Delphine, Cynthia and Francine. Delphine being the oldest was to marry first and become queen. When Delphine was a child her parents made a pact with the King and Queen of Italy to wed their son; Prince Angelo Constantino with Delphine. Angelo was second born to the future king of Italy, Angelo's brother, Stefano Constantino IV. But when King Fabrice passes away from the illness that has wrecked his body for years, Queen Claudine must marry the young, 15 year old Delphine to 22 year old Prince Angelo right away. Once their marriage is final, Angelo becomes King of France and Delphine, Queen. Now, four years later, Delphine now 19 and Angelo now 26, they have conceived three children, two boys and a girl. Their first born, a daughter whom they named Claudia, born only one year after their marriage, passed away shortly after birth. Their first born son, Angelo II, also died shortly after birth. Their second born son, Fabien however has so far been able to survive. Now almost a year old, Angelo and Delphine are hopeful that their son will survive but that does not stop them from trying for more children, just for safety. Delphine and Angelo's relationship is strained. War between France and Ireland is on the verge, Delphine's uncle Phillipe has been trying to ruin Angelo's reign in his hatred for what his sister-in-law Claudine did by letting Delphine and Angelo marry instead of him becoming king and on top of everything, Delphine and Angelo are still trying to bare children.
My Character: Queen Delphine
Your Character: King Angelo, But also alternate - A lover of Delphine's
Genre: Historical, Romance, War, Real-Life/Cultural/Society, Tragedy/Sadness, Suspense/Thriller, Sexual, Non-Sexual, Fiction, Drama

Secret Agent
Idea:Holly or Agent Brooks is a very confused woman. She is unsure of herself and even of others around her so she is constantly questioning things. She was brought up by adopted parents since birth. Her adopted parents separated when she was six. She spent most of her childhood between her mother's and father's house. When she was 16 her mother was murdered and Holly was seriously injured as the same killer attempted to kill her. But Holly survived. She knew from that moment on she would devote her life to killing evil-doers and those who wronged her and those that she loved and even simply doing it for the money as well. But Holly's world is flipped upside-down when her birth father comes into her life... as her target. She believes he is simply a target but when her partner discovers the connect, will he tell Holly everything about their target? Or ignore it and let her do her job?
My Character: Holly/Agent Brooks
Your Character: Preferably Holly's partner (Fellow Hitman/Woman) or possibly someone who is sent to kill Holly when she doesn't kill her father right away... Someone willing to take the role of her father as well would be a bonus! (Not looking for Incestuous relationship between Holly and her father)
Genre: Real-Life/Cultural/Society, Sexual, Non-Sexual, Fiction, Drama, Action, Suspense/Thriller, Tragedy/Sadness

So far that is all I have. But if you'd like to find out more about my roleplaying preferences, see my Ons and Offs page and feel free to respond to this or message me!

I am accepting ideas for roleplaying as well.

You can find some of my current characters on my Ons and Offs page as well.

ATTENTION! - I am absolutely craving either something American Horror Story or Gods. Vs. Titans!!