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Author Topic: Dardevil / Black Widow: Black and Red [M lf F]  (Read 362 times)

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Dardevil / Black Widow: Black and Red [M lf F]
« on: April 13, 2015, 03:45:27 PM »
My dad, he used to come to this church back when I was a kid. He was a fighter. Old school. Boxer. Lost more than he won. Had a 24-31 record before he, uh... But he could take a punch. Jesus, he could take a punch.

Yeah, guys he went up against used to say it was like hitting oak. And nights when he was outmatched, my dad's strategy was to let 'em hit him till they broke their hands. Never got knocked out, my dad. Knocked down, sure, but he, uh, always got back up. He was always on his feet when he lost. Every now and then, though, uh... Every now and then he'd get hit and something inside him would snap. My grandmother, she was the real catholic. Fear of God ran deep. You'd have liked her. She used to say, "Be careful of the Murdock boys. They got the devil in 'em". And you'd see it sometimes in the ring. His eyes would go dead...and he'd start walking forward real slow, hands at his sides like he wasn't afraid of anything. And the other guy, he'd see that look, and he'd try to get away from him. Nah. My dad, he'd catch him and trap him in a corner.

Then he'd let the Devil out.

Yeah. Now, I didn't understand it, you know? What he was feeling deep inside, I didn't understand it.

Not back then. But I do now.

The story goes that I was thrown out of a window to save me from a burning building when I was a baby, caught by a passing Russian soldier who raised me as his own. But at a price.

As an orphan of the state, Mother Russia in her wisdom called me to the Red Room for training. The Red Room takes you apart and puts you back together again better then before, over and over again. You fight better, think better, move better, your body even works better if you go through the Red Room enough. You get torn down and put back together better, if it doesn't kill you.

It killed many of my sisters when they ran the Black Widow program through the Red Room. Those that survived though, served Mother Russia with distinction as some of the world's best assassins and spies. I was the best. I was the one they called The Black Widow.

I did a lot of horrible things. I still do, really - but at least now I do them for the right reasons. At least now I'm wiping the Red off of my ledger. And maybe if I stay with SHIELD I'll one day be clean completely.

I still don't know what it was that I sensed when I went for LVs crew. I should say I'm sorry that they're dead. I can't, but I know I should be. I know I didn't kill them and that they should of gotten their day in court, but when I went to bring LVs crew to justice someone beat me there. Someone using ordinance I've never seen, and LV himself - they did something to his face. It's like something went in and ate everything under the skin, leaving just the Skull underneath.

I could smell something in the air, I didn't get too close to touch, but something new is in the Kitchen. Something deadly, something I don't like...

We're not usually so far off the mark, but we didn't know about this case until the police reports started coming in as someone called a quarantine. A street gang in Hell's Kitchen, found with everyone dead in an attack that only lasted seconds. Someone that used SHIELD weapons and technology.

Except for the leader, Louis Vega himself. His hair all had fallen out at once, his skin stained a deep red while it was twisted and stretched until his head looked like a Red Skull. By all signs, Louis Vega was killed using Red Dust - a biological weapon that hasn't seen use in decades with all known samples kept under lock and key at a secret SHIELD facility.

Someone's making moves in Hell's Kitchen, someone with access to SHIELD technology and no compunction for killing whoever gets in their way. And the masked vigilante, this "Devil of Hell's Kitchen", has picked up a clue whether he realizes it or not...

Quote from: Info
Confession Time - Been enjoying the show. Don't normally do other people's characters if I can avoid it but had to cave eventually I suppose. :P

Basic Idea - The inevitable collision of Daredevil and Black Widow. Someone is making moves in Hell's Kitchen, and they're using technology that only SHIELD agents should have access with do it. Their goal is not yet known, but whatever it is it's big enough that they don't care about the body count.

This will be early enough in DD's career that he doesn't have the red suit yet. Liking the idea that the suit would come from this little adventure, a sort of parting gift under the table.

Any thoughts/interest/ideas?
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Re: Dardevil / Black Widow: Black and Red [M lf F]
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2015, 11:09:57 AM »
Quote from: More Info
So smutty content is probably fairly obvious. I picture this as a very story-heavy one as they hunt for the mystery villain. Leaning in OC, but might find someone fun from the early Marvel characters to update like the Crime-Master.