first time, looking for an rp m for f

Started by UnlikelyGryffindor, April 13, 2015, 02:34:32 PM

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hey everyone its my first time posting looking for an rp, i jsut got approved and i havent done anything with anyone on here yet, kinda excited to try....problem is i dont know what the correct protocol is, how to go about it, ect.....i guess i can start with what im looking for

im looking for a female who is into sexual rp's, i like all sorts of roles but i enjoy the thought of an older lady pursuing me, or kinda initiating sexy times lol.... also i dont really like it to be a random encounter, but that can be fun too. i like outdoor scenes, scenes where im camping or something like that....hmm trying to describe what i like like this is kinda harder than i thought it would be

well i would also prefer it to be more like a chat than messages back and forth on the forum, but like i say, im not sure how that works for all of me or message me or respon here with what u like, dont like, or if you think we could figure something out together

perfect world would be someone responding, us chatting it up to get to know each other for a bit then getting into the rp's

any input helps