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Author Topic: Three ideas. GM one, co GM others (Buffyverse, Darker than Black, Baccano)  (Read 540 times)

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Offline vatovieTopic starter

I have three ideas they are all things I want to run but I only have time to GM one more game.  Feel free to offer to run a game  for me and I will co GM it but I will only fully run one of these. If you wanna run one for these and have me Co GM then post a reply in here.

First idea
Buffyverse roleplay:
My idea for this is that everyone is just part of a branch of Wolfram & Heart. This branch isn't specifically evil or good they do a bit of both and are willing to hire most everyone and everything. I would either run the head of this branch or their head of research. The goal is to well do missions and be a successful branch. Don't piss of the senior partners. Don't destroy the world . Simple as that but a lot of fun with the challenges that come with running a firm like this one.

If you know nothing about Buffy the vampire slayer or Angel then all I can easily explain is the basics. Demons and all other kinds of mythology are real. It's possible for vampire to get souls and be good guys. There is one Slayer. This is a girl who has super strength and reflexes and who heals quicker than normal who is the main tool of the good guys for fighting demons and saving the world. You kill the Slayer a new one is chosen from girls who are potential slayers and she wakes up the powers. There is a group of good guys who like to control the slayer to use her as a tool. These people are called Watchers and they also train the Slayer. If you want to know more look it up or watch the show.

My plan for lore is a bit of alternate history.  Buffy died in LA recently in a fire.  Basically this means no canon characters and a whole different world.  The master will be partly problem partly client.  Can't have the world ending but can't piss him of.  No canon characters will be allowed.

Next idea
Darker than Black:
For this one think about a superhero roleplay. Now imagine you had a to pay a price each time you used your power. So an hour of gravity control for each finger you break. Or make a perfect grid of stones for one instance of matter distribution. Which is basically teleportation. Or you can make your blood a high explosive on a cell by cell basis. Things like that. The people with these powers are called contractors. The public knows little about them but there are police forces that do know and have the job or dealing with them. Contractors got their powers when all the stars in the sky disappeared. This happened when two strange areas popped up called Heavens gate and Hells gate. These areas vaporized everything in them when they appeared and all the stars disappeared. These areas are also covered in radiation. This radiation is deadly to anyone who isn't a contractor. 

When the contractors showed up the original stars were gone. They were replaced though with stars that represent each contractor. Each time one uses it's power the star shines a little brighter and when they die the star falls. Contractors just knew about their powers when they got them. How to use it and the price they pay. They also became sociopaths although that seems to be going away as they are able to feel emotions again. There are also people who became dolls. Dolls are people with no free will who can send out this things called specters to look trough any connected source of water or electricity. Only contractors and dolls can see specters and dolls are slowly starting to get free will and emotions back as well.

The goal of this game is to pick a side from the cops, an organization out to kill all contractors, freelance contractors, and a group of contractors who want to let the world know they exist. After you pick a group you do your jobs and go for your goals. You will probably fight other characters and you will most likely die. Shit happens and most of the people you g up against are shooting to kill.

This is unconnected the main story of the show so you won't see any cannon characters although you might hear about them.  It would be in a large city far away from any of the gates.

Third idea
This one is a fun one. It will switch between a 1920's story of Gangsters in New York and Chicago and modern gangs in Japan. They are in the same world and some characters will be in both storylines. The reason for this is that the devil in this world does one thing. He gives immortality to people. Nothing more than that. He likes to see what they do with it. People who are immortal don't age and can't die. They can put their hand on the heads of other immortals to do special things. Right hand on the head and thinking devour means you absorb that person and their memories. This is how you kill an immortal. Left hand on the head and thinking give allows you to give memories to another immortal. You loose the memories as they gain them.

Only a few characters will actually be immortal and those few will tend to be in both stories. The rest of the characters are just people. Mostly criminals who want to continue their life of crime and have to deal with the fact that some people just don't die. Most of the immortal characters will not be especially badass. The truly skilled characters will be those can die as they are the ones who worry enough to keep training and keep up their skills.

Cannon characters are not allowed as I want this to be it's own story. All the key characters from the shows will be replaced with your own characters. Think of it as an alternate history.You will go through basically the same story but with your characters. I know a lot about Baccano but not much about Durarara yet. I would love a co GM who knows their stuff about Durarara
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Offline vatovieTopic starter

A bump type thing to get a few more votes before I make a concrete decision on what to run.