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Started by eiselmann, April 12, 2015, 10:56:47 PM

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The Eureka Project

Please note the female character is someone famous could be a singer /actress/ or even Royalty happy for that person to be fictional however if you are willing to play the part as a Real Life person that would be great

It was the easily most powerful computer in the world more powerful that the combined processing power of the next 100 super computers in existence, it was designed to predict how humans could survive an otherwise existence ending event .

100 scenarios were chosen , each scenario had billions of  variants and in each variant the actions and reactions of four billion people were predicted.

When the programme was complete , the computer was then programmed to look for events that occurred with every scenario where humanity survived. There was one event that occurred with every survival result and when this event didn't occur humanity failed...a marriage

On the face of it , it was a simple thing a single man and woman becoming husband and wife saved the world every time...the man was a nobody (my character) the woman (your character was world famous (and possibly already married-happy to discuss)

The authorities also know something the public doesn't yet know....a potential extinction event is approaching , they have this get this pair together.

Okay my character is going to be anywhere from 16-25 , thou over 20 probably works better (happy for my writing partner to choose my age)

The event coming happy to discuss ...three that come to mind ..Aggressive Alien invasion fleet...imminent release of a deadly virus that will make the black plague look like a walk in the asteroid with a 99 percent chance of hitting the planet not big enough to destroy all life but certainly enough to send humanity back to the stone age for those that survive the first couple of years of hell.

Please more than one line at a time, I also love using NPC's and if we could  fit it into the story have one encounter with my character and multiple women. The story will start with authorities contacting both our characters and explaining the situation both around the marriage and impending doom we'll also touch on the fallout of the marriage and then move to the event itself whereafter the bulk of the story will be how our pairing saved humanity.

Happy for this to be vanilla relationship or for my character to be the dominate partner ..please Pm if interested
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The Betrayal at Yalta, one of the main reasons the world is the mess it is today

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