Looking for Dom/Dom Parings FxF possibly FxM Mostly Dark Fantasy

Started by AlphaWolfQuin, April 11, 2015, 03:00:25 PM

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I have a few pairings and plots that I would like to play out with a semi literate or literate partner. Currently I'm craving something darker and in a fantasy setting with a Dominant/Dominant pairing. I normally like to do FxF pairings but I'm not opposed to playing MxF pairings with me playing the male role. My characters like a good battle for dominance and someone who can really get feisty, the more aggressive your character, the better.

My post length depends on how much I'm given. I don't like one liners and good grammar is preferred. I'm not gonna be a jerk about a few spelling or punctuation errors because even I get a little messy sometimes and I'm also posting from a smart phone that likes to auto correct my words and sometimes the errors slip past me and I apologize in advanced for that. Also I would like to point out that just because I'm posting from a phone doesn't mean that my posts will be  ridiculously short it may just take me longer to get posts out. Okay now onto the plots and pairings, if you are interested in any of the following either PM me or message me on yahoo my screen name is the same as the one I use on this site.

Pairings:(characters that are Red are the characters I want to play)
Hellwolf /Hellhound
Hellwolf/Angel or Fallen Angel
European Dragon shifter/Shifter or Human

War of the Gods -Hades The God of the Underworld has sent forth an army of his loyal soldiers to wreak havoc on the mortal realm and shake up the gods of Olympus to start a war between realms in hopes to lay claim on there territory. My character will be a hellwolf (hellhound/werewolf hybrid) that is within Hades' ranks. He/She will encounter your character during battle and find the first sign of worthy competition amongst the enemy ranks. Your character can be any species you choose but I'd prefer if they were evenly matched. I would like the characters to connect in some way whether it be simply forming an alliance of sorts or a twisted romance that causes one or the other to change sides.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Hellwolf - Twisted Fairy Tale Type scenario- We've all heard the story of little red riding hood and the big bad wolf told in various ways. Well in this story the wolf little red encounters isn't only a nasty beast but she's a demonic one as well. Red has been haunted by something lurking in the shadows wherever she goes. No matter what she does, she just can't shake the feeling that someone or something is following her and watching every move she makes and that's because someone is and has been for years. Not only does Red feel as if she's constantly being watched but she's been feeling an overwhelming sense of darkness in herself for as long as she could remember and that's because she's being manipulated, her mind and soul have been toyed with for years by a hellwolf with a sick obsession.

I know that I've only given some loose plots for my ideas and that's because I prefer working out details with my partner as the story progresses. I'm really big on OOC communication and getting ideas from my partners as well as giving my own and working together. After all it's not just my story it's ours and we work together to create it so I'm not one to just put my ideas forward and make people suck it up and work with what I want without having any say. To me that's no fun at all. With that said I am open for discussion on the two ideas I have or creating a plot completely new. I do like dark fantasy and I love playing characters who are more demonic and not just immortal. I'm also open to doing something with demigods, possibly the daughter or son of Hades paired off with the daughter of one of the twelve gods of Olympus.

This is probably not the greatest request thread ever but please don't let that turn you away. I have experience role playing, I have been doing it for about six or seven years now I'm just not great at making request threads because I don't really do it that often. If you are interested in writing with me feel free to drop me a PM or message me on yahoo I'm always on yahoo due to it being on my phone and I will answer you. I also check my messages here almost every day so if you PM you will get a response rather quickly.
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