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Author Topic: The lonely road. [TS for M/GM ] (Long-term, modern, realistic, action.)  (Read 905 times)

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Hello! While I have a main thread where I have most of my plots, I have been craving this particular idea centering on a specific character for some time now, and thus it's much more thought-out and detailed, and I've decided to make another thread for it. Before I get into the gist of the plot, here are a few nitty-gritty details to take note of:

I am seeking either a writer who will play a male main character, or someone who is willing to take on the GM role for this tale, with a slight preference for the latter. All plot and character details, can be discussed and/or altered.

Characters: The character that I will be playing in this story will be a pre-op transgender, and I am seeking a writer to play a male character opposite her.

Writing and Grammar: I strive to add creativity and detail into my posts, and am seeking a partner with a similar mindset. Also while mistakes are bound to happen, I would prefer if such errors aren't the norm.

Setting and theme: The setting for this plot will be modern-day/realistic. And I'd like to see a good amount of action in this story.

NPCs: No good story can get by without supporting characters to develop the plot, and I expect both myself and my partner to create and play these characters as and when necessary.

Posting rate and length: I try to get my posts out in a timely manner, and usually am able to respond pretty quickly as I work with a computer. That said, life can get in the way sometimes and as such I think one or two posts a week is a reasonable expectation, though if you are able to post at a higher rate, it's more than likely that I'll be able to match you. Post length isn't that big of an issue for me, I favor quality over quantity, and a couple of solid paragraphs is more than good enough for me. As with the posting rate, I'll always try to match my partners post length as well.

Communication: Communication is key for me, and I'd expect to keep in touch with my partner frequently as things develop, to ensure we're on the same page.

Smut: I expect a good amount of smut in this story, as long as it makes sense and is justified. The plot will always come first for me.

Feel free to check out my previous posts for an idea of my writing style. Also, here a couple of links that you might be interested in:

My 'Ons' and 'Offs'

My requests thread

Still here? Great, now we can get into The Plot:

New York, 2015

Set in present day New York, my half of the main character pairing is a detective a little disillusioned with her place in the world. You can check out her detailed bio below.

What I had in mind for this plot is to follow the format of the many police procedurals you see on TV, where my character (and probably yours) will work their way through various cases, getting into trouble along the way (hence the action element) and hopefully grow closer over time. One way I envisioned this framework working is that both I and any potential partner can take turns being the creative force behind each of the 'cases' to allow for some unpredictability and fun surprises along the way, this is of course, up for discussion. I already have some ideas in regards to the sorts of things that can happen in the story, but will keep them to myself for now so as not to influence any the process of thinking up a character of any potential partners.

With that in mind, I have deliberately left a blank slate for the main character of my partner, and am more than happy to discuss and brainstorm to come up with a character that we'd both like to see in this story. Similarly, I am open to changing certain aspects of my character to make her a better fit for my partner, so don't be afraid to let me know if you have anything in mind that you would like to see done differently!

The character:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Name: Evangeline Rose

Age: 29

Place of birth: Jersey City, New Jersey

Gender:Female (MtF Pre-Op Transsexual)

Physical description and picture: Evangeline stands at 5'6", with shoulder length blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. While not physically imposing, she is agile and light on her feet. While not on the job, she can come across as rather plain, and can usually found in jeans, t-shirts, tanks and sneakers. On the job, she is able to pull off many looks, picking whichever is best to suit her needs.

Skills: Expert marksman, Social chameleon, Quick and agile, Keen observational skills, intuition and intellect. Skilled driver, and possesses knowledge of vehicles, gleaned from her time working with her father in his garage.

Personality: Cynical, cold and calculating, Evangeline has been dubbed the 'ice queen' at her old precinct. She is an extremely private person and rarely reveals her thoughts and feelings to anyone. She has trust issues and is only truly open with a small handful that she has let into her inner circle, though those that manage to make it that far will find a warm and kind-hearted individual. Usually quiet and reserved, she is very observant and quick-witted, and relies on her intelligence rather than physical prowess in a confrontation. She is an excellent liar, able to blend in effortlessly in a variety of social scenarios.

Character background:

Born Evan Rose, the only child to an average suburban family in New Jersey, Evan's early childhood was a happy one. Everything would change one fateful night when Evan was five however, when his mother was murdered in an apparent mugging gone wrong. Growing up without a feminine figure in his life, the child gradually became interested in the fairer sex to the point of obsession. Initially dismissing his child's behavior as just a phase, Evan's father did his best to raise him on his own, even though running the garage he owned took up most of his time. It would soon become apparent however, that what Evan had been going through was anything but a phase, and the man eventually relented and allowed his child to get the treatments and surgeries to became who he was both inside and out at the age of sixteen. Evan had become Evangeline.

A bright and intelligent child, Evangeline easily breezed through high school, graduating close to the top of the class. Everyone expected her to go on to study to become a doctor, or a lawyer like her mother. However, never one to conform to other's expectations, Evangeline decided instead to move across the Hudson and join the NYPD, determined to make a difference and not allow another child to suffer growing up without a parent, like she did. Discriminated against because of her unique past, Evangeline had to work doubly hard compared to her peers to prove herself, scoring top marks in the police academy while becoming one of the best shots the NYPD has ever seen, before racking up an impressive string of arrests to make the rank of detective at the age of twenty-four. However, she would eventually find that having a successful career in the department was not just about being a good cop, but about being able to play the game of office politics as well. Still plagued by discrimination and regarded as something of a joke by most around her, Evangeline's career stalled, and she began to take increasingly bigger risks in an effort to crack cases, her methods occasionally sliding into the realm of recklessness. Not that it made any difference, as prejudice and discrimination continues to hold her back, and Evangeline finds herself at a career dead-end, relegated to handling only the most menial of taks.

Possible character ideas:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Because I've received quite a few messages asking what sort of character I'd like to see in play, here's a list of rough ideas that any potential partners are free to use to help mould their character (completely optional,  of course!):

The partner: Simple and straightforward, this character would be a fellow detective, brought together with MC through one set of circumstances or another. Grizzled, older veteran or young up - and comer is entirely up in the air. Personally, I lean very slightly towards the former, but can be convinced either way.

The lawyer: This character could be a prosecutor, or a defense attorney and a case couldn't bring him together with MC, Where they will wind up working together. I have my reservations over this one, as it might not be an idea that can be played out over the long term, but if there's a spin you can put on it that would increase it's lifespan I'd definitely love to hear it.

The wild card: This character isn't an outright cop, but he still works for the force. He could be a lab technician, profiler, something along those lines. Smart and intuitive, he would work with MC on the cases. This one could be fun, if a little unorthodox, and would definitely result in some very interesting scenarios.

Do very reminded that you by no means have to use any of these ideas for YC,  and I'd be more than happy to discuss any other ideas that potential partners might have.

Information for GMs:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Possible major characters:

James Rose: Eva's father, and a hard-working individual who is passionate about his craft. His rough, calloused hands are a testament to a man who isn't afraid of back-breaking labor. For the most part, he's gentle and easy-going, though like all fathers, might have the tendency to be a little overbearing at times.

The old friend: An old childhood friend of Eva's, who either runs into her in the present, or has been in constant contact throughout her life.

The ward: A young, troubled child, who could possibly be like Eva, just starting to find her place in the world.

Eva's apartment:

Eva calls a cozy, one bedroom apartment just outside the city home. It is sparsely furnished, with just enough of color in the fixtures and fittings to hint at the owner's personality. The kitchen is spotless,mainly because Eva survives largely on takeout, due to her lack of culinary skill.

That's about it for now, hopefully this post will drum up some interest, and allow me to get this idea off the ground!  ;)
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Offline LyndseyTopic starter

Seeking a partner to take on this plot.

Offline Chreestafer

What about a character that's a mix of the wild card and the partner? Maybe has a gruff attitude cause he likes to act the lone wolf and do dangerous things.  But let's say he either gets hurt or gets in trouble and is teamed up with your character as a subtle "punishment"  thoughts?

Offline LyndseyTopic starter

You're more than welcome to drop me a message with any ideas you might have

Offline LyndseyTopic starter

Still seeking a partner for this plot, added a section containing information for potential GMs.