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January 20, 2019, 07:49:57 AM

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Author Topic: Sailor Moon: Infinite Dreams (Recruiting, Come one come all! LGBT friendly!)  (Read 5157 times)

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Online Karasu

Name: Tsukiyomi (Means: Moonlit Night) Mikane
Player: Karasu
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Vital Statistics: She is 5'4" weighs roughly 118 pounds, is O+, has Amythst eyes, and has black hair with purple highlights that reaches to her firm ass.
Appearance: She has long black hair mixed with deep purple highlights and typically wears dark colored clothing, preferably in the purple color range.
Skills: She is very good with the flute both Western and Shinobue varieties. She also seems to have some ability seeing possible futures.
Personality: While she is generally a reserved sort of girl, she does know that there are good in others, despite the evil she sees almost constantly. It is this hope for humanity that strives her to save it, and fight against her destructive nature as Saturn.
Backstory: She had grown up mostly alone, in a household that never seemed to want her. Her "weirdness" certainly never won her any friends in school, and thusly she would take to being alone, yet despite all of this, she experienced a few instances of kindness. She ran away from home at the age of 10, keeping up appearances at school, but avoiding her parents entirely, often finding sneaky ways out if she saw them anywhere near her.

In high school, she was much the same way, quiet and termed weird by her school mates. She thought that her luck had finally turned around when a boy actually asked her out. The date however, ended up being a huge mistake, as bad luck seemed to follow her, and the boy revealed, much in her humiliation, that it was all a prank, set by a school bully and her friends. After that, she transferred schools, and began to wear a metaphysical mask. She became cold and distant from others, and this kept most people away from her..

Now at 18, she has entered college and no longer fears her parents finding her. Though still a quiet one, she's learned to use this to her advantage, to wear a mask so she never gets hurt, even though deep inside.. All she wants is a friend, and still holds hope of one day having one, though her social skills are awkward at best. She at least tries.

Sailor/Knight Identity: Sailor Saturn
Additional Codenames: Destruction's Glaive, aka The Silence Warrior
Heroic Appearance:
Silence Sanctuary: This creates a shield of sorts to defend either herself or a chosen target in a small group.

Saturn's Rings: This creates 7 rings that go to encircle the target, attaching at the wrists, ankles, neck, chest, and waist, pinning them in place for her Glaive to work it's destructive capabilities

Silence Glaive: Sort of speaks for itself, Saturn's signature Glaive attack.

Powers: Right now, leave this blank. These are the super awesome "Dream" powers you guys get access to. I will be handing these out, so again, leave this blank.

Extra: [Might save this for possible Ties perhaps]
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Offline AngieTopic starter

If Amarlo gets in a completed profile before you do, they're the one getting Saturn. Might be mean, but it's how I'm doing this.

Online Karasu

it's fine.. gives me an incentive to make a good profile XD

Online Karasu


Offline AngieTopic starter

Alright, you're in.

Offline Amarlo

Well. I thought we got three days? With that in mind I wont be joining, I guess. You guys have fun.

Online Karasu

Ya know Am.. You could have just made a better profile than me..  I'm pretty sure she'd give it to whoever made the better profile..

*just sits in the corner*

I mean.. it's not like mine's the best..

Offline AngieTopic starter

Well. I thought we got three days? With that in mind I wont be joining, I guess. You guys have fun.

She said she wanted it back on the 10th and finally got around to making it. The three days thing was put in place to stop someone coming in and stealing it, after that, the first to make the profile would be the first one considered. I'm considering removing the three days thing anyway because any interest in this has cooled by now.

Online Karasu

umm anyrate.. I managed to finaly get back on E. Stupid wifi filters.. I wholly apologize to any and everyone waiting on me!