LF plot for shy intersex 'girl' character (an unusual craving)

Started by DeviantGhost, April 09, 2015, 10:12:06 PM

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Hi there! I have had a craving to play a shy intersex character for a while now. PM me if you think you might be interested in an RP with this character.

Character sketch: 'Jo' (Joanna) Parkinson

Age: 18
Physical Attributes: Among the things that a person may find attractive, Jo has long silky brown hair, brown 'doe eyes' that are very expressive, a beautiful smile, great calf muscles, and soft feminine curves. What people don't know is that she is intersexed; she has both a vagina and a penis. It is a secret that she guards carefully.
Mental/Emotional Attributes: Jo has a 'good girl next door' kind of charm about her. She's very attractive, but is shy and reserved, and tends to be a very private person.
Internal Conflicts: Jo is ashamed of her physical self. While she understands that her body is only one part of who she is, she is terrified that no one would ever like her if they knew the truth.
Relationships: She has a few close friends with whom she associates, but she regards new contacts cautiously. She desperately desires love and affection, but is unwilling to let anyone get close enough to develop romantic intimacy.
Plot: Jo's secret is discovered by someone who seduces her and then teaches her about romantic intimacy;  in doing so, this person would teach her how to love herself.
Kinks: Sappy romance and exploration of alternative sexualities. My only requirement is that, at some point, Jo wind up in a romantic trisexual threesome with both a guy and a girl. Bonus points if we can turn this into a triad-style alternative/polyamorous relationship.
Setting: a modern or near-modern day college campus. (Off campus housing?)

If this sounds like something you would like to collaborate on, please PM me back!

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