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May 24, 2018, 07:26:39 AM

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Author Topic: Project Majesty (EX, Seeking M or F)  (Read 340 times)

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Project Majesty (EX, Seeking M or F)
« on: April 09, 2015, 06:06:14 PM »
I’m dealing with an unusual state of affairs… My muse is craving an intricate, in depth, dark and gritty “real world” AU rp. The RP will involve an in depth conspiracy that starts with kidnapping and extends in to human trafficking, rape, drugs, lies, theft, spying, brain washing, torture, and more.

The story starts with a government funded project held at the highest level of secrecy. The kind of program that is strictly “need to know”, even by the President. In the early 2000s, a number of young children were kidnapped and never heard from again. Though presumed dead, their killers were never caught, nor their bodies ever found. The number was low, the sites of their abductions spread out all over the United States, and the times the children went missing so spread out, no one ever put the crimes together. They became part of a heart breaking yearly statistic about kidnapped youth.

But in truth of the total number of children that were taken that year, a number of them didn’t land in the hand of abusers of the assumed type. Instead, they were taken to a secret government facility and inducted in to a secretive government project. Brain washed to become extremely well honed spies and agents, the children would spend the next ten or more years being trained and put under intense brain washing to make them receptive to commands delivered by trigger words. They were shaped to become the most ideal spies possible.

But in 2014, the project was defunded suddenly. Those test subjects that were “operative ready” were silently dispersed in to various government agencies and given their first assignments. They disappeared in to the system, unheard of again.

But what happened to those subjects not considered operation ready, you may ask? They were sold to those who could pay, used to help bolster the government’s coffers in the face of the debt it was facing. Now these subjects are out there, owned by everyone from foreign governments to powerful CEOs. They’re used as security, bodyguards parading as personal assistants, and even sex slaves. This story revolves around one (or possibly more, if you wish to write multiple character’s stories) of these test subject’s new lives. How will the unfinished brain washing and personality programming hold up? What will the horrors they are likely forced to live through affect them?

I am looking for someone to play the new owner of my character (one of the test subjects) and many of the other side/background characters in the story. Government officials, private contractors, etc. will all be possible for play. The owner can be either male or female, but male is preferred. I don't care what your sex is as the writer, however, so anyone can apply. I expect this to be expansive and require a lot of planning ahead of time and focus on detail.

Core “kinks” in this game will be (if you wish to work other kinks and fetishes in, please don't hesitate to present them to me):
  • kidnapping
  • human trafficking
  • brain washing (no bimbo play, please)
  • non-con
  • torture
  • voyeurism
  • gangbangs (optional)
  • abuse
  • drug use

I am hoping to find someone who can write moderate to lengthy posts, and who doesn’t mind a slow pace. My posts can vary in terms of the time between them. Sometimes I can reply within a day or two, other times it can be weeks or a month between posts. This is partially because I am busy and have a lot of games, and partially because I have a full time job and a child, and some days I get home and just don’t feel up to writing.

Please PM me if you are interested. Do not post here!