Craving something more on the sadistic side

Started by Tick, April 08, 2015, 10:58:56 PM

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Usually I would throw everything into my overly long searching for thread, but this is a bit of a special case in that I am only looking for really one specific thing.

Short version is that my sadistic side has been acting up for several months now. I am looking for a type of story but not so much a specific story. I have ideas for it, but writing up a two page description(which is more of my usual) for each option would take me hours and really the harder part is finding someone who enjoys the masochistic role. So instead I am going to make a small summary of the variety I am looking for any you can see if you are interested.

Scifi, Cyberpunk or Fantasy prefence but I am not against Modern or steampunk for a good partner. Virtual Reality MMOs and interesting aliens can get bonus points.
Characters: I don't care about genders much except a few rules. Your character cannot be a male(futa/shemale is fine though by no means required), I like the idea of F/F so bonus points for that but my female characters can vary in performance so do be aware of that. And I don't care for Transgender in the sense of jumping one gender to the other. Not that I am "against" those types, just that the character idea in itself has no appeal to me. Bonus points for crossfit/martial arts build women. More bonus points if your character is physically, magically, politically etc stronger then my character.
Smut vs Story: A bit of half and half. Perhaps slightly heavier on the smut side then that but with an ongoing story.
Length: Long term ideally, willing to discuss this maybe.
Combat: I enjoy combat scenes, not required, but bonus points for enjoying(not being willing to do them, because I'd rather you enjoy the game then put up with it) them too.
Kinks: Here is the deal. My sadism is a bit weird in the fact I argue if it is true sadism or not. I enjoy causing pain, if and only if, the victim gets off on it. So in short, the receiving character must be a masochist or have something done to make her one. The hard offs are scat, blood, broken bones, vomiting, and probably one or two others I don't remember currently. The scenario I enjoy most is where the receiving character has a more durable then normal body allowing my character to be rougher then normal without causing damage. Water sports and strangulation are fine.
Romance: Romance is required. It's just one of my quirks. It doesn't have to instantly happen but it is a big thing for me.
Non-con: It can start off pseudo non-con but she must enjoy whatever happens to her even if she won't admit it. Similarly, it must move to con. I'm not really big on rape, especially the "mental damage" levels. And the usual openness I have to a bit more non-con levels is at an all time low right now.

Plot: So, this is the big thing isn't it. Why don't I have a plot written for you? Because I have thousands of ideas and its easier for me to say "okay you are interested in writing with what I have listed here? Tell me what you crave on top, I find one of the ideas I have and propose it, or you toss me an idea yourself). I also like my partner having a hand in the plot of the story rather then me directing everything. If this bothers you, I do apologize.

Hope I still have your interest by this point.
Thank you for reading.

Edit: So I realized I wrote something that might have not been clear. I don't enjoy blood in sex. Gore in combat scenes is fine within reason. If I feel like I am playing Evil Within(First 5 minutes they drop you quite literally into a pool of blood and guts) then I may get a bit not enjoy it as much. Also graphic breaks may make me cringe, when I say graphic, I mean complex fractures, bones sticking out of skin and muscle level. I might be a bit of a wuss in that regard.