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Author Topic: New Character Ideas! (F/F, F/M, and F/O offerings inside)  (Read 494 times)

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New Character Ideas! (F/F, F/M, and F/O offerings inside)
« on: April 08, 2015, 10:53:57 PM »
Originally, this was supposed to be a listing of character ideas for one-shots, since I like to have a little background and some kind of twist to go into a scene, be it special powers, a lot of flirting and buildup, etc. As I wrote these characters out, however, I found I really liked them, so most of them are up for negotiations in long-term stories.

Meagan Perrow Moved to my Sci-fi Cravings page!
Switch, inexperienced. F/F or F/M, Light bon, toys, sensory play.
Meagan Perrow has never lived a normal day in her entire life. Born in a Red Star reactor lab, Meagan was soon found to be capable of not only conducting, but generating incredible amounts of energy within her body. If nothing else, Meagan's 'gift' made her useful, useful enough to keep alive, at least, if only as an experiment. Less than content with her treatment, Meagan managed to escape her confinement within the Red Star research center at a young age, escaping the Red Star fringe worlds into Federation space on a stolen shuttle, only to be picked up by a federation vessel after nearly destroying the shuttle in an ill-conceived plan to escape through an asteroid field that she completely lacked the skill to properly pilot.

While easily the lesser of two evils, the federation still had far too many questions for a girl that had just flown in on a Red Star shuttle, many of which she felt no interest in answering, convinced she'd just end up in a Federation weapons lab instead of a Red Star once. The moment she could, Meagan was off again, this time managing to make it all the way to the center of federation space, figuring the best place to hide was in plain sight. She made it through her teens on the Federation's founding planet, Earth, doing odd jobs, siphoning money from accounts, trying to understand and control her electrical powers, and rarely leaving her lower level studio apartment for more than food or the brief comfort of companionship at any of Earth's various clubs or venues.

Like most core worlds, the metropolis planet was largely conservative, leaving her few chances to actually explore herself or others on the rare occasion that she actually emerged from her hiding spots, leaving her very curious about her own sexuality. While inexperienced, Meagan's love for learning is as present in her passion as it is every other facet of her life.
A more long-term version of Meagan's story can be found here.

M/F, Other/F, Light bon and beyond, possible dub-con for players I know well.

Known by some as the heart of the forest, Sen is as much a part of the woods as any tree, rock, or creature. What the forest feels, so does he. He serves primarily as caretaker of the woods, whether that means mending a broken branch, putting down a creature or plant beyond repair, or repealing invaders. He's often accompanied by semi-sentient vines, commonly rather mischievous in their hunt for warm, moist areas, and can feel whatever pain or pleasure they may find. He often finds comforts in dryad and witches of the wilds.

Every few centuries, as well as often a new forest is needed in the world, a new heart must be born. Often, natural witches or members of Druidic cults are more than willing to allow themselves to carry the seed of a new heart, especially since, according to Druidic rumor, the ritual for planting the seed is rather enjoyable for the offering.

Cassandra (Or Cassius, to some)

F/M, F/F, F/Other Switch, bordering on the more dominant side. Open to a variety of people's O/Os for this one, but not looking for NC)

Since as early as she could remember, Cassandra aspired to be a knight. When she was younger, her father was all too happy to practice with her, teaching her the basics of a sword and a bow. The problem came later in life, when Cass's family began to expect her to act like a "proper young woman". While she put on the show she needed to keep her parents and brothers satisfied, she continued to train in secret.

While she far exceeded the requirements to join the knighthood, or any adventurer's guild, Cassandra was turned away by most orders. Cassius, however, was another story, quickly welcomed into the knighthood, and came to be held in high regard until the day a jealous sibling revealed her secret. Shunned from her kingdom and blacklisted by nearly every guild, the only comfort Cass found was in the other outcasts of society, once proud mages, workers and warriors shunned because of their gender or sexuality labeled them as deviants, peasants who found more dignity in thieving than prostitution, spell casters whose taste for less understood schools saw them outcast. Rather than accept her "place" in society, Cass defied it, forming her own guild. The Vagrant, as the became known, were a force to be reckoned with. Fueled by pure determination, those society once overlooked proved themselves capable of handling work that most orders were ill equipped to handle. Unlike most guilds, pedigree had no meaning in the Vagrant; anyone that was capable of filling a role within was qualified to join, so long as they respected the choices of it's other members.

As for Cassandra, when not on a mission or a quest of her own, she can often be found at local taverns, sometimes as Cassius, these days out of amusement over necessity, either promoting her guild, or outdrinking members of rival guilds, and often having better luck with the bar maidens and other patrons as well. Much like any man of the rival guilds, Cass shows no shame in taking anyone to bed, comfortable in her own varied tastes, thanks largely to the influence of her own guild.

Switch, F/F or F/M Casual scenes, light romance, or light bondage, other play is negotiable for certain kinks.

Born of a life tree blossom, Fern lives to tend to the forest, healing injured plants and creatures, growing new life, rejuvenating areas humans harvest, and ever extending the reach of the forest. One of her primary goals is to ensure the forest is able to get the water and nutrients it needs, from collecting rain to soaking in in channels, as anything she takes in is given back to the land. Her job often involves returning deceased plants and creatures to the soil, or simply defending the forest from aggressive creatures that would seek to do it harm. There was a time when she had considered humans on this list, attacking on sight for centuries, even as the reach of the kingdoms slowly extended.

A chance encounter with a young human changed her mind, however. She had learned just how much humans rely on the shelter trees provided, how many a single elk could feed. Slowly, she grew to accept their company, so long as they respected the forest, and harvested only in moderation. In turn, many villages agreed to bury their dead within the reach of the woods. In recent years, Fern’s found another use for humans entirely, thanks again to that same chance encounter. The energy that humans exert during sex, not to mention the result of an orgasm turned out to be tremendously nourishing for the forest, not to mention for fun to collect than laying in a stream. Viewing it as little more than her duty to the forest, Fern is happy to offer, if not initiate an encounter of many of the visitors to her home.

More to Come!
I have a few others I want to write out, but am still hunting for pics for. I also have a couple pics that need to have characters written for them.

"Character coming soon" Pictures
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Re: New Character Ideas! (F/F, F/M, and F/O offerings inside)
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2015, 11:30:21 PM »
5/28: Added and removed pics, stole Meagan for a more permanent story.