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August 17, 2019, 12:02:15 PM

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Author Topic: The Crimson Gate Gladitorial Arena ~Sandbox~ (Interest Check)  (Read 580 times)

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The Crimson Gate Gladitorial Arena ~Sandbox~ (Interest Check)
« on: September 09, 2015, 05:39:12 PM »
The Crimson Gate

Welcome one and all! The Crimson Gate Arena is now open to the public! Slavers, Gladiators, Politicians and free men alike, please indulge in our wagers and passions as we pay tribute to the gods in the form of battle! Pay homage to the Lady Illiya, and her Champion Viper, and make the tribute be worth its weight in blood and rage!

Politicians! Please take refuge in our lightly breezed
seating room
just behind the grand balcony as you wait for the proceedings to begin! Slavers, Owners! Feel free to take the rings closest to the grand balcony and view the fights from the second best seats in the house! Free men and ladies! Take your seats where ever you like and please don't hold back your coin and join in the wagers!!!

Before, during, or after the fights, where free men and women, can take refuge and bathe in the perfectly heated
public bath
. Slavers and owners, for more coin of course, can take a retreat to the
upper class bath house
where slaves and food are offered up for your enjoyment! Politicians and men/women of note! Please join us in our
complimentary guest bath
where all your needs are attended to with no cost to you, in hopes that you continue to pay homage to our fine establishment!

When you are feeling weary and desire a place to retreat and rest, all are welcome to our
guest suits
for the right price and we will be glad to tend your every need! There are slaves around every corner and your desire is to be well met! Also, if you explore enough, you just may find
secret bathing rooms
for all your secret moments or relaxation...or excitement.

Gladiators are bought or sold to the Crimson Arena at the behest of
Lady Illiya
And her prized gladiator
. They are almost always seen as a pair, only that Viper's attitude is only tempered by Illiya's words and icy glare. Working as one, Illiya has built the reputation as...Lady Crimson.

As a Gladiator of the Crimson Gate, you sleep in
several small rooms
, three beds to a room, and can slip your belongings beneath your bed or pillow. All weapons are to be put up in the armory as they are not permitted in gladiator quarters. All gladiators are at the beck and call of their owners, though as a warrior of the Crimson Gate, some privileges and freedoms are warranted to those who succeed in the arena. Gladiators are permitted to
when ever they like, and especially before being summoned to meet a politician or potential owner.


This policy is strict and unmoving, I(Viper) will be the moderator of this game. I say moderator and not GM because I will not be hosting or pushing this game along, this is a sandbox, but ignoring other people in the same area + time as you is not acceptable. We all want to feel accepted and noticed. At the same time, be RESPECTFUL of others. Though you may desire to have a private scene, understand that if another writer's character is in the room, it is NO LONGER private. Therefore there is no excuse to ignoring the No Ignore Policy. Any active player that does not abide by this rule will result in dismissal from the game. You have three chances, first will be a PM verbal warning/discussion. Second will be a strike one, Third will be strike two. The fourth time results in dismissal.

1. Follow all of Elliquiy's rules.
2. Though you may own a gladiator or slave, possession is not tolerated on either side. Please respect boundaries and if you cant and an issue comes up, please send Viper a message.
3. When fighting in the arena, keep it fair and keep it real. We do allow the supernatural, but dont pit Apollo against a little girl that has never held a blade in her hand before. You MUST have a weakness that can be exploited in the arena!
4. Be polite and tactful, I would like to have this be a place of fun and to have no drama other then the battle going on. There is to be NO issues brought up via the OOC thread or on public forum. Issues are to be settled in PM's with Viper or amongst yourselves. This keeps drama and harsh words out of OOC and keeps the game fun. Feel free to BCC a moderator into the PM's if you feel you may be mistreated in anyway.
5. Pick what ever class you may want to be, you can have several characters in different classes, you can be a politician masquerading as a slaver, what ever you choose, just know all rooms are open to EVERYONE.
6. All in all...lets just have an ass kickin time!!!

We could use some help!

You can be part of the Crimson Gate house and wear their emblem! We are in need of...

Gladiators Fighting for the Glory of the Crimson Gate!
Mercenary Gladiators Fighting for Themselves/Money!
Slave Gladiators Owned by a Noble or Sold to Lady Crimson!

PM Viper if you want to wear out emblem!


Lady of the house-Lady Illiya
Champion of the house- Viper

((Pic kudos to sherrilyn Kenyon and the League Series))

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  • "Viper. No. Dont eat the idiot." - Ojima Usagi
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Re: The Crimson Gate Gladitorial Arena ~Sandbox~ (Interest Check)
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2015, 06:22:36 PM »
Hello Everyone!

I encourage those who find vague interest in this simple outline to post their flag of interest if they were to be interested in playing this game! I am happy to answer any questions you may have!!! XD