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June 26, 2022, 09:18:24 pm

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Author Topic: Seeking someone to play Wrex for Mass Effect fandom M/F romance  (Read 732 times)

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This is a Shepard/Wrex request, and I am looking for someone who can comfortably play Wrex. The story will span ME1 and 2, and probably depart from cannon text during the ME2 timeline, adapting the story of ME3 quite a bit while maintaining certain key elements (destroying the reapers, curing the genophage, etc.) Whether or not we want to continue the story past that will be up for discussion.

This request would begin either when Wrex is first recruited in ME1, or else when Shepard recovers his family armor. Since I do not want to simply play out the game in roleplay form, this roleplay will be focused largely on interpersonal interactions between Wrex and Shepard. This can include plenty of smut, but I want the primary focus to be the complications of a cross-species, cross-cultural romance. This story is emotional, and that's where I want the focus to be.

Plot points that we will hit during the ME1 section that could prove particularly interesting and dramatic include: Shepard retrieving Wrex's armor; releasing the Rachni queen; The confrontation on virmire followed by Wrex being in Shepard's party for that mission; and the night before Ilos.

The Normandy going down and Shepard being rebuilt by Cerberus will also be a pretty big point.

In ME2, there are some other things that I would like to hit as well: Reuniting on Tuchanka, Shepard will spend quite a bit of downtime there, as Wrex cannot go with her this time around; The fight that ensues after Shepard faces (and kills) the Thresher Maw, since my Shep is a Sole Survivor and he didn't warn her about it ahead of time.

I wouldn't mind departing from the cannon and actually having Wrex come on board the Normandy and be there for the suicide mission. How we tackle ME3 events and how far we depart from cannon is totally up for discussion. ME3 is completely spoiled for me, but I have not actually played it all the way through, so I would be happy to adjust it quite a bit. In this way we can avoid certain things about the plot and endings that pretty much universally disliked by fans anyway.

Profile of my Shepard
Tess (Shepard)
Age: 33
Species: Human
Sexual Preference: Pansexual
Personality: Shepard is a dedicated and determined marine. She is very intelligent and generally caring, though she can be a little hard on people, especially if she doesn't like them. She is mostly Paragon and can be diplomatic at times, though she is also somewhat impatient. She doesn't like police or law enforcement, preferring when things can be settled without outside authority even if it means being below board. She does not see the world in black and white, and criminal activity that doesn't endanger innocents is generally tolerated.
Biography: Shepard grew up in one of the large metropolises on Earth. She was orphaned, a biotic kid trying to make it on her own, and fell in with a group of adults who were part of a biotic cult within the territory of the 10th Street Reds gang. The leader pushed the adults of the group to violence against local politicians, including several terrorist attacks which culminated in the local gang coming in to clean out the cult. She was fifteen at that point and joined the Reds shortly after. They ran their territory as the criminal substitute for police, keeping civilians safe as long as they paid protection money and engaging in gang warring and light crimes. At the age of 18 she joined the Alliance Military and became a marine, only to lose her entire squad to Thresher Maws on Akuze.
Settings: Sci-Fi
Other: As should be clear by the profile, Tess is my cannon Shepard, and I will always play her as such. I'm not yet comfortable pulling her into other settings or stories.
Tess has very dark skin, and wears her black hair as a medium length afro. Below is a beautiful rendition of her by Lethallans on Tumblr. Elliquiy doesn't let me post the URL for direct artist credit, but links to the artists' tumblr will be given on request.

I am open to most things kink-wise as long as they aren't in my Offs, but I have no specific kink requests for this story, as I would rather focus on plot.