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Author Topic: Supervillain: Honor Among Thieves [Story-Heavy]  (Read 215 times)

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Supervillain: Honor Among Thieves [Story-Heavy]
« on: April 07, 2015, 03:46:10 PM »
Mickey Blue-Eyes adjusts his collar, already hating the damn thing. It was 2004 and the mutant power dampening collars were only getting marginally better. At least it wasn't like wearing a full choker anymore and they didn't itch all the damn time. He groans, but in Grand Fork National Prison you didn't have many options. He did have to work fast though, if he was going to pull this off. Mickey Blue-Eyes, also known as Prisoner Mitchel Brown to the screws, had some business to take care of. His last collar was broken, this was a general power dampener collar. That meant this one didn't shut off his powers entirely, just weakened them a lot.

The Brotherhood didn't know that though. So Mickey Blue-Eyes had to get this done before they got him in an official personalized unit that would cut out the Cold entirely. Finally let out of the hole, Mickey Blue-Eyes does something normally suicidal that gets a whole lot of attention. The Aryan Brotherhood doesn't like a lot of people, mutants included. Mickey always chuckled at that - he was an albino with bright blue eyes thanks to his mutant genome, he was whiter then all of the stupid bastards.

"You got a lot of nerve, freak."

"Your right hand man did too. Some of your boys tried to kill me in the shower."

"So? You have it coming, genetic ass stain. Only part I don't get is that you killed a guard along with my boys. Why are you even alive?"

"Don't think I'm stupid, Nazi fucker. He was one of yours too and everyone knew it. How else did your boys get shanks in the showers? I'm still alive because to the screws I helped plug a leak."

"Alright, alright - what are you going to do about it, Ice me?"

"A Power Pun? I outgrew those years ago kid."

"I mean that I get fighting to keep yourself alive, but you hadn't killed anyone for almost a decade before then. You don't have the balls, old man. Or the ability, that fancy collar turns your powers off, we all know that too."

"It's so long between kills because I only kill when I have to. I got some Class. The deal is I'm willing to consider this over between us if you do too. Otherwise, I'm going to have to kill all of you right here." Mickey speaks, and he waits a second for the Ayran Brotherhood around him to start laughing - then he pulls moisture in the air to make what looks like a cigarette. It even looks ashey like it's been used, he's had a surprising amount of time to practice making things out of ice. The collars occasionally break, he doesn't always report it right away.

Either way, the laughing stops cold too.

"Your boys screamed like bitches too. Especially your General. Then again, I took my time with him, drained his heat nice and slow - body part by body part."

"...Fine. You leave us alone, we'll leave you alone. Fucking freak."

Mickey Blue-Eyes smiles and turns, taking a look at all of the other hardened criminals in the joint. Some of them can't help but show it on their faces, not everyone heard the whole story but everyone heard the screams before Mickey went into the hole.

"Anyone else have any ideas?"

Mitchel Brown AKA Mr. Blizzard AKA Mickey Blue-Eyes

Mickey was born in 1945, just a few months after the end of World War 2. It was a mistake really. His mother received a telegram telling her that her husband had died, unaware that he was in fact alive and well- just that a clerical error caused a telegram to be sent for every single man in the army with the same name as a different soldier to be sent. Depressed, she began going out into the nightlife and ended up a moll of 40's ice-themed supervillain Dr. Blizzard. By the time she was informed of the error, she was pregnant with Dr. Blizzard's son.

When he returned from the war, Mr. Brown was less then enthusiastic about the idea of raising another man's son. Shortly after Mitchell's birth he kicked the mother and son out of the house. Eventually the pair settled in under the bright lights of Vegas with Mickey's mother a showgirl, eventually graduating to a torch singer. It wasn't an easy life for the two of them, especially with Mickey being an obvious mutant. By the time Mickey was a teenager he got into organized crime to make ends meet- a career that took off when his cold-and-ice powers surfaced.

Forced to use his powers to assist a mob boss that despised mutants, when the original House of Cards scouted him and pitched themselves as a mutants-and-metas answer to a traditional mob family, Mickey joined gladly. Finally given the respect he felt he deserved, he wasn't the most powerful on the team but he was loyal and creative in a pinch. That was enough for them.

Things changed in 1968, when a white female supervillainess teammate and friend revealed that four members of one of the then newer "hero" teams had almost murdered her black husband and sexually abused her last time she was arrested. Out of loyalty and friendship to her and her husband, Mr. Blizzard tossed aside the campy parka costume, traded it in for a tailored suit, and brutally murdered all 4 of them one at a time. Then he confessed if refused to say why he did it so there wouldn't have to be a trial that brought down all of his friends with them.

Getting life in prison without the possibility of parole, it was shaping up to be a long time when he discovered that thanks to his lower body temperature he aged much slower then a normal person. Now he's approaching 70 but physically he's still in his mid 20's. Now known as "Mickey Blue-Eyes", mostly for his appearance of looking like an albino but with bright blue eyes instead of reddish-pink ones, Mickey has matured but still doesn't see anything in polite society worth saving. He remembers what it was like before the civil rights movement that on paper gave mutants equal rights as well, but in practice he knows first hand that mutant prejudice is alive and well. To his cynical view, they've just gotten better at hiding the overt stuff.

And Mickey Blue-Eyes stayed in prison so that his friends could have a normal life, over 40 years just being the good prisoner for the convicted quadruple murder. In 2015 the interracial married friends died and the truth as to why he killed those superheroes finally got out. With his latest round of hearings, those murders were declared Justifiable and Mickey Blue-Eyes is considered rehabilitated in the eyes of the Law.

Which he isn't. Now he just can finally take the gloves off. He's going to be the Boss of Bosses. He's going to carve out a criminal empire of supervillains and normal mooks unlike anything the world has ever seen. He's given up the Parka of his younger days, but only because it covers up his power-suit and the enemies of Mickey Blue-Eyes are going to find out that going against him in some ways is like trying to stop a glacier...

Mickey's Rules

"Mickey Blue-Eyes" has a personal moral code and is far from the worst villain out there, but he was also born an obvious mutant before anything like the civil rights movement happened - he is far too jaded with normal, legal society to ever embrace a life on the right side of the law. He will help heroes against worse threats and sometimes he might even do it for genuinely good reasons, like if a group of Nazi villains try to take over the world because "I may not make an honest buck, but its American" but in the end its all about his goal of building a large, powerful, and successful criminal empire.

He will work with other villains, naturally - if they're open to following Mickey's Rules. Get much worse then him though and he'll start keeping tabs in case he has to cut a deal with Pigs and Screws - both of the normal and superhero variety. Get a lot worse and he may look for quiet ways to help the Pigs out, or kill the threat himself if they come after him.

So basically never the worst bad guy, but always a bad guy.

Mickey's Rules

Rule 1 - No killing unless you have to, and when you do just get it over with.
Rule 2 - Respect dames, unless they don't want you to.
Rule 3 - Leave kids out of it.
Rule 4 - Leave families out of it, unless they bring themselves into it.
Rule 5 - When you have friends, do right by them.


The most feared display of the power of Mickey Blue-Eyes, Mitchell establishes a psychic link with the target and drains away heat at a frightening rate. The effect is essentially a blast of pure cold coming from his hands. How cold this "blast" gets is unknown, but video surveillance of an attempt on his life in the prison showers in 2004 revealed that it can freeze a 240 pound human male completely solid in as little as 1.4 seconds. This freezing is far from harmless, glancing hits can still cause victims to lose limbs and going from recorded evidence its frightening speed is only matched by the extreme pain it causes as nerve cells give their last signals before they completely freeze. Fortunately, Mitchell only shows any sort of willingness to use this aspect of his powers in kill-or-be-killed situations or when something particularly heinous has occurred to someone he considers as close as family. Using this on inanimate objects isn't as dramatic, but it does noticeably weaken their structure, allowing safe walls to be shattered open for example.

A more common combat use of his power, he seems able to convert heat into kinetic energy for moisture in the air. The result is the creation of fast moving pellets of Ice flying towards targets. Essentially, he in effect is always carrying around a gun that shoots bullets made of Ice. The "bullets" are often recoverable if they will eventually melt. Having had lots of time to practice, Mitchell has learned to not only make objects out of Ice but he's gotten very good at it. His detail work has actually gotten so good that made things like fake poker chips, "lit and ashey" cigarettes, furniture, riot shields, and weapons. If it wasn't for the fact that they're obviously made of ice they'd be mistaken for the real things.

Mister Blizzard's namesake power was the ability to selectively absorb heat in the environment around him to create intense but short-lived Blizzards. Snow falls hard enough to render vision useless, winds pick up and howl loudly, and the whole storm is cold enough to make fingers go numb. Fortunately he has yet to maintain the storm long enough to do long term damage, just long enough to make an escape. It's theorized that by designating himself a general heat-sink, Mickey can create zones of extreme environmental cold centered on himself. Limits of how large the zone can get and how cold the zone can be is unknown, but plunging the entirety of Las Vegas into conditions on par with a harsh Siberian winter is believed to be possible. Fortunately, Mickey is the first to admit that just because he's capable of it- it doesn't mean it's even remotely considered a good idea.

One a final note Mitchell Brown appears to have stopped aging entirely, as he's chronologically approaching 70 but appears to be in his mid-20's. The limits to his resistance to Cold is unknown, but a teleporting superhero once dropped him off at the north pole while nude and he experienced no discomfort. There is even an unconfirmed report that he once stuck his arm in liquid nitrogen with no lasting ill effects or even pain. Due to what seems to be a somewhat slowed metabolism, poisons and diseases have a difficult time actually doing damage to his system. He's not immune, but they're processed in his body so slowly that it's not difficult to get any needed medical attention long before any symptoms show. As such, it's theorized that he is - at least in effect - immortal shy of extreme violence. Time will tell if this is true.

Criminal Record

Refusal to Comply with Mutant Registration Laws
Illegal Gambling - Too many charges to count.
Drug Trafficking - Mickey does tend to avoid the harder stuff, but mostly because of reliance on foreign interests. Mickey doesn't make an honest buck, but it is American.
Criminal Facilitation of Prostitution - This does seem kind of ironic given Mickey's 2nd rule, but Mickey does insist on a relatively high standard of treatment for the women given the illegality of the profession.
Armed Robbery - He's actually good enough at this to specialize, in Armored Cars in this case. On the plus side, he does tend to just let the drivers go if its obvious that they're just Average Joes working a 9 to 5. No need to kill someone for something if its just a paycheck to them.
Assault with a Deadly Superpower - Mickey doesn't like it when people that work for him break his rules. Mickey doesn't like a lot of things that break his rules and interferes with his business. Sometimes his punishment is surprisingly intricate and thought out, sometimes his punishment involves a quick and nasty freezing off of body parts. Harmless Freezing only happens in comic books, kiddo.
Murder - Mickey Blue-Eyes is believed to have personally and intentionally killed 23 people over the course of his life. The good news is that 18 of those were and are legally recognized as cases of self-defense, 1 of the remaining the defense of his mother, and the remaining 4 have recently been ruled Justifiable. Mickey only kills when he has to, and usually that means you're trying to kill him first. The bad news though is that if Mickey has decided that you have to die, he doesn't half-do anything about it. He fights to win thoroughly and he will take you down fast, hard, and with a horror story for the next guy. Ever hear the sounds three grown men can make when they're being frozen to death in a prison shower? Cell by Cell From the toes up? You don't want to.

Quote from: Info
An idea I put a lot of thought into. :P

Basic Idea - A former 60's supervillain has just had his worst crimes reduced to a lesser sentence and is now free to go, and thanks to his ice-and-cold powers he's actually still physically young enough to continue his life of crime. A criminal with ambition, he'll fight heroes and other villains to head his own criminal organization against all comers from both sides of the legal and moral fence.

Essentially this is like a superhero solo game, except for a villain instead. Mickey's got rules, he's not the worst bad guy out there, at the end of the day he's simply in this for profit, but he has no higher purpose or desire for the betterment of mankind. Fortunately, he's not going out of his way to hurt anyone else either - so if the little people just happen to benefit, good for them.

Hoping for a female DM so some smut might happen, but honestly if this stays "clean" I'm perfectly fine with that. Let me know if you have any thoughts/ideas/interest.