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Author Topic: CandyCane's plots and pairings! All are welcome!! (Updated Aug 3-2015)  (Read 779 times)

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Offline CandyCaneTopic starter

    Hey there everyone!!
    I'm CandyCane, you can call me Candy or CC. But call me whatever tickles your fancy. A little bit about me before we get into the good stuff. I have been rping since I was 18. That is 10 plus years. I have enjoyed rping very much, since I got into it. It is the joy, also away to get away from real life. Some of things like to rp, slice of life, romance, supernatural and fantasy. There are others. But to list them all would take to long really. I will tell you all, I am not good at males. So I stay with just females.

    Now that you know a little bit about me. I do have a few little rules that I like to go by. They are just things that I prefer really. So here they are.

1. Please no God-Moding. You can get hurt just as much as I can. And it makes for a boring rp.
2. Please, don't just get up and leave the rp. I understand that we all get writers block. But if you get bored just tell me. We can change it up or drop it.
3. Don't bug for to post. That will kill my muse fast. I won't bug you, I know life gets in the way. Or you just need time. I am just fine with that. Just be ok with that be as well.
4. Please add to the plot. I don't want to carry the whole plot. That turns my mind to mush. And I would want to leave.
5. 2 plus para's. I can't work with one liners. I need something to go off of. And I will give you 2 plus para's as well.

Now on to my on's and off's.

  • 1.Dirty talk
    2.Bondage (there is a lot that goes with this, easy to say BDSM)
    3.A man that is controlling in the role.
    5.Forced sex (sometimes, depends on the role. Just ask first.)
    6.A little blood play
    7.Age gap. 20 years at most.

1.Water sports.
2.Anything that is not fluid with sex.(expect for blood)
3.Anything with animals.
4.Nothing under 17 years old.

I will update my on's and off's if they should come up. And now onto my plots and pairings

The Depths of Hell
Witch X Demon High Lord
The witch, having wanted to summon a demon. Wanting to bring pain and death to all around her. After the town let her family be killed. And made her watch it all. She scramed and tried to stop them. But they wouldn't listen to her. They all laughed, as they one by one killed. Leaving her to her dead family. She crawled to them, tears falling down her eyes. Touching each and everyone of their faces, scream out her deep hurt. All of them all in bloody and torn. From that moment on. She worked on her magic. Wanting to kill all that had done that to her.

The Demon Lord, was as all demon lords. Not kind, he was cold hearted. Loving death that was all around him. Killing was his thing. He was, the worst of all the demons in hell. All the demons in hell, fear him. Never cross the demon lord. He would rather kill you then even to look at you. He was born in this hell. And he had to admit he did love his hell.

The witch having made her way to the clearing that night. Having of all of her things for the summoning. It was all hallows eve, it was the best time for summoning. She had become a powerful witch, in the years that had passed. This was going to be easy for her, because of the night it was. The vial was always so thin. Passing would be easy for the demon. She got everything ready, making the pentagram out of her own blood. She starts to chant her spell. A deep black, twister comes from the circle. Fire starts to come up from the ground. The witch looks down. A wicked smile spreading across her face. She starts to fill the pull to the center of the pentagram. That wasn't suppose to happen. She is sucked into the twister, falling deep into the fire.

What will happen, when the demon lord finds her? Well, she ever be able to get back home? Will the demon lord kill her or safe her? Were there be love?
(this I would like bondage and some romance.)

Vampire (female) and Vampire Hunter (male)
Setting-that is up for ideas.
The Plot- The vampire daughter of the lord of all the vampires.One night out with guards, she sneaks off from the guards. That her father has set to watch her. She wonders close to hunters holding. She is very curious about hunters. Even tho she knows she has to stay away from them. But she wants to know more about them. As she is looking on at the hunters camp. She happens to be be caught. They beat her and try to find out more about the vampires. Where they are hiding and who their leader is. Things like that. But no matter what then do to her she won't talk.
Then comes the hunter. That is raised to to hunt and kill vampires. And he is sent into try to get what he can out of her. But even tho he is raised this way. He can't do this to her. After talking to her some. Also seeing what she looks like. And how they are treating her.

Witch and Wizard ( romance/modern/fantasy)
A little girl and a little boy are born on the same night. As the parents looked upon their sweet childern. They noticed an birthmark,but it was only half of a mark. The childern grew up together, having forged a tight friendship with each other. Both sets of parents had thought, that their childern would be married one day. As time goes on the world starts to become unsettled with magic, it is becomeing unbalanced. The two childern, have went to a magic school. They both have shown great skills with magic, even at a young age.
Overseas in a small village, there is a telling of a boy and girl child that will born. They will each have half of a birthmark. (shape to come). They will one day join, and a great horror will befall the earth. Or will it really be such a horror?
The Wiazrds at the school, happen to come upon this telling. For it has been a very old telling. When they read this, they start to look far and wide for these childern. But these childern are not so little anymore. And they are right under the noses of the high wizards.

Arranged Marriage- Fantasy/Romance
Two Vampire Clans, that have wared with each other foe ages. The leaders of both clans, came together, both of the leaders came to agreemeant. The oldest son of Lamia and the oldest daughterof Tanibus, were to be married, to bring together both clans into one. It would bring peace, well they both hoped so. The oldest son, of one of the oldest vampire clans, hated the oldest daugther of the Tanibus. He was raised to hate anyone from that clan. He couldn't stand the thought of marrying her.But he would do as he was told, by his father and marry her. The oldest daughter, even tho was part of the Tanibus clan, she didn't see the reason for the war, that has gone on between them. She wanted peace, she wasn't happy about getting married, if she didn't love the person. But she would do what she could to bring peace. Maybe they would grow to love each other or would this marriage, rip apart the vampire world?

Sappy Romance with a dark side-
it can be modern, is really fexlible.
This man and woman meet, depending on the setting, where they would meet, would depend on that. When they meet, she shies away from him. But he is drawn to her, well her dark side is. She knows that there is something off about him, tho she doesn't know what it is. She almost scared of him, but there is a draw, that she can't put her finger on.
He fights with his dark side, the inner tug of war. He doesn't want to expose her to that. Because he knows that she will end up getting hurt in the end. The darkness comes from his father. He tried his whole life to push it down. But the more he tries to push it down, the more it wants out. And it wants out a lot around her.
In the end she is the one that can save him.

dominant  male
Western Romance-
Set back in the 1887, in Kanas, a girl lives on a big ranch with her mother. They have ranch hands that help out. The ranch hands have helped more, since the death of her papa. Mama can't get out of bed. It falls to the girl, that is 18 years old. To take care of the big house. She tries to help her mama out, trying to get her out of bed. But she just won't do it. She may have to look into saleing the ranch. Yes she had help with the Ranch, but she is going to have a hard time, running it her self. 
She puts a ad in the paper, looking for someone to come out, to look at the ranch. The ad was in the paper a few weeks. She didn't think she would get any answer. When she got one, he wrote a letter, telling of wanting maybe to see the ranch. She wrote him back, saying that he is welcome to come, see the place, and stay a little time here. To see if he liked it here. He wrote back saying that he would like to come out and see it.
In his letter he told when he would be there, on the train, saying that someone should meet him there. When she read that, she got a little feeling, that he was kind of a dominant man. Tho you have to be like that, to run a ranch. She sent a letter back saying that she would be, there to pick him up.
She is sitting and waiting from to get there, at the train station. The train pulls up, she stands up. As she sees him get off the train, she can see how he holds him self. Just like her papa use to do. He knows her, from what she said would be wearing he comes over. Looking down at her, he was so tall. She was so drawn to him, there was just something about him.
He ends up staying at the ranch house. Him and the girl start to get to know each other. As a crush or was it something else? Starts to form between the two of them.

Living in a hell, the girl, tries to make the best of it her life. Some wouldn't call her life a living hell, but she did. Her family, was very well off, not having to want for anything. But the price that she had to pay, made it that way. The beatings, from her father got worse, as she got older. Her father expected things from her. And if she stepped out of line, she would get beat. Never where anyone could see, she learned long ago to use make-up to cover it up. She had tried to run away, but she was caught. Brought back, and her father beat her so hard. So she learned, long ago not to try and run away. One night at dinner with her father and mother, she was hurting all over. After her father, had found out that she went to the doctor. She had to tell him what for, not wanting to tell him. She knew what was coming,being beat yet again. She had to tell her father, that yes she was indeed going to have a baby. Her mother, said nothing at dinner that night. But that was nothing new for her mother, she didn't care. Her father going telling her, that she had to go and live with her grandparents. Having brought dishonor to her family, she wasn't welcome in their home anymore. She was dead to them both. She couldn't help but be happy about all this, she was finally getting out of here. Her life was looking so much better. She is sent to her grandparents, where gentle people. And they lived out in the country, that was a welcomed change for her. She helped around them around the place. There was a man that worked for her grandfather, she had seen him around the place. Not really paying attention to him, always paying attention to what she was doing. One day he came over and started talking to her, he seemed nice enough. But she couldn't just trust anyone. He tries to get to know her, but she seems to shy away from any attention, expect from her grandparents. He was wanting to get to know the girl. Would they ever become friends? Or would she stay closed off from him?

A girl stumbles , into a dark and dangerous forset. Blood covering her from head to toe, running for her life. She didn't remember why she was covred in blood. It was storming all around her. She was told to never come into these woods, but she was hardly ever let out long enough, to go anywhere. She runs as fast her bare feet could carry her, looking for a safe place to hide. Running a little while longer, she finds a little, hole in the side of a rock of some kind. Crawling into the hole, it was dark and dry. So it would do for now, until the morning. Then she could figure out what to do from there. Falling into a light sleep.
A creature/man, on partorl of the forset, come upon a sudden smell of blood. Running towards the sent. Coming upon a girl sleeping in a hole, looking at her with his yellow eyes. Seeing all the blood, that is what he was smelling. She looks like she has been into something, or she is hurt. He wonder to him self, what was this girl doing in the forest. No one dares comes in this forest, and not at night. He has to take her to castle, they can work out it there. Staying out of his form, he picked up the girl. Putting her body over her shoulder. She was really out of it, she didn't wake up. He ran at full speed back to the castle.
Getting back to the castle, his pack teased him about the blood covered naked girl on his shoulder. He ignored them,they always poked at him about something. Going to room in the castle. Laying the girl down, covering her up. The girl worked up with a start, moving back on the bed. Her green eyes, roaming the room, fearful. She tried to get away from the man. He raised an eye brow, watching her. What was wrong with her, he tried to clam her down. But she just moved away from him, shaking like a leaf. Well she wasn't going to be talking anytime soon. But he had to find out what was going on. And he would find out.

A young maiden, thrown out into a dark and stromy night. Out of a grand castle. With just the clothes on her back. She didn't understand why, she was being thrown out. She hadn't done anything wrong. Well that she knew of. She had been in castle, since she was a small child. Knowing the royle family all her life. How kind they were to her. They wouldn't do something like this to her. Growing up with the prince, and being his play mate. They were both close as kids. Then the prince had to go into his farther's army. He was there for many years. That had changed him a lot. They weren't as close as they use to be. And she missed having that closeness with him. But what could she do.

She was called into the mage school, that they had in the castle. They said they had felt power in her. She was just about to get out of mage school. And now she was thrown out of the castle. It didn't make any since to her .Not knowing what she was going to do. Walking out into the night. Lighting steaking into the night sky. Her mind fogging with thoughts, had they found out that, her and the prince, may have had feeling for each other?

Years passed, 7 years to be trueful. The prince had become a office in his father's army. The kingdom was growing everyday. He couldn't be happier with his life. The only thing that was missing, was good friend. He was told that she left one night. Why would she do that? He thought they maybe falling in love. But it had been 7 years, since he last seen her. She coule be dead for all he knew. So he tried to move on with his life.

One day when the King, was listening to pesents that day. This woman came in. she had a little boy with her. He was hid behind his mother and scared. She was keeping the boy behind her. The king's loud voice, saying "What is your problem?" The woman squared her shoulders, "Well it seems, me and my son have been brought here. Because I am not allowed here. Me and my son were trying to buy some food." The prince knew that voice, and seemed the king did as well, he jumped up, his loud voice carrying. "And you and that son of yours are not!!" The prince looking between the two of them. She wasn't allowed, why was that? The prince was confused. "Take this woman and her son. Get rid of them!" The waving his hand as he sat down. The prince had to do something, but What? He would get himself killed, going against his father. But he couldn't let them die. He was torn, between doing the right thing and his father. Would he save her and her son? Or them die?


Vampire X Human
Vampire X Vampire
Vampire X Werewolf
Alpha Werewolf X WereWolf
Cop X Cop
Knight X Princess
Boss X Co-Worker
Singer X Fan/Non-Fan
Cage Fighter X Fan/Non-Fan
Best Friends
Step-Father X Step-Daugther
Step Brother X Step-Sister
Family Friend X Daugther of family
God X Human
Heiress X Bodyguard
Singer X Bodyguard
Cousin X Cousin
Blood Slave X Vampire
Ex X Ex
Military pairings.

Thank you for the time in reading this. Pm me if any of these tickle your fancy.

Will Love Win Out

Two friends, having known each other since they could walk. They grew to be close to one another. They would spend late nights talking with each other. When you would see one you would see the other. That is the way that had always been with them. One would think that would never change.

But one day that all changed. Her best friend moved away. Her father having to go where the Marines sent him. That was a sad day for them both. She cried for days,feeling lost without her friend.

They always talked on the phone with each other. That was as close as they could get to each other. With her best friend living halfway around the world.They would skype with each other as much as they could.But the phone calls and the skyping became less and less as the years went by.

Now, she was ready to go off to college. She was finally looking forward to something in her life. Her life was a hard road, she needed her life to pick up. There had to be some kind of happiness in her life. After her father and mother passed away. She was left to live with her Aunt. That wasn’t fun by any means at all. She was always mean to her. Saying that it was her fault that her parents had died. So, she had to live with that guilt. And that made her more depressed. She needed her friend, but she wasn’t around.

She started to act out, not in the way that was to others. But more to herself. She wouldn’t hurt anyone again. Hurting herself was the best for everyone that was around her. And that wasn’t a lot people mind you. People always stayed away from her.

Getting to college she was away from all of the bad vibes back at home. Yes, she had changed. But deep down she was still the same person she had always been. It was just buried so deep inside of her.

As she went through 2 years of college. She was getting good grades and she was making great friends. That actually liked her and didn’t make her feel bad about herself. One, night they went to out to a nice little club. It wasn’t big, but some of the kids from college kids would come here to relax. And just listen to the music that played.


He had been in the Marines for 20 years now. And he enjoyed his life in the Marines. Even if his wife had left him awhile ago. Taking his daughter with her. He got to see her on weekends and on holidays. They were still close to each other. Even though she has gone off to college now. The time had flown by so fast.

He was still in the Marines, he was a lifer after all. He would more than die out in war. As much as they send him out to places. But this was a down time for him. And it was nice to be able to actually just relax and not worry about anything. That was until the next war came up. And there always seemed to be some war out there. That needed to be fought.

He was living in a nice town, that happened to have a great college in it. It was a busy town. But he did like living here. There was always something that was going on. With the college kids that were around. It made him miss his daughter all the more. But he would see her at some point when she wasn’t so busy with things in her life.

He always went to the little club that was in the town. Even though sometimes the college kids come there. It was still nice a little cozy place. And he could relax and drink. After a long day. And today had been one of those days.

Sitting and just relaxing in his PT’s. He didn’t even want to go home and change. And the house was empty. He didn’t want to go home to a empty house. That would make the day even worse for him.

He had been relaxing at the club, enjoying the music that played. He always loved Jazz. A group of about 3 or 4 college kids come in. They find a table and all order something to drink. He didn’t really look at them, at first. As they started to talk when the music was playing. His eyes glanced to them. A voice sounding so familiair to him. He knew that he had heard it before. But he couldn’t remember where he had heard it before.

That is when he seen her. She looked so different, but those eyes of her’s. He could never forget those eyes. She looked at him a few times, not really looking like she remembered him. But how could she. The last time she had seen him, she was young. She had grown to be such a beautiful young woman. But her eyes had a touch of sadness to them, that they never had before.

Before his mind caught up to what it was doing. He makes his way to the table. He was a tall man, with big muscles. And tanned from being out in the sun so many years of his life. And that high and tight hair cut that all Marines had.

As he got to the table, he didn’t know what in the world he was doing. He actually had butterflies in his stomach. And he hadn’t had them in years.

She looks up at him, he smiles at her. And asks her if she remembers him. At first she didn’t know who in the world he was. But as she looked at him and put it with his deep rumbling voice. She knew who he was. Jumping up she hugs him tight. He didn’t know what to do at first. Caught off guard by the hug. But then he caught him self wrapping his arms around her. Hugging her as tight as he could.

After awhile of them hugging, she asks him to sit down. And he pulls a chair over. They talk with each other for hours. Catching up with each other after so many years apart from each other. They talked so much that her friends started to fall asleep at the club. And they went back to their dorms. Him and her talked until it was closing time at the club. After it closed,he drove her back to her dorm.

They stayed in touch with each other. So, happy that they found each other again after such a long time of not seeing each other. Going on long walks with each other talking, going out to dinner with each other. They start to fall in love with each other. Even though they may not say it to each other. Scared that the other wouldn’t love them back. And they worried about what his daughter would think about them. But that time was going to come sooner then they would have thought.

It is Christmas time, and the daugther comes to her dads house for christmas. But this time she wasn’t alone at all. She was bringing her mom along. To try and get her mother and father back together. She wanted them back together. Knowing that her mom was best for her dad. Because most couldn’t do what she did. Put up with her dad being a Marine. That was a tough life for anyone.

They were at his house. His daughter hadn’t told him he was coming at all. So, he was going to spend Christmas with her. He was excited to spend it with her. She was excited as well. When there is a knock on the door. They are both shocked that someone would be here this time of night. And neither wasn’t expecting anyone. When they both see who it is. They are both really shocked and so is the mother and daugther.

What will happen this Christmas? What will happen when Christmas is over? Well, the daughter expect her father and best friend being together? Will the mother even let that happen? Only time will tell.


The King of the vampires, has lived a long life. And most of that life alone. He hated to be around others. And being King, just made that hate even worse for him. He was a cold King. Having lost both his parents in the great vampire war. And taking up the throne at a young age. That made his heart cold. Not wanting to lose someone again. He vowed that he would never be close to anyone. That only brought with it pain. And that pain lasted for as long as you were alive. That was forever.

The cabinet having called a meeting with the King. The King was never excited to go to these things at all. They were always so boring to him. With all the things that needed to be passed and worked out. Who was starting a war and with whom. But it was a thing he had to do. With him being the King.

The King would rather be out with his men. He calls them The Brotherhood. Because all that were in The Brotherhood, were great warriors. They protected the race from all threats. The Brotherhood had always been. Since the vampires were brought into this world. The thing about the King no one knew. Was that he was blind. The Brotherhood knew that he was blind. But that never stopped him from fighting with them. Before he became king. He was not in pitch black. But he couldn’t see fine detail. Always wearing wrap arounds to hide his eyes from others.

The meeting with the cabinet was dragging on and on. He wanted to be out and fighting with the Brotherhood. That is when the cabinet. Told him that he had to marry. He wasn’t happy at all about this. He blew up at the cabinet. They were use to him doing that. But this was a really bad blow up. They were making him marry. Telling him that it was in the laws. The went onto tell him that if he didn’t marry, he would lose his throne. That he wouldn’t mind. But he was his by birth. And he didn’t want his younger more curl brother to take of rule. So, he had no choice in the matter now. He would have to get married.

And so the task of finding him a wife was started a week later.


Lady Anna-Beth, was the only daugther of the Noble Jerth and his wife Ann. Anna-Beth was a sweet soul. As far as vampires go. But she did love to fight as well. Her father and mother, always having to keep an eye on her. She would sneak out with her fathers men. And she would go and fight along side them. Fighting made her feel free and alive. Not like being in the house and being all lady like. But she would do as she was told. As always, at least for now she would be that way. Any other time, she was going to do what she wanted to do.

One day she might want to get married. But as of now, she didn’t want that. Having the rest of her life to be married. Why settle down with some noble that was boring as hell to her? Hell no she didn’t want that at all for her self. Her father and mother would be very happy about that. They would know that she was safe. And that is all that they wanted. Her happy and safe. But to her safe was so damn boring.

One day, there was a guard to The Great King Wrath. She was coming back from a fighting. Not that anyone knew what she was doing. But she wouldn’t let anyone know. Seeing the guard. She wondered what was going on. Sneaking back into her house and to her room. Just as she got into her room. One of the house workers came and got her. Telling her that her father and mother wanted to talk to her. It had to be something big. If her parents wanted to talk to her.

Making her way to her father’s office. He has her sit down. They both had big smiles on their faces. It had to be something that would make her unhappy. Her father started to tell her about Great King Wrath. Having to find a wife to marry. That she was to be the one that he marry.

She wasn’t happy about this, having not known the Great King at all. She had seen him in passing. And he was a very good looking vampire. But she didn’t want to marry him. But alas she didn’t have any say in it. She would have a meeting with the King and his cabinet. And then it would be told. Weather or not she was going to be Queen. The King had to approve of her. No, telling he may not like her at all.

The Love of a Lifetime

Two souls, two hearts. One day they shall be one. For they have fought long and hard to get to each other. He was a rich man. Having started his company while he was in college. He was thought of his the Bill Gates of his time. He could have the love of anyone that he wanted. His family loved him dearly. And his friends where very loyal to him. That wasn’t enough for him. He couldn’t go through his life like this. To be lonely when he lays in his bed at night. To not have the one woman that he has loved for most of his life. She is what kept him going through. To push himself to be better. To just be happy with his life. That was starting to become harder and harder as time went on.

Back when they were kids. They had become great friends. She lived next door to him. They would ride into school every morning. She always made sure that he was taken care of. Always putting him before most things in her life. And that was something that he would always hold dear and close to his heart.

One day, she had to move away. They stayed in touch sure. But as they got older and had their own lives to live. The letters and emails became once or so a month. He felt like he was losing her. And that is the last thing that he wanted. Because she knew him better than anyone else did. They could talk about anything and everything. And he wanted her back. But he didn’t know how to go about getting her back. He would find away to get her back. He just had to.


She missed her best friend so much. Moving away with her family was the worst thing that had happened. She felt so lost without him. Nothing was ever the same when she left, all the years ago. She felt a hole deep in her soul. He was the only one that could fill that place in her heart. And she knew that deep in her soul.

She had kept track of him. Seeing how good he was doing in the states. She was proud of him. With all the good that he was doing with his life. She always wanted to see him do good. And he had gone beyond that.

Seeing him in pictures with others. Be it women or his friends. She would always feel a pang of hurt. She wanted to be there with him. But she didn’t know how she was going to get to him. She had cried herself many nights. Longing to be with him. And it broke her heart that she couldn’t be there.

Living in Ireland with her family. They had to move back. Because her grandmother had fallen ill. They had to take care of her. Thinking that they might lose her. But she held on for many years. Until she finally passed a few years later. So, her family stayed in their home in Ireland. It killed her to stay. But she would stay for her family. They needed her. The years rolled by. And she never left.

One day, she got a letter from her best friends parents. They wanted to fly her over as a Christmas surprise for her best friend. She jumped right on the chance to see him. Maybe she would be able to tell him. How much she loved him.


Flying over to the states. She was getting excited. She couldn’t wait to see her best friend in the whole world again. But what she didn’t know. Is that her best friend. Had a girlfriend. He hadn’t told his family or his friends about her. When they all got together on Christmas. His brother drove her to the cabin. It was a snowy night, one that was full of great promise for the future.

Getting inside of the Cabin. His family was there. They always welcomed her with such warmth. She felt like she had finally come home. They sat around and talked and caught up on things. When her best friend got there. It was a couple days before Christmas. They were all shocked. He was shocked because she was there. And everyone else was shocked that he had a woman with him. It broke her heart. But she would put on a smile for him. As long he was happy. It was still good to see him.

Though it also came as a shock that he asked the woman to marry him. She felt that she was out of place here. This was not her place anymore. And that broke her heart even more.

He had thought of different ways to get the love of his life back. But nothing ever seemed to work out. He made up his mind to move on. And that is when he met his wife to be. He was happy. Well, he lead him self to believe that. Until he saw his best friend again.


He has worked his way up to being a great MMA fighter. Fought through a hard home life. Made his way through a many foes. Worked his body past what others thought he couldn't. Now he was on top of the MMA world. Making money right and left. Having all the women that he wanted. Any man would love his life. But to him, his life seemed empty. When he came home. There was no one waiting for him. No one to warm his bed at night. It was true he was a cold person when you met him. He kept people at a distance. Not knowing if he could trust them. And in his line of work, everyone seemed to be after his money.

One day this woman started to come into the gym. She would sit and watch everyone train. She didn't say much when she was there. She would talk with the guys and others. People seemed to like her. Always having a smile on her face when she was there. Help out if someone got hurt from training and pushing themselves to hard. She seemed to be a nice person. But he wasn't going to talk to her. Over time of seeing her there. She became part of the training center. He over heard some of the guys talking one day, about her. They said she was the daugther of one of the best trainers. No wonder she was here. She was raised around all of this.She knew all about the MMA through what her father did. That he couldn't help but like. A woman that knew his sport and job. That is when he made up his mind to talk to her. And that is what he did. They talked about everything. And they started to get close. But he was still guarded. After being hurt over and over again. It was bound to happen. She was trying to get close  him. But nothing seemed to work. He never let her get to close to him. Would he ever let her close. Isn't until there is a threat that she may not be in his life anymore. Will that get him to open up and let her in. Or will he run from her?


College is the best time of your life. You are able to make yourself what you want. A whole new person. To have a better life then you ever thought possible. You have such fun that you don't ever want it to end.

He is a junior in college. 6'6", tan skinned, muscles that bulged, tattoos on his right arm,back and sides. No hair on his head and a smoker. His only love is his motorcycle. He is the youngest of 4 boys.  But he didn't look like the baby at all. He is the known as the college man whore. But all the girls at college loved him. Using his charms on all the girls. And most would fall for it. And he was ok with that.

but he is a soft hearted man. You just had to get close  to him. He only bagged them and sent the women on their way. When he was a little boy not barely 5 years old. He lost his mother. Before she died she told him "To fight for the one he loved." Holding those words deep in his heart. But he never held out hope he would find the love. And that made him seem heartless. She is coming to college out of state. Running from a life that only her best friend knew. And her best friend knew about. And she came with He may seem that way

her to college.Her best friend is the only one she could truely trust. Her best friend knew everything about her life. She came to college here because no one knew of her past here. She could just be her.

Her best friend started to date the cousin of the college whore. She was over at his place all the time. But her friend always made time for her. One night they got her to go to the college fight ring. It was a secret that only those on the text list knew about. And if you knew those people you could get in. Her best friends boyfriend. Was the one that was the one that started the text tree,as it was called. They got her there. The place was packed. Bodies pressed into each other. You couldn't move without fighting your way through the crowd. The fight had started. She couldn't see from where she was. Her best friend and boyfriend lost in the crowd. She fought her way through the crowd of people. That is when she saw him. He was beating the shit out of the other guy. The other guy fell and a red cloth was thrown on his face. Saying that he was the loser. She stared at the guy laying down on the ground. A little bit of blood getting on her shirt. That is when she saw two feet come into view. Her eyes slowly traveling up to the man standing before her. He was sweating and had a smile on his face. She was stuck in silent awe. As he handed her a towel. His deep voice rumbling, "Sorry about your shirt." A group of people carrying him off. She stares after him. As she holds onto the towel. What will happen with these two? Well their strong wills and messed past keep them apart? Or can this become the love they both need and want?


husband and wife.
For a long time, the wife had a pull. A pull to kill, seeing images in her head. Just to look at someone she could think of many ways to kill them. Those thoughts filled her dreams. She was going to go insane if she didn't do something. That is when she met her husband. He was just like her, in many ways. He enjoyed killing, that is what kept him sane. Though some would say that. He himself was insane. The difference between the husband and wife though. He had killed and she had not. He never have been caught. When they came together, they were a major killing force. Cops had tried to find them. But they never stayed in one place long enough. Through the blooshed, there bound as husband and wife grew unbreakable.

The dark twisted world of the mad hatter.
We all know the mad hatter as being insane. But we don't know just how insane he is. The people if wonderland, live in fear of the mad hatter. Fear that they would be the next in his list. Through there was one person he let near. One person that he would never lay a hand on, that was his Alice. She understood him. She was the only solace that he found. When Alice went back to her world. That is when the blood shed started. He misses his Alice, so much. That the only way to deal with missing her. Was to kill, kill and kill. He killed the queen of hearts with his bare hands. Also killing the white queen as well. Wonderland now flowed with the blood of its people. The one creature, that had out lived most, was the white rabbit. He got a way to call Alice to come back to Wonderland. But what the white rabbit didn't know. Was what that Alice had went insane in her world. She had to be locked away. Her family put her away for the safety of others. If Alice and the mad hatter join together again. Wonderland and the human world. Blood will flow of all the people in both worlds.

Hell World
Hell as we know it, is well hell. Fire licks at the bodies of the people that hang above the fire river. Their screams can be heard all over hell is self. Their burned flesh dripping off into the river. People being pulled apart, as the demons fest upon them. One demon, loved to hear the wails of the people souls. He longed to hear when each new soul. Came and saw the ture hell. That demon was the king of hell. And as all demons he wanted power. To rule over hell and earth it self. But the thing was. He him self could never leave hell. He was cursed her long ago. He has tried since he was cursed. To find a way out of hell. He learned that he needed a witch. But not just any witch. This witch had to be powerful. She would do great evils on earth. It was many, many years before she was born. The king of hell knew the moment she was born. He could feel the heavens weap. They knew that their time was at an end. It was time for the king of hell rain with his witch queen.
Two brothers, have ran the family business of body guards. The family has done well with the business. The brothers and their family,were the best in the body guard business. The brothers each having different things they bring to the business. The oldest, is the leader. You never want to cross him. He doesn't put up with any shit, from anyone. Even his family. He can be cold and distance. But underneath under all that macho man, is a sweet and loving soul. That has been hurt and battered. But he would never let that show. He thought it was sign if weakness. His younger brother is the playboy. Even though be works hard at the business. He is the tech of the business. He never wanted to settle down. He was having to much fun being single.

The thing that no one knew about the brothers. They were pure blood vampires. They are from a noble family. The family left the court. Tried of the way it was being run by the king. The humans were looked down upon by the vampires. But the noble family actually liked humans. They had respect for them. For they were more then just food to them. The family had to fight off other vampires. But the family was a group of good figthers.

She is a woman, that has no family. That she knows about. She was adopted, raised by a older loving couple. They had long since passed. But they didn't leave her without nothing. They wanted to take care of her. She works but she doesn't have to work. But she wants to. But the thing was. Her father, was into some bad things. He ran drugs and guns. For the other supernatural creatures in the city. That is when they start to come after her. She doesn't know about the world of the supernatural. They kept her in the dark about. To keep her safe, well that is what they thought. She was far from safe. She got a hold of the brothers. Seeking their help. The older brother, took her on. He would do it personally.

Spending so much time with her. They work hard to find out. Who was after her. And the older brother stayed with her all the time. They both started to get feelings for one another. But scared to tell one another.what will become of them? We shall see.
In over a hundred years, a priestess has finally been chosen. Many had thought this day would never come. It was a great day in the kingdom for all. She is a woman, that from her childhood. Had been in the temple of the great gods. Never knowing her parents, this was her family. These women that her the ways of the gods. This priestess was different from allnothers that have come before her. The others could see things of what was to come. But she had powers, most never would have thought possible. She had visions, as well as the power to see the past with a single touch of her hand.

One night a rather dark and horrible dream came to her. She is standing by a great blood covered throne, a upon that throne, sat a dark warlord. Below his feet were the bodies of their people. She woke from the dream, screaming and soaked in sweat. Who was that warlord and why did she feel drawn to him.

Across the kingdom on a battlefield, there the great warlord was fighting a great battle. He was cutting down all in his path. When he felt that great pull in his chest. Something wasn't right, he could feel it in his bones. But he couldn't leave his men or ask them to stop. They were fighting and his men were loving it. The days turns into weeks, the feeling he felt in his chest only becoming worse. When they got their victory over the people. He rushed back to the palace. The closer he got, the pull became almost unbearable. He rushes into the palace. Not caring who he pushes out of the way or runs into. The pull leading him to the room of the priestess. Who has been in sleep in dreams for days. Busting into the room, he sees her screaming. Running to her, he kneels down by her bed. Softly touching her hand. She jolts awake, looking right at him. She knows who this man is. He is the warlord from her dreams.

They lead each other on journey, her trying to save him from his dark and horrible future. Him trying to get her to come with him. Others try to keep them apart. For the ones in the temple know they would rain blood, if the priestess went to his side. They try to kill the warlord as well as the priestess. But most fall in their path. What becomes of them? Does he fight to stay good? Does she fall into his twisted world? Or do they both fall together?

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Will Love Win Out.
Love Of  Lifetime
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