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Author Topic: Nothing Like This (Pics Galore)!  (Read 916 times)

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Nothing Like This (Pics Galore)!
« on: April 06, 2015, 11:54:44 AM »
Welcome dear ones. Let me explain my taste and style. I love fantasy/ Sci-Fi themes. I can be heavily inspired Luis Royo artworks, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Ancient mythology from indigenous America, Africa and Greek/Roman cultures as well as Asiatic. With that being said I enjoy mainly heterosexual pairings with characters from different backgrounds, nationalities, races and traditions. However I do like bisexual situations and pairings.

My favorite theme to do is the 'revenge' theme. It's when a character who has been done wrong seeks revenge against the wrong doer. A good example of this would be the story of Red Sonja or Conan the Barbarian, but sex is definitely a point in my stories. Most of my female characters use sex as a weapon in the revenge titles or they use it as a tool to do great evil against my male counterpart who in that case would be the protagonist.

Another theme you will notice in my stories is a beauty and the beast type of theme where I beautiful woman in inlove with a monster. This monster could have had a beautiful form once or perhaps he was born  that way.

Offs and Ons will be included in the theme.

No posting in this thread thank you. Feel free to contact me via PM

The Mechanics of Love

They had grown up together during the era of the third cosmic war. A battle against to warring species of man. One mostly machine than flesh. They were called Cibers and had left the earth during the 3rd Earth age many centuries ago. Cibers were once regular mortal men and women who desired to discover the vast deepths of space. So far into the void they went that humanity became a memory to them. Replacing organs and flesh with mechanical devices they returned as a new race of man to conquer earth. The humans fought, but Cibers are advanced, too advanced for them-they lost. The world a desolate place run on the powers of isolated machine cities with scorched skies.

She lost him in the final battle, thinking him dead she moved on with or what she called life until one day he returned to her changed. No longer a man, soldier , but machine who offered her a way out. "Surrender your flesh and paradise is ours".

This story contains Sex with machines, Hetero pairing, consensual sex, toys, light bdsm, romance and fictional themes


She refused it. She refused to engage in any profane acts. If she had to open up her legs and say yes to the man destined to be her husband she would sooner throw herself into the pit of serpents. He was a tyrant, one who came into other peoples lands and destroyed everything. His empire had spread across nations. Enslaving many women, men and children and now the only way to stop it from happening to her clan was to marry him? Surely her elders could not be so naive.

She was her peoples champion, their savior and their last hope. With that being said her answer was still no. In her mind it's better to die on your feet then spend your life on your knees. However the arrangements had been made whether she liked it or not and as far as her future husband was concerned- he couldn't wait.

This story contains non consensual sex, violence, light bdsm, profane language, virginity

Lost at Last
They had remain hidden for centuries. To the outside world they were just myth, fantasy. However Atlantis had survived  and was very technologically advanced and a highly spiritual society. She was it's finest female warrior and priestess. However nothing would prepare her for the day he washed up on their hidden shores. An outsides he was and from a different world than her own and perhaps a different time.

She took him in, fed him and clothed him. Nurturing his strength so that he could tell her where he was from and how exactly he got here. One thing about it though was that he could never leave this place and no one could ever find out he was alive.

This story contains consensual sex, hetero, interesting situations.

She had been raised among them. The only human with the exception of her mother to survive a Predator vs Alien fallout. When she was born she received their mark on her left cheek. Trained as a warrior and a mortal diplomat. There was so much about this alien nation earth had no idea about. The Predators were a sophisticated warrior class, a society all their own. Fearsome, gruesome and yet there was another side to them, something that reminded her of own humanity. Her mother had told her stories as a child about the one who had saved her and she in return saved him.

What she didn't know was that her mother made a deal with one. What was this deal? She was eight when they came and took her. All she remembered was her mother nodding, lowering her head as a sign of respect for the one that carried the scepter. He was large, dreaded tentacles flowing down his back along with his cape. She remembered  that night like it was yesterday and everyday afterward. Till this day she doesn't know the deal her mother made with the Lord Alpha Predator. All she knew was that it was the season of the hunt and this time a fallout would be prevented.

This contains extreme taboo situations, violence , hetero consensual sex

Lost at Last
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Re: Nothing Like This (Pics Galore)!
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2015, 01:55:32 PM »
One Shots

Fall for Me

It had been forbidden. Angels and the daughters of man in union. She had gone against the laws of nature and called to him.
Though she had never honestly expected him to show up, he did. He was frightening in a beautiful way. He took away from the eyes of the creator, where none could see them. How naive she was to have fallen inlove with an angel and unaware of the consequences.

This story contains consensual sex, religious themes and pregnancy.

Boiled Blood

He had raped her, seduced her and made love to her all at once. He was a monster, the lord of monsters, the blood drinker. However a bite from him was not enough to be changed. He had to take you forcefully, the blood had to boil in order for change to occur and when he left her that night she had changed into the monster she feared. Several centuries had pass since then and she had spent every waking moment hunting him, killing him was the cure to her thirst. However a steak to the heart wasn't enough. She had to do the impossible, she had to make his blood boil.

This story contains non consensual sex, light bdsm, blood spilling, consensual sex

He's a barbarian , she's a barbarian. When happens when these two meet, get in each other's ways and doesn't like it?

This story contains really hot hetero action, done in a fantastic back drop of fantasy and mystery, violence, biting, some blood shed (claw marks), pregnancy and switch situations.
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Re: Nothing Like This (Pics Galore)!
« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2015, 09:02:56 AM »

    • Witches and Werewolves
    • Werewolves and Vampires

    I love reading books by the late and great L.A. Banks. Her themes are a mix of fantasy, horror-thriller on a urban backdrop.

    Okay! So if you know about vampire and werewolf mythos you should be pretty well-versed. In these stories I would like to include a modern setting in the city.

    • Rod Butler to be exact. He was the Captain of the  Dog Star faction. A military group that kept the secret of the supernatural worlds from spilling over into  civilian populations. All of us that had been assigned to this group had been infected, but we were kept 'normal' by taking are daily injections. The first time I saw Rod make the change I knew we had lost him. The animal, the beast inside him had won. He killed innocents, he tried to kill me or at least I assume he would. Me him were like family, he was the closest thing I had to an older brother. Lately  though, before the incident. I noticed the way he looked at me. My eyes always averting his gaze as if afraid he had something to show me, something I didn't want to see. Now I'm hunting him, my mind always goes back to the night we spent with each other. It was the night he changed.

    Imagine a combination of indigenous american mythos, African story-telling and urban fantasy. Throw in some vampires, werewolves and sex with plot and viola!  I don't expect my partner to know about or even read the books, but I'll use these books as reference in my following stories...stay tuned.

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    Re: Nothing Like This (Pics Galore)!
    « Reply #3 on: April 17, 2015, 12:02:21 PM »