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Author Topic: Majestic 12. (Interest Check)  (Read 795 times)

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Online Lustful BrideTopic starter

Majestic 12. (Interest Check)
« on: April 05, 2015, 11:16:12 am »

It is the mid-1950s, and the Cold War is in full swing. The threat of nuclear annihilation is in the back of every human being’s mind. The two mightiest nations of the planet Earth, The USA, and the USSR, are pointing their nuclear arsenal at each other and waiting for the other to blink. But while most people make preparations for the dropping of atom bombs, they don’t realize that the fear of communism or thermo nuclear war was the least of their trouble.

For the past 13 years a secret war has been raged around the globe and even in their own backyards by a shadowy organization that answers to no one but themselves. They exist in secret, dress in black (or dark brown) and are the best hope for a peaceful Human existence upon Earth. They do not fight the communist threat, no, they fight something worse.

For 13 years, this unnamed agency has been fighting alien incursions, suffering losses, and snatching victory from the jaws of defeat time an again to ensure that the average citizen of Earth can continue to go about their daily routine happily without knowledge of the constant threat looming down on them. It seems there is no end to the amount of different alien races wanting to conquer our small blue planet and the menagerie of ways they do it with.

But not all hope is lost. With every passing year our technology gets a little better and we learn more and more from our enemies, making it more difficult for them to invade Earth. Especially with help from Aliens allied against those that would enslave the Human race. While so far they don't seem too keen on giving us advanced technology, they are okay with sending their own agents to help us out, and giving us the scraps of their tables.

Classified: Enemy Profiles.
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-Any and all attempts to contact the invading Martian forces have been either ignored or met with violence. It is obvious that they have no desire to co-exist with Humanity. The Martians present the largest danger to continued Human existence due to their proximity to Earth and their extreme violent behavior and seeming desire to exterminate us. For whatever reason they have not invaded us in full force. (Possibly due to us having non human allies or possibly due to the lack of resources on their own homeworld to invade Earth.

Most of their tactics include attemping to destroy dams, overload power stations and sow anarchy. As well as simply wiping out entire towns with their lethal Death Rays. Take prisoners only if possible, otherwise eliminate with extreme prejudice.


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While normally these creatures are not actively hostile, these aliens can be sometimes (especially if they are feral and accustomed to living in the wild) and have jeapordized the safety of agents out in the field. They are known as Gremlins by us though they have no name for their own species. According to our allies they are bassicaly the vermin of the universe, getting into everything and causing damage. It is not even known how they managed to get on Earth without space travel technology of their own. Their mischievous nature presents the greatest difficulty in attempting to keep our war a secret as they do not seem to care about being seen by others.

They oddly enough seem to enjoy cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, as well as other vices. Thus some of them have elected to work for us/do sabotage work int he field against the Martians. Though don't put full faith in them to actually do their job 100% and those in the field not working for us may be feral and turn violent. At the very least they attack the other races as much as they attack us, having no real preference for factions.

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The Balal's are the newest alien race spotted trying to invade the planet Earth. Thus little is known about them. First spotted outside of Seoul South Korea by local agents there, they have since been seen in Moscow, Mexico city and Nevada. We don't know what their goals are but they have not responded to any attempts at peace talks, so treat them at hostile.

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The most secretive of our enemies is the Reptilians. They seem to want to rule over Earth and Humanity rather than destroy one of the other. Many times a Reptilian can be found infiltrating or attempting to infiltrate into high ranks of power. It is unknown how they do this but we do know that the process is imperfect. They cannot grow hair, alter their eyes or hide scales on every part of their body, they also do not handle colder temperatures well.

Attempt to capture if possible but be wary, they are very well trained and organized.

Classified: Friendlies.

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The Reticulans so far are our greatest allies, mysterious as they are. Their race is dying, having cloned themselves to the point they will reach extinction in about 270 years without aid. It is nothing short of a miracle that our race is compatible enough for the Reticulans to produce hybrids with (some of which are in our own employment). It is their hope that with us they may be able to save their race, or at least some part of it, using a combination of our DNA and theirs.

They have granted us some of their technology and even given us aid in combat from time to time but mostly stick to the treaty of Roswell. They abduct only a certain number of humans every year and keep an eye out for any alien invasion fleets. In exchange we will not stop these abductions and will help them out with their research as much as possible and as humanely as we can.

Other Allies:



Character Image:




Species: (Human, Hybrid, etc)

Background: (Military, police, civilian who got lucky)

Bio: (be sure to include why Majestic picked you up)
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Online Lustful BrideTopic starter

Re: Majestic 12. (Interest Check)
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2015, 11:19:24 am »
This game is sort of a Retro Men In Black like thing.

I don't know 100% what kind of feel im trying to go for it but il still try to make it fun. You may play as either a Human Majestic agent recruited from anywhere and for whatever reason, or as a Non human or Reticulan hybrid. (Though I will limit how many of these there are.)
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Re: Majestic 12. (Interest Check)
« Reply #2 on: April 05, 2015, 12:15:18 pm »
I'm Keen.

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Character Image:

Name: Altu Du’urak

Age: 82

Gender: Male

Species: Reticulan

Background: Considered a genius, brilliant and a little weird amongst his race, Altu, is a Combat Engineer. Trained by the Reticulan Military Core to combat any and all threats to their way of life. He has served from a very young age and like adventure. The more danger the better. He is a little odd.

Bio: Chosen because of his knowledge and experience, Altu was sent to earth as field Tech support and operative to Majesty as part of the peace agreement between the Human and Reticulan races.

Online Lustful BrideTopic starter

Re: Majestic 12. (Interest Check)
« Reply #3 on: April 05, 2015, 12:50:52 pm »
Character image:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Name: Abigale Zertani.

Age: Classified.

Gender: Female

Species: Hybrid (Human and Reticulan)

Background: Majestic born and bred. Abi's first memories were being taught by Reticulan caretakers about the universe and spending her nights in the arms of her Human mother, being read fairy tales. She never knew which Reticulan donated his DNA to make her or whether she was made from some spare DNA that was lying around, but she did know that Majestic would be her life. From a young age she learned from both Majestic agents and Reticulan's and quickly proved herself a valuable member of the organization. She is now a senior agent and as a hybrid one of the bridges of peace between the Reticulan and Human races.

She usually works alongside Human teammates, especially when dealing with other humans (because of her eyes) and tries not to pull out the "I've been here longer than you" card too often, though sometimes she will pull the senior agent card to help a situation should it bee too much for the younger agents.

Bio: Abigail has been with Majestic all her life. Her mother was an Airforce woman who was chosen to give birth to a Human Reticulan hybrid due to her genetic make up being just compatible enough for the process to work. Being a child of two different races, Abigail faced discrimination from both sides but never let it bother her, she had a duty to do and a world to protect.

At the moment she is one of the more senior agents of the group but due to being a woman and not 100% human she tends to be ordered by the higher ups to follow orders from someone more human.
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Online Kadigan

Re: Majestic 12. (Interest Check)
« Reply #4 on: April 05, 2015, 09:09:41 pm »
Not to try to make it alien heavy right off the bat, but I came up with this..

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Name: Arcisa

Age: 30

Gender: Female

Species: Djaro

Background: Arcisa comes from the Djaro Race, a species that borders on extinction due to their own bloody, warlike ways. They’d numbered in the billions at one point, spreading out across 30 systems, then the millions, until only 6,000 remained. Since that time they’ve been nomadic, as there were too few that possessed the skills necessary to run the infrastructure essential to keeping their planet alive. Still, the ones that remained were the most brutal, that had the most cunning, the skills to survive in space. They gather once every 2 years to keep the species viable, but for the most part avoid contact in large groups and sell their services as mercenaries, bounty hunters, and soldiers. There are a few small colonies, but no serious attempts to restart the race as a whole have been made. Most think this is perhaps for the best, given their general nature. In terms of humans, the Djaro have no more or less interest in them as a species then humans would of Bee’s. They’re generally a nuisance, and best left alone.

Bio: Arcisa herself entered the field of bounty hunting, as did her mother and her grandfather, something of a genetic trait makes the family line exceptional trackers. She was on a mission tracking a Reptillian that had a rap sheet as long as three solar systems, when his cruiser got off a lucky shot. Both his and her ship crashed, on different continents of course. Her engines, star charts, and comm systems were completely slagged, though her security measures still functioned perfectly. A deal was struck, after a bit of cat and mousing with Majestic, agreed to a truce. She wouldn't give them her tech, but she would lend her expertise and information to them, and in exchange they would use their resources to help her locate her bounty, along with allowing her to salvage what she could in attempts to make her ship work. 

Online Lustful BrideTopic starter

Re: Majestic 12. (Interest Check)
« Reply #5 on: April 05, 2015, 09:15:30 pm »
Accepted both of you.

Well technically there are 2 and a half aliens and a half human.  ::)

Offline IrishWolf

Re: Majestic 12. (Interest Check)
« Reply #6 on: April 08, 2015, 02:28:34 pm »
Alright, I'll throw my hat into the ring and with a human character

Online Lustful BrideTopic starter

Re: Majestic 12. (Interest Check)
« Reply #7 on: April 08, 2015, 02:32:40 pm »
Alright, I'll throw my hat into the ring and with a human character

Welcome  ;D

Offline IrishWolf

Re: Majestic 12. (Interest Check)
« Reply #8 on: April 08, 2015, 04:06:04 pm »
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Name: Conall O'Hara

Age: 33

Gender: male

Species: human

Background: Soldier and mob enforcer

Bio: Born and bred in south Boston, Conall was the son of a gangster and would follow in his father's footsteps. His childhood was rather rough, with his father being killed by Italians during Prohibition and before he was sixteen, he was already working with the local gangs. When World War Two broke out, he enlisted in the Army and spent his time as a BAR man, lugging the light machine gun across North Africa, Italy and France. After being discharged, he returned home to Boston and joined up with the O’Reilly Brothers, a small gang. About three years ago, another gang, The Undergrounds, started muscling in on their territory, prompting several fire fights in the streets and starting a full out turf war. This conflict between the gangs came to a head, when the O’Reilly Brothers gang attacked the headquarters of The Undergrounds. However, it didn't go will, with most of the O’Reilly Brothers boys ending up dead or crippled.

However, Conall survived and was found by law enforcement, standing over the bodies of The Underground's boss and two henchmen, who were not human. As it turned out, The Undergrounds were under the control of the Reptilians, who had sent along a few of their own, to keep the criminals in line. Conall was taken in by the agency, patched up and given a choice, join or be silenced. Needless to say, he joined. 

Online Lustful BrideTopic starter

Re: Majestic 12. (Interest Check)
« Reply #9 on: April 08, 2015, 04:08:17 pm »
And approved!  ;D