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May 21, 2018, 09:25:17 PM

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Author Topic: StarCraft: Voyager ~ A Nascent Fanfic Idea...  (Read 903 times)

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StarCraft: Voyager ~ A Nascent Fanfic Idea...
« on: April 04, 2015, 10:55:00 PM »
I'm not sure if plot ideas can simply be discussed on this forum before anything solid has actually been written of the story, so if I'm posting in the wrong place I apologise to any mods tasked with relocating this thread.

I just wanted to voice aloud an idea that a friend and myself have conjured up over the course of on-and-off discussions.

Both of us play as a team on StarCraft II, me favouring Terran and he favouring Protoss; as we played we began to imagine a narrative to explain why Terrans and Protoss would be fighting side by side against the myriad combination of 2v2 enemies we found ourselves up against. Gradually, a concept began to form in our minds, that finally was given form by the idea to write it was a StarCraft reskin of Star Trek: Voyager.

The idea is simply - some time prior to the events of Wings of Liberty two Terran Dominion cruisers, the Voyager-1 (in reference to the Federation Starship on which the adventure is based) and the Intrepid, are sent to explore a wormhole that leads them far beyond the Koprulu Sector, deep in Zerg territory. After the wormhole closes behind them and the Terrans are faced with the prospect of an impossibly lengthy voyage home, the crew of the Intrepid effectively mutinies out of desperation and turns her guns on the Voyager-1. After a brief skirmish, the Intrepid is grounded on a nearby uncharted planet and its crew tries to repair their ship while the Voyager-1 orbits overhead, neither realising that the planet is home to a powerful Brood Matron in command of a hive stretching out across this entire region of unexplored space.

The Brood Matron has long envied the power of the Queen of Blades and has designs on Char and the Koprulu Sector at large; realising that she will not succeed in overthrowing Kerrigan with simple brute force, she decides to act strategically in pursuit of her goals. She has the Captain of the Intrepid infested with a neural parasite, directing him - as a slaved drone in her hive - to command his Terrans to effectively serve her as unwitting slaves, thinking they are following their Captain's orders when in fact they are following hers. What follows is a cat-and-mouse chase throughout the sector as the crew of the Voyager-1 attempt to gather fuel and other resources from the zerg-infested worlds of the region while the Intrepid's crew seeks to block them at every turn.

Eventually, hope manifests itself for the crew of the Voyager-1: a Protoss Mothership under the command of Templar renegades on the run from the Golden Armada warps into the area hoping to avoid their pursuers. After the Voyager-1 rescues a high-ranking Dark Templar, the two starship crews form an unlikely alliance to help each other evade their respective pursuers and get the Terrans back to home space safe and sound.

Shortly after the arrival of the Templars the Golden Armada catches up with the Mothership and her newfound Terran allies; the Brood Matron who now commands the Intrepid as well as her not inconsiderable hive network realises after a few initial skirmishes between the Protoss newcomers and the Terran/Templar alliance that there is another opportunity to expand her influence - she agrees to help the Golden Armada track down and destroy the Templars if they will help her zerg, secreted away aboard the Intrepid, back to the Koprulu Sector to wage war against the Queen of Blades. The Golden Armada agrees, and so the crew of the Voyager-1 and their Templar allies find themselves battling it out with a triple-entente of Zerg, Terrans and Protoss Hell-bent on their destruction.

The idea was, tying back in to the original Star Trek homage, that the story would be presented as a succession of episodic chapters dealing with single events of concepts along the journey of the Voyager-1. Like Star Trek it would deal principally with the characters on board the Voyager-1 and their interpersonal relationships, as well as various "sci-fi mcguffin of the week" encounters they have while exploring this hitherto uncharted region of zerg space. Being a StarCraft story, and not Star Trek, the focus would primarily be on conflict and battle - The Voyager-1 spends its time having to set down on zerg-held planets, clearing out hive clusters with their small but rugged band of marines to secure mineral deposits to keep the engines aboard the ship running, all the while with the Brood Matron sending her enslaved Terran ship and crew after them to dog their every move. When the Protoss arrive this develops further, with an entire fleet of high-tech equipment chasing the two ships as they try to escape the sector and get back home.

It's just an idea that will probably never really see the light of day, but combining the awesomeness of the StarCraft universe with the episodic style and breath-taking attention to detail of Star Trek is something that greatly interests me. I guess I'm voicing this idea aloud to see if anybody has any thoughts relating to it, for or against, or if anybody would be interested in seeing such an idea unfold.