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Author Topic: - A Ninja Highschool Roleplay -  (Read 417 times)

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- A Ninja Highschool Roleplay -
« on: April 04, 2015, 03:29:45 PM »
*Fantasy*School*Freeform*Martial Arts*

Year of the Dragon 0 to 2989
For ages the continent of Pajan was embroiled in turmoil. Countless warlords and clans vied for territory and blood soaked the soil on a daily basis. While on occasion a strong warlord would hold sway over the entire continent, such reigns would not last for long. Again and again the land was plunged into chaos as ideologies, religions, and races fought for control over everyone else. After thousands of years of bloodshed passed the land eventually fell under six clans strong enough to hold down their own territory. For generations these six clans clashed, eventually forgetting the original reason for the war in the first place.

Year of the Dragon 2991
The ruling clans have finally had enough of senseless war and decide to hold a contest called the Lei Tai - The Thunder Hand Arena. It was a raised platform with no ropes or barriers. Each clan would enter their strongest fighter. One versus one matches were held and if a contestant died, was knocked unconscious, surrendered, or fell off the platform, they lost. The winner would remain and wait for a new challenger. The last fighter standing won and his clan was granted the ability to rule Pajan for one hundred years. The Lei Tai was well received and the first ruler, declaring the age of chaos to be at an end, officially changed the calendar to 'Year of The Lei Tai' and revised dating to count down each next tournament.

Year of the Sixth Lei Tai, 56
After six Lei Tai have passed the contests begin to grow stale. Matches become predictable as clans learn each others' styles and fail to innovate on new techniques. The six clans come together once again and, in an effort to invigorate the contest and make it more sporting, come up with the Tenkaichi Budokai - “The Number One Under Heaven Martial Arts Gathering.” It is a school for all clans to send their brightest students to. A place where, for eight years, these students are taught by masters from every clan. They learn new techniques, tricks, and skills, forging them into more clever and ferocious fighters.

Year of the Eleventh Lei Tai, 4
The date the game takes place. Eleven Lei Tai contests have been held and the twelfth is right around the corner. Four years remain until the next contest.

While there are many clans in Pajan, typically only the six strongest and oldest send students to the Tenkaichi Budokai, as the power gap between these clans and the other, minor clans is so great that typically only the six have a chance at winning. The six elder clans are, in no particular order;

The Dragon Clan: Human. Founded at the dusk of the Year of the Dragon during the age of chaos. Established by Kyeung Li, a master martial artist. This clan believes in mercy and sparing opponents, as they believe that murder taints the soul. They leave opponents hobbled and gravely wounded, but alive. They only kill as a last resort and in such an instance normal soldiers will not strike mortal blows. Instead, a special division called 'The Bloodied' will come in and strike killing blows on downed opponents. These "impure" soldiers taint their souls so that others need not do so. Dragon Clan members typically fight with bare hands or blunt weapons.

Clan Musashi: Mixed. Founded by Sasaki Musashi, one of the most proficient swordsman of the Year of the Dragon. Musashi actually won the first Lei Tai and his clan ruled for the next hundred years, bringing about the first age of true peace Pajan had ever seen. A humble and stoic man, his characteristics have largely been passed on to his followers, who are hardworking yet humble. Swordsmanship is much treasured in Clan Musashi lands and every single citizen is mandated to wield the blade with at least some skill. To this end, every single person in Musashi territory can double as soldier in times of need, making them formidable opponents indeed.

The Grassrunner Clan: Grassrunner. Founder unknown, though the members of the clan claim they are descended from the god-beast Amaterasu. There is very little known about the origins of the Grassrunner clan, except that they have been around for thousands of years. The Grassrunners are thought to be a highly intelligent tribe, but not all members seem to follow suit. They are nomadic and their territory shifts around constantly, often to the chagrin of the other clans. Members of the Grassrunner clan are easily distinguished from other races by their dog-like ears and tails. The male members or the tribe closely resemble dogs whilst the female members appear almost human with the exception of their dog/fox-like ears and tails. Formidable with just about any weapon and quite skilled with magic, though they are not as strong as other races.

The Windtalker Clan: Windtalker. Founded by Oku Kokoro, this clan of cat-like humanoids shares a deep and special connection with the land itself. They claim to hear voices on the wind, the whispered words of Pajan itself. Not very territorial, they mostly played a defensive role during the chaos of the Year of the Dragon. Passive until disturbed, at which point they fight fiercely and to the bitter end. Fast and powerful, these feline fighters are skilled with almost any weapon and seem to posses unnatural luck.

Clan Odio: Mixed. Founded by Odi Iou during the Year of the Dragon 2700. The youngest clan but the fiercest fighters and the current rulers of Pajan. Odio takes no prisoners and shows no mercy to opponents. They believe mercy and charity to be weakness and that helping others weakens both oneself and the recipient in turn. They believe that strength must be earned, even if it is done through suffering or causing harm to others. Anyone of rank is constantly on guard and on the lookout for sabotage or assassination attempts. Clan Odio students trend twords exotic weapons; things that can be concealed easily and take an opponent by surprise.

The Oni Clan: Demons. The chaos and bloodshed caused during the Year of the Dragon brought demons into the world of Pajan through something known as the Gate of Infinity. Built by one of the minor clans in a mad bid for power rivaling the six elder clans, the Gate of Infinity opened and demons poured out, slaughtering the poor souls on the other side. Yet, in a surprise to everyone, the demons did not spread across Pajan in a bid for domination. Instead, they claimed territory and remained there, fighting only intruders that sought to encroach upon their land. Varied in appearance, but singular in their immeasurable strength and endurance, demons somewhat ironically best exemplify Bushido and the samurai code. Because of their adherence to honor they have close ties to Clan Musashi. Demons tend to favor bladed weapons of all types.

This game is about our characters attending the Tenkaichi Budokai, the so-called 'ninja highschool' of the topic title. Taking place in a fantasy, asian-themed realm with a variety of races, the game is set on a small island that contains the school and it's various buildings. At the point the game begins, our characters will have been in school for four years and have four left to go until they graduate and the next Lei Tai is held, in which the students will likely be participating. While the game will be largely freeform and allow for open roleplay, these will be story elements thrown in at least once a week that brings together a full story leading up to graduation and the Lei Tai. It will feature intrigue, betrayals, adventure, and forcing people to cooperate twords a common goal. The following rules are to be observed;

-No god-modding.
-Any issues are to be discussed openly so as to encourage idea-sharing and constructive criticism.
-Post at least twice a week. If you cannot meet this requirement, do not apply.
-Respect each others' limits.
-If you are confused, ask questions.
-Have fun!

Code: [Select]
[floatleft][img height=500 padding=5]IMAGE LINK HERE[/img][/floatleft]

[b]History:[/b] (At least a few lines about your character's background. What did they do of note to gain entry to the school? What position do they hold in their clan?)

[b]Personality:[/b] (At least a few lines about your character's personality here. What are they like both in and out of combat?)

[b]Martial Ability:[/b] (Lastly, what can your character do? What is their weapon of choice? Are they extremely strong? Fast? Smart?)

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Re: - A Ninja Highschool Roleplay -
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2015, 08:05:19 PM »

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Re: - A Ninja Highschool Roleplay -
« Reply #2 on: April 04, 2015, 08:05:58 PM »
Interested. Working on a character at the moment.

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Re: - A Ninja Highschool Roleplay -
« Reply #3 on: April 05, 2015, 12:34:29 AM »
Name: Temujin Zhao
Age: 22
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Clan: Clan Odio

History: The spawn of a lowly servant as a result of her father's infidelity, Temujin was a shame upon her family name from the start. In some effort to save face she was named after a mighty (male) warrior and given the finest training. She showed promise but after a frustrating training session her father branded the Odio symbol upon her face as "A symbol of the pride of Odio - so at least when I look upon you I will feel slightly less disgust". The abuse and humiliation escalated alongside her father's decline into drink as his reputation and fortune fell. Such tragedy caused the girl to develop a stutter, which further angered her father. The next real injury came, as luck would have it, during another training session. He 'missed' a simple downward stroke and 'accidentally' sliced her face, blinding her in one eye. Temujin had had enough. She slew the old man right there on the spot.

In proper Odio fashion, she blamed the murder on bandits breaking into the home and the servants, having always hated her father, corroborated her story. Temujin managed to live a life of relative peace for about a year before her father's associates came knocking, claiming he owed them money for debts and failed business ventures. When she could produce no money they slew the servants and assaulted her. Temujin put up a valiant fight but against the men and their guards she was outnumbered and outmatched, resulting in the loss of her right arm and permanent injury to her right leg. The men left her for dead but by some miracle she managed to survive.

The exact method of her vengeance is still unknown, but over the next week each of her father's former associates turned up dead in their homes. These events reached the ears of the Clan Odio leaders and Temujin was made an honorary member of the clan's army. In service of the lords she received continued training until she was eighteen, at which point she was sent to the Tenkaichi Budokai.

Personality: Due to her crippling stutter, Temujin rarely speaks unless spoken to and even then she tries to keep her sentences as short as possible. She maintains a stoic and calm demeanor. She's seen a lot of harshness in her time and expects the worst out of everyone and as such, is hardly surprised by much of anything. She is always on guard, both physically and emotionally. It is extremely difficult for her to give anyone her trust.

Martial Ability: Temujin Zhao is blind in one eye, walks with a limp and cannot run, and is missing one arm. She uses this to her advantage. Almost every opponent will see her as nothing but a worthless cripple and go on the offensive. Countering this, she fights almost exclusively on defense and is an expert with parrying, countering, and predicting an opponent's moves. Temujin is deadly with a blade and combines her sword skill with powerful kicks, often using her legs to keep an opponent off balance so she can land a killing blow.

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Re: - A Ninja Highschool Roleplay -
« Reply #4 on: April 06, 2015, 11:04:49 AM »
Any interest at all before I just close this down?

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Re: - A Ninja Highschool Roleplay -
« Reply #5 on: April 06, 2015, 01:24:51 PM »
Sounds like a cool idea.  Any gender restrictions?

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Re: - A Ninja Highschool Roleplay -
« Reply #6 on: April 06, 2015, 01:38:06 PM »
How do you mean?