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October 07, 2022, 07:29:50 am

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Author Topic: inFamous: Rise Up  (Read 1137 times)

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inFamous: Rise Up
« on: April 03, 2015, 01:15:16 pm »

It all started with the Ray Sphere. A mysterious device thrust into the hands of an unwitting courier, it went off in the middle of Empire City, ending countless lives in a single, violent stroke. They were the lucky ones. Those that did not die were forced to endure plague, government lockdown, mutants, and rampaging gangs. The courier, one Cole McGrath, managed to survive the Ray Sphere's detonation and he came out of it with powers one only thought could exist in a comic book.

It turns out Cole was something known as a 'Conduit'. Conduits or Bioterrorists are a sub-species of humans who possess superhuman abilities afforded them by the "Conduit gene". Conduits can be people or animals, and their abilities can range from manipulation of a certain form of energy or matter, to flight, enhanced senses and strength, or other physical or mental enhancements. Normal humans, either out of fear, jealousy, or prejudice often detest and reject Conduits, calling them "freaks", "deviants", or "bioterrorists" and on many accounts physically abusing them or those suspected to be one.

Cole McGrath turned out to be a hero, but he was not the only Conduit and not all humans are destined for heroics. When given such great powers, some must ultimately fall to corruption. Facing the threat of evolved humans wielding matter like clay, flying, and demonstrating enhanced healing capabilities, the government did the only thing it knows how to do; react with full, idiotic, overwhelming force.

The Department of Unified Protection is an organization created to arrest all Conduits, relabeled by the D.U.P as "bioterrorists," to ensure that the events of Empire City and New Marais are not repeated. They arrest, incarcerate, torture, and experiment on anyone demonstrating Conduit ability and will go to any lengths to ensure they are all captured. D.U.P. sweeps the country in their search and now they are in your home town.

They are coming for you.

Will you run? Will you hide? Will you join them? Will you fight? Or do you just live to cause chaos?

That's up to you.

Welcome to Grove City, California.

Information on Conduits
-History: Conduits are the result of a rare mutation in human beings. This ostensibly named "Conduit gene" is naturally occurring. Those with the Conduit gene usually have no powers at birth and may live their whole lives without realizing what they are, with few ways of identifying Conduit potential. There are rare exceptions to this, but these demonstrated abilities are minor. The gene was a distinctive part of the human anatomy, and can only be seen by a select few. They appear yellow in color, and are located in the torso, near the spinal cord of an individual.

-Ray Sphere Activation: The Ray Sphere was a device used by transferring the neuro-electric energy from a group of people to concentrate it into a human indevidual to unlock his/her powers. Though it will unlock the dormant abilities of the Conduit, it will kill the catalysts, and worse, cause a catastrophic explosion. Conduits that are caught within the explosion will have their abilities unlocked, though lesser in some form as to those in the center. Power can also be gained from the very inside of the Ray Sphere, a powerful vortex of energy.

-Natural Conduit Activation: A Conduit is able to unlock his/her powers naturally. However, as evidenced, it appears that although a Conduit can unlock his/her ability this way, the power will not appear until an event occurs that causes pressure on the Conduit.

-Ray Field Radiation Activation: Ray Field radiation is residual energy that soaks into the earth and certain conductive metals when near a Ray Sphere for a certain amount of time. Many of these so-called 'blast shards' were found in Empire City after the Ray Sphere explosion. Enough exposure to RFR can unlock and enhance a Conduit's powers.

-Power Combination: According to Dr. Sebastian Wolfe, the abilities of two Conduits can help produce better and more satisfactory results in terms of combat efficiency. This only works, it seems, between two Conduits that share an intimate bond, either through emotional or physical means. After such an occurrence both Conduits seem to demonstrate minor ability with each others' power.

General Abilities
-Enhanced Strength: Most, if not all Conduits possess greater ease when they physically exert themselves. This trait also allows them to fight off several heavily armed opponents without tiring, even while being near death. They also gain greater strength when tapping into their powers, which charges them molecularly and causes them to generate greater force and cause greater damage. When this happens, they generate aura that possesses the traits of their element.

-Particle Charge Manipulation: Conduits can generate great amounts of energy and force between molecults and particles near them, on them, or even part of them, allowing them to generate greater kinetic energy and other forces. This allows them to perform greater physical feats than humans.

-Enhanced Durability: Conduits are far more resistant to physical harm than a normal person.

-Enhanced Stamina: Conduits tire slower than a normal person, but not indefinitely.

-Healing Factor: Conduits heal faster than the normal person, allowing them to fully heal and recover in minutes, especially when exposed to their element. Their healing takes place on a molecular level, instantly re-materializing any part of their anatomy that is damaged. This causes them to be unable to be succumb to injuries and needing to be damaged rapidly and to great extents in order to be killed, as their healing only takes affect after a minute. Exposure to their element makes their healing fully repair them in a millisecond.

What is this game?
iF:RU is a freeform, sandbox game taking place in the inFamous universe. You need not have played the games to enjoy this. If you're unfamiliar, just think of it as a superhero game wherein certain select humans have been given these gifts and are now wanted by the government. Said government agency is now about to crack down in your home town and how you react is up to you. Are you an anarchist? A hero? Have you joined the government to hunt down other Conduits? There will be an over-arching plot, but events will largely be left up to the players own plotting and scheming. There is room for sex, romance, friendships, betrayal, combat, and adventure. All that's missing is you!