The Friendly Neighborhood Vampire::Male Victim Wanted::[Van]

Started by Zombie Apocalypso, October 18, 2008, 10:02:10 PM

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Zombie Apocalypso

The Friendly Neighborhood Vampire

~Lately I have certainly been noticing that my attachment to Vampires has taken a turn for the better.  In terms of ascent, my head is in the clouds and I think that I would like to portray a temptress of the night.~

____ _____ is your average frat boy by day and a vigilante/bartender/detective by night. While his reputation use to proceed him, his tom-catting is at an all time low due to long evenings around town taking various jobs to try and pay off his college debt, and long days in class trying to learn a useful trade. Despite not having enough time to do much else he does catch some TV and notices that the world is in an uproar over vampires coming out of the closet do to the recent surge in vampire accessible blood banks. He is for a few months much too busy to decide whether he agrees or disagrees with the vampire life style but when a gorgeous woman stumbles into his life he is introduced into a world that he never knew existed. At first they have a nice bar relationship, mostly just chatter at night with the bar to separate them. He has many questions about vampires, who wouldn't.

His first big break comes when a young frustrated cop asks him to get some pictures of a crime lord in some unlawful positions, its a tough job so he enlists her help knowing that she could possibly get into places he cannot, namely a strip joint called 'Six Aces' known to be frequented by this particular criminal. One thing leads to another and they end up making a quick getaway with pictures in hand. Upon cruising by their homes they realize that there are men waiting to snuff them out so they opt to buy a hotel for a Suite for a few days at a honeymooners hotel and opt to wait out the storm under a ritzy alias.

A few days later and their storm has turned into a full blown monsoon. Their alias becomes their new identities and they end up having to play the game a little longer then they would have wanted.

This is going to be somewhat comical.

I haven't really decided where to take it after they get comfortable with their new selves.

If you have any questions or comments please PM me.