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June 22, 2018, 06:31:25 AM

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Author Topic: M looking for F For Like-Minded, detailed RP  (Read 566 times)

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Offline arkhosTopic starter

M looking for F For Like-Minded, detailed RP
« on: April 02, 2015, 02:52:36 AM »
Storyline ideas/Ideas I am currently craving:

1) Blackmail Game - I am craving a story that I've tried once, that was going super-well before my partner's availability slipped to untenable levels.

In this story, your female character is someone in power. The head of a large corporation, business, law-firm, etc. My character is a small cog at the bottom of the totem-pole, working in Accounting or something like that. My character finds something that gives him -enormous- leverage over your character that would put her away in jail for 10+ years. Being attracted to your character, he wrestles with the different ideas that come to mind concerning what to -do- with this evidence... how to use it to his advantage...

This is a modern or near-future setting game.

2) Warhammer 40K - I LOVE the setting, especially the xeno races. There are tons of ideas I could come up with, as long as we can create a story that allows me to play an Eldar/Dark Eldar/Harlie/Exodite. There are tons of ideas we can explore, centering on various cultures and settings within the universe.

3) Warhammer Fantasy
- Like 40K, I love this setting as well, for the same reasons. I prefer playing -non- human characters (elves, wood elves, dark elves, barbarians, dwarves, etc) but am generally fine with my partner playing any race they wish.

4) Criminal On the Run - I like the story theme of my character being wanted by the law. Maybe he's committed a crime (or been framed for one) and is on the run. Maybe he hides out in your character's apartment. Maybe your character knows him... or doesn't know him at all. Maybe he's escaped prison and takes your character hostage. This story could cross the range, from Non-con to romance. I prefer a modern setting for this idea, though I could discuss the possibility of a different setting if convincing enough.

A few basic facts about me and my own personal rules:

What I Play: I will usually only play Male characters, though I can, have, and will run female NPCs when necessary. I only really enjoy MxF combinations. I have nothing against LGBT folks and have friends who label themselves as such, I simply do not feel comfortable RPing it. I very much enjoy playing characters that look like what -you- envision as being 'handsome'. I am not normally 'pre attached' to ideas of what my characters look like before writing begins. I am more than happy to play a character that looks the way you envision (see more on this below).

Method of RP: E-mail, PM's, Forum threads, are all ok with me. I am no longer interested in RP via Skype or IM. I definitely prefer posts in the forum, in our own thread.

Frequency of RP: This is probably the only point on which I am rather demanding. If you can not post  at -least- once a week, then I would urge you to skip on by. Yes, I understand we all have real-lives, families, jobs, etc. I understand that sometimes 'things come up'. I get it, and when those things happen, as long as I am aware of it, there's never a problem. But if delays become a 'regular' thing, then that is something different, and I will not hesitate to end an RP story because of it. There are plenty of folks who are perfectly fine with much slower post-rates, and that's great! I just am not one of them. Please, for both of our sakes - if you can't commit to at least one post a week - skip on by.

Communication: I also hope that communication will be possible. If you can't post for some time, or have issues with the story, etc, I hope that you will contact me.

Length of RP posts
: If you are a traditional "one liner" poster, I am definitely not a good fit for you. I love exquisite detail, and I myself am prone to giving more info rather than less. I do NOT expect you to post novels, but if you are not comfortable with going more than a few sentences at a time, then you should probably skip me. I expect posts to be 5+ -solid- paragraphs on average. You do -not- have to 'equal' my post size, but if you're dropping posts with one or two tiny paragraphs, our pairing will not last long.

Duration of RP: I prefer long-term arrangements rather than 'one-offs'. Sure, like most males, I get the urge for an occasional spontaneous scene, and that's ok. But I am currently only seeking long-term stories.

Content of RP: I am on E for a reason: for adult RP. I expect there to be sex scenes. I expect there to be occasional violence. If I wanted G-rated writing, there are places far better suited for finding such partners. I do not do 'fade to black' except in rare cases, and definitely not as a 'standard practice'. I don't do 'graphic violence' for the sake of it, but if a violent scene fits, it will appear. I do not seek out 'pure smut' RP, though. Most of my stories tend to hang around the 70% story/30% smut level, with varying degrees from there.

Quality of RP: By no means am I a 'pro' or an 'expert', but I put a lot of effort into RP, and would hope that you would as well. If you are easily upset/bored by longer posts, I likely would not be a good fit for you. I prefer partners who are skilled with the English language, and while I am not a spelling nazi by any means, nor am I a grammar nazi, if your writing is not even at a high-school level then likely we won't enjoy writing together very much.

OOC: I will not ask for OOC info. If you offer it on your own, that is perfectly acceptable. I am not looking to make you uncomfortable or creep you out. I enjoy OOC discussion, as I know that we are real people behind the keyboards. But I will not pursue OOC discussion at all if it disturbs you. I do expect plotting/planning PMs as needed, so that we know the direction we're heading. But anything beyond that is up to you and your comfort level.

Kinks: I have a current list of “Ons and Offs” in my profile. Here are a few highlights for your convenience:

     LIKES: Giving oral sex to females, dirty-talk between characters, accents, red hair, pubic hair of any kind, exotic/fantastical races/places/situations, graphic description, romance between characters, seduction, rough-sex, light hair-pulling, vocal partners, multiple-positions, teasing, pesudo-rape, foreplay, story-lines.

     DISLIKES/Absolute No: Children in sexual/super-violent situations, Toilet-play, Death, Dismemberment.

If something is not on my list, I would be happy to entertain your thoughts on the subject. I am an adult and am perfectly capable of discussing any of YOUR kinks as well, and am always looking to please! When in doubt, you are also welcome to check out a more thorough list of likes/dislikes, at my general F-List profile here:

Dom/Sub: Most of my characters are "Switch" characters, so can go either way. Flexible. I am not all that 'deep' into BDSM themes, but I am not against them, either.

Art/Pics: I highly encourage the use of pics, at least for character representation - though I do not require it. But I am also very fond of pics used in posts, whether to give an example of what an area looks like, or an item, maps, diagrams, etc. Some people prefer going 100% imagination, no pics - and I can deal with that. But I am also not against using pics/art, either.

Settings/Canons: These are SOME of the settings and Canons I enjoy RPing in. This is not meant to be a 'complete' list. If you have one in particular you'd like to explore, please let me know and we'll see if there's some space for compromise!:

Star Wars
Star Trek
Dragon Age
Mass Effect
Walking Dead
Black Sails
Game of Thrones
Warhammer 40K (Craving)
Warhammer Fantasy
Dresden Files

Settings/Canons I am NOT interested in:

Harry Potter
50 Shades
Fast & Furious

Story themes:

Themes from songs by Therion, Nightwish, Kamelot, Rush, Symphony X, Within Temptation, Delain.

Themes from history such as Rome, Greece, American West. Military and Police themes, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Modern Fantasy as well as Spy themes.

I also have various pictures that I'd be willing to share of women I'd -love- to play against. Just ask!

Feel free to have a look at my past posts for writing samples, and if something strikes your fancy - please feel free to give me a PM! Chatting is free and fun, and can't hurt. :)

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Offline arkhosTopic starter

Re: M looking for F For Like-Minded, detailed RP
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2015, 08:03:25 PM »
Updated cravings, mostly.

Please feel free to send a PM anytime. :)