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Author Topic: The boredom of Karada Tamashï (Ichikuji High) [Academy][Always Recruiting]  (Read 2524 times)

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AKA the anime where the MC goes from average looking to somewhat bishounen in a season.

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Just one. The homeroom teacher... and there's a nurse too if I recall correctly.
Sleepy midnight phone post, please excuse any spelling errors.

Yes there's space. Only factory is the holdeplass teacher and an NPC/character-relevant nurse. All sheets go by PM.
Indeed!  The school nurse is my character's oldest sister.

Offline LynnetteTopic starter

Sleepy midnight phone post, please excuse any spelling errors.

Yes there's space. Only factory is the holdeplass teacher and an NPC/character-relevant nurse. All sheets go by PM.

Autocorrect, you're my bae.

Never leave me.

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This is what 'holdeplass' made me think of
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Offline Nazora

After procrastinating I finally had an interesting idea so I thought I'd see if you were still recruiting.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Name: Takanaka Osamu
Age: 17
Nationality: Japanese

Physical Description: Osamu is a slender girl with pale skin. She often wears her hair in pig-tails. She usually walks around with her head down. She doesn't do much to take care of her hair or clothes. Doesn't shave her legs. She doesn't manicure her nails. She doesn't have any piercings. Sometimes her uniform is out of place and she doesn't bother about it unless she is told. She likes to wear black clothes, and boyish clothes with long sleeves when she can. If one see's her smile they probably won the lottery. Though she is cute and healthy, she doesn't do anything to accent herself. She'll often be seen with a red or wet nose due to allergies among other things.

Sexual Orientation: Hetero with low interest. Though not entirely sure of what she likes.

Are you willing to swap minds with a character who’s gender is opposite of your own?: yes

Personality: First and foremost, she hates her first name, and only uses it at home. She tries to use the self-given nickname 'Sumi' at times. Her lack of focus and self esteem make getting good grades difficult. But when teachers give her positive reinforcement she soaks it in and does really well in a class. If a teacher belittles her she loses all focus and does worse than she'd do left alone. If something cheers her up it usually doesn't last long, the next day always starts with an aura of gloom. Her gloominess has been a reason that many have picked on her, and she often finds herself socially unaccepted. She has next to no sense of self worth as a person. Her allergies and nearsightedness only add to the social stigma as an underachieving geek. She doesn't seem to have any hobbies, very little interests her except her gloomy music choices. Sometimes she will be seen at the arcade playing video games. She will perpetually miss gym class and is failing the subject because of it, yet not because she dislikes the class. 

Background:Osamu has a boy's name, her parents had desired a boy more than anything else. They prayed for a boy, but instead their first child was a girl. What was worse, Osamu's mother had a complicated pregnancy that left her unable to conceive ever again.  Every day both her parents remind her that she was not quite what they wanted. Sometimes with subtle hints, sometimes openly. She is expected to do chores around the house and be an obedient daughter, and though she tries her best she is never acknowledges for it. Her father is very traditional in his expectations about how the family should be managed. When he does not get his way, he can be abusive.  He will not hesitate to manhandle his daughter roughly if she dares to talk back or fail in her duties. She often has bruises on her upper arms, where her father grasps her at times, sometimes to push her across the room. If she breaks curfew or fails in her chores she can get roughed up a bit for it. Though since it is never anything serious, at least to Osamu, she tries to hide it as best she can. Her mother is not much better, as she'll come right out and say often that Osamu is the reason for all the families misfortunes, not simply because she was a daughter instead of a son, but because in her mother's eyes it is Osamu's fault that she is unable to give birth again. She has even been called a demon girl by her own mother. No matter what she does, neither of her parents will ever say any word of praise to her. And yet, it's the one thing Osamu desires most in the world, besides a name change.

Note: Osamu is arranged to be married by her by her father to somebody she doesn't care for. She has steadfastly avoided the commitment, and resisted her father's will since she was sixteen using the excuse that she needs to finish high school first. This is another source of tension between her and her family.

Major Likes: Receiving praise, Ice cream, sweet foods, cute outfits, video games, sports, romance manga.

Major Dislikes: Her real first name, spicy food, pollen, yelling.

Ons: Many. Haven't really been a bondage victim in quite some time.
Offs: Bodily waste functions. I don't think any offs will come up here.
Ons/Offs thread: See my footer

I posted that without sending to the game master first. Apologies.
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Online Yugishogun

Interesting character. :)

Offline Haibane


You always make the most complex and subtle characters. I grew quite depressed and sympathetic for Sumi as I read her profile. I have seen this "blame for just being born" evidenced a lot in anime/manga. I wonder if its a true Japanese cultural trait or is exaggerated for tragic effect in Japanese stories?

Offline LynnetteTopic starter

I wonder if its a true Japanese cultural trait or is exaggerated for tragic effect in Japanese stories?

it's a vanishing thing, but it is definitely a thing. Like a lot of older traditions, it's slowly being washed away, but very long bloodlines still practice such, to my knowledge anyways. I'm not saying it doesn't happen that it gets exaggerated, but it's usually highly hoped for that the first born is a son, while the second-born's gender is less relevant.

Offline Nazora

Reaper is right. It's actually a far bigger thing in China now, mainly because of the one child policy I think. I hope to have a first post up by Monday.