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Started by Wolfblackthorne, April 01, 2015, 03:01:41 PM

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World so cold
In a not so distant future..

No one knows exactly how or why it happened..
The world has fallen into a deep, dark ice age. Many have died of cold, or simply starving  to death. What remains of humanity has sought refuge underground. Kept warm by  harnessing geothermal vents, mankind struggles to survive. Above ground, ice and cold reign supreme. The frozen, empty and dead remnants of what was  human cities stand as a grim reminder. New creatures that have adapted to the cold add to the perils of the often times freezing temperatures as well as the fear of the raiding bands of ravenous, cannibals that hide within the husks of once live population centers. Glaciers and snow bury once tall man made monuments, erasing man's achievements from the face of the earth.

The survivors  use fire and limited weapons to comb the surface during the times when the sun is out  to forage for supplies and other  useful items. Sustained by small gardens grown under ground, the settlers of these colonies look to the grey skies, surviving one day at a time, holding on to the slim hope  that something will change for the better. For how long can they hold out in a world so cold?

*Looking for a female writer to play as  either another survivor or some other character within this world setting. Story leans more toward plot. Details open for discussion.  PM if interested.*

Inheriting Darkness taken

While overseas on an academic scholarship,  he received a message from his  younger sister on his cell, that his grandfather had died, he arrives two days later at his grandfather's  estate having missed the  funeral. The house is large with white stone pillars looming in the front. He had no talked to his sister in years after dad had died. Seeing her there, waiting on the porch as he pulled up, woke raw feelings. Small words were exchanged between them as they went into the house. The attorney present read them both the will. His sister got the  priceless old Packard parked in the garage. He on the other hand got the house . And one more thing in the basement for his eyes only. The attorney handed him a envelope saying that would explain everything else before leaving. What could it be?

Going down to the basement that night, he discovered his grandfather was not quite exactly the kind, funny man who worked for forty years as a salesman. Down in the basement was all sorts of  strange looking black book. It was large  and leather bound. An eerie feeling surrounded the book. His sister, growing more freaked out  by the moment, fled back upstairs. Following her, he decided to read the letter. Curious  what it might contain, his sister begged to listen as he read. He wasn't opposed to it. So they both sat down on a beautiful leather couch  in front of an ominous looking fireplace  and began to read..

*Looking for female to play either the sister or other characters that will come up in the story. This is where the story kicks off. Details can be  discussed in Pm. Story can go a lot of ways.PM if interested.*

Note: These are intended to not  be one shots but rather ongoing rps