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Author Topic: College Romance. Requesting Female player  (Read 765 times)

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Offline aaronTopic starter

College Romance. Requesting Female player
« on: October 18, 2008, 12:34:30 PM »
I have an idea for a game that takes place on a college campus. The main characters are a nerdy boy hell bent on revenge, and an attention craving girl with an abusive boyfriend.

Mark was walking back to his dorm one night, it was around 9:00 on a Friday so naturally everyone else on campus would be drunk by now. It was the shortest path to his dorm, but took him past a frat house which was always the loudest place around. Normally he would walk by, believing they would leave him alone if he did not bother them. Tonight was different.

Three big Jocks were outside leaning against the building passing around a bottle. One of them yelled
"Hey kid! Wanna drink?"
"No" was all Mark could think of to say. He recognized the one who spoke. A guy named Brent who was the biggest dumbest one of the bunch. Predictable really.
"Don't you know who I am? Get over here" He yelled. A second later Mark was being carried into the frat house where they poured beer all over him and beat him for several hours. He fought back, he begged, he tried to run. Nothing worked so he just took it. After a while they carried him back outside and threw him in a dumpster.

Smelling like every foul thing he had ever imagined, and covered in bruises and cuts. He had time to think during the whole event, and he concluded that he would find revenge on the three who did this to him. Mark was thinking only about how to catch and torture them as he was losing consciousness.
*                        *                         *
Capri was dating Brent at the time. During her freshmen year she wanted desperately to fit in with the popular crowd. She slept around, drank as much as everyone else, and became a cheerleader. After doing that for a few months she started regretting it. She was stuck dating a scumbag that threatened her every time she tried to dump him. If she left him, Brent would spread stories about her throughout the school and staying popular would be impossible.

Brent was running out of threats though since he already beat her and told lies about her while hitting on her friends. Capri was starting to get the courage to stand up to him.

Tonight she was sitting alone at a party trying to relax and saw Brent walk in with some scrawny kid. She did not know his name, it was irrelevant to her. She watched her boyfriend beat the kid to a pulp. It made her sick.

"Leave him alone, he didn't do anything to you" Capri said, while trying to pull her boyfriend away.
"Stop being a bitch" He replied automatically, slapping her hard across the face.

The girl tried in vain to stop him but eventually gave up, finding a bathroom to clean her own wounds. When she was done she stepped outside to get away from everyone. There was a noise coming from a dumpster nearby.

PM me if you want to play Capri.

Offline aaronTopic starter

Re: College Romance. Requesting Female player
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2008, 01:33:09 PM »
Ok I will be doing this one with Laeori