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Author Topic: Children of Angel's  (Read 271 times)

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Children of Angel's
« on: March 29, 2015, 07:18:05 PM »
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I wanted to do this on a different site, however I found that site was too small for this Role Play's potential.

You see I read all of the translations of the bible and what I see in the verses that speak of the Nephilim and the spawn of God's children and man is that the Nephilim were around before the angel's fell, and the angels were legends among men.
How 'they' tell it is that the Nephilim are the son's and daughters of angel's who had lain with men, yada, yada.

So I want to do an RP about a really small town with a really big secret.
The town was born from the ashes of a native american colony whose founders and guardians were actually angels cast from the heavens for acts of defiance against God. Naturally this leads to the town being very secretive and a bit hostile to the prying outsiders.
I want to start with my character, the older brother of three siblings and only son to a woman who had left the village to be with his father [an outsider] (some plot twists involved with this) returning with his younger sisters to try and reclaim his family's place in the village.

The main story line will be an ongoing war between the children of the children of god and the Nephilim, giants among men. I want the Nephilim to be creatures like the Titans from Attack on Titan.

A description of the town will be slipped into the intro post of the IC assuming there is one.
I was thinking of the name Seraph Falls or something along those lines, user input is expected.

The house of Abbadon; Fallen angel of destruction

The house of Amduscias; A fallen angel who watches over the mystical creatures that man refuses to see. (It's more spicy than angel who appears as a unicorn...)

The house of Andr; A group of fallen angels that watch over the beasts that men attend to.

The house of Azzabaal; A group of fallen angels who teach the way of the lord, hoping to earn his favor once again.

The house of Baraq; A fallen angel who watches the stars. (only god knows why XP)

The house of Behemoth; A fallen angel of the deep, who watches over it's creatures

The house of BiBuer; A fallen angel who learns of the world and passes on those learnings

The house of Caim; A fallen angel that haunt's war

The house of Dantanian; A fallen angel that teaches the ways of tricksters

The house of Belial; A fallen angel that teaches of lust and feminism

The house of Zepar; literally Cupid...-.-

Character Sheets:

Patron Angel: (Like patron saints whose values guide the life of some religious folks the angelic blood in your family will determine some conditions on your power or abilities)
Bio: Your character doesn't have to be a local, but will have to go without powers unless touched by an angel.
Etc, etc.: Miscellaneous info here.

Post a character and a hearty HELL YEAH! If you're interested.