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Author Topic: Current Cravings of the Pen (M for F)  (Read 2044 times)

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Current Cravings of the Pen (M for F)
« on: March 28, 2015, 02:53:10 PM »
All ideas can be one shots or more long-term. They are very simple ideas, designed to be expanded upon by whomever is interested.

Please PM with what idea you are interested in.

First, I shall list some pairings that interest me. There are potential plots of varying degrees for all.

Please note, I am only interested in playing the MALE role in a pairing. If a role is gender-neutral, then the Male can be either role.

Various Pairings:
Husband/Wifes Best Friend
Husband/Wifes Sister
Wife/Younger Man
Bride/Best Man
Wife/(Husbands) Boss
Father/Daughters Best Friend
Sugar Daddy/Younger Woman
Cougar/Younger Man
Older Man/Girl Next Door
Boyfriend/Girlfriends Sister
Boyfriend/Girlfriends Mother
Girlfriend/Boyfriends Brother(s)
Girlfriend/Boyfriends Father

Various Plots:

The Bunny Ranch
The Bunny Ranch is a famous Brothel, known to cater to your every need. The girls are clean and safe, have their own rooms and strict guidelines. They are there solely for your pleasure. One can either make an appointment with a specific girl (or girls), willing to do almost anything for the right price. Some rooms cater to specific themes as well and you can get anything from a sensual massage to an 'Around the World'.

Andrew is a young man with not a lot of sexual experience. He is socially shy and awkward around girls but has recently inherited a large sum of money from an Uncle he was not aware of. He has also recently seen the Bunny Ranch in the news and has decided that perhaps he can live out some fantasies by visiting it a few times, perhaps either spending money on one girl or a few different ones. The options are almost endless and Andrew is both excited and nervous for his trip to the Bunny Ranch!

He is interested in the following types of girls (some categories can be combined):
Blondes: OPEN
Redheads: OPEN
Brunettes: OPEN
Asians: OPEN
Petite: OPEN
Tall: OPEN
Schoolgirl Theme
Teacher Theme
Bondage Theme
Stripper Theme
Anal + Vaginal
Public Sex

Office Blackmail
Sarah was one of those girls who always looked good, no matter what she wore. She was very outgoing and friendly, comfortable in any sort of setting. She drew a lot of male attention from her coworkers (and some female) and there were always rumors that she had 'hooked up' with some one in the office, but no one ever admitted to that sort of thing.

Andrew, on the other hand, was the quiet IT guy who no one ever noticed. Or thanked, for replacing the empty toner on the printer, removing the virus from their computer, or making sure there was always a large stock of supplies in the store room. He was the fly on the wall, hidden in the corner, that no one ever noticed. And he had a huge crush on Sarah.

Being a whiz with computers, it didn't take long for Andrew to dig up dirt on her. Sarah, it seemed, had been a wild-child in college, with videos and pictures of her days back then that could ruin any sort of career she wanted. So Andrew decided to take what he wanted, starting a process of Anonymous Blackmail, breaking her down, revealing the true submissive side she had.


Richard could not believe it, not until his doorbell rang and he opened his door to her standing right there, on HIS doorstep! He had won a 'dream date' with Sara Underwood! There would be photos and an autograph, some video game playing, then dinner and maybe some dancing. He wasn't so keen on the last part - he'd never really gone to a club or even knew how to dance. But with her bubbly personality and her outgoingness, it was hard to say no to her. Especially later that night, when she decided it would be a good idea to go skinny-dipping in his hot tub. He couldn't believe it but was goaded into it and she couldn't believe the size of his package, when she caught a glimpse of it, leading to a night neither of them would ever forget.

Domination and Submission
Ashley was infatuated with the man next door. Her room overlooked his property and she couldn't help but watch when he had a lady over. They were always submissive to him, all wore the same collar or choker around their necks, and, well, the sex looked amazing to Ashley! She'd often touch herself, imagining what it would be like to be with him. But she was far to inexperienced to even know what sex was like in the first place. Besides, the man was in his late 20's or early 30's, wile she was just a teenager.

But he he had been watching her too. He knew that she had been watching and touching herself. He even did certain things to entice her. But they had never really met, or talked before. Then, a house further down the street through a neighborhood pool party, and they both showed up to it. She was wearing her bikini and was cooling off in the pool, with lots of other people, when she felt hands on her hips and a groin pressing against her ass.

She would have freaked out, normally, but when she turned her head and saw it was him, she turned to putty in his hands. The pool was too crowded for anyone to notice, so she started to rub herself back against him. It lasted a few long moments before he let her go, and introduced himself properly. He even invited her over, to his place, to use his pool whenever she wanted. She knew just what that invitation really meant. The following day, she knocked on his door.

She wanted to be one of his girls, to learn everything there was to know. And he was willing to teach her, to break her, to make her his newest pet of many, to be used and enjoyed by others and not just himself.

Cherry Pie
It started innocently enough, receiving a text message from his daughters best friend saying they had arrived at their destination. Then there had been a picture of the two of them together. But from there, things had started to progress. Jennifer would text him, mostly questions about things, then more and more images of herself. A little innocent flirting, until the selfies began to show more and more skin. He knew he should have tried to stop things the first time she had sent him a picture of herself in her new lingerie, but he hadn't. It wasn't long after that that she sent him a picture of herself in her new panties...and nothing else.

By that point, it had gone too far to stop now. A little persuasion from her and he sent her his first ever 'dick-pick' which was received well by her. She responded with a full nude picture of herself - with her fingers clearly touching a very specific part of her. That was the start of some 'sexting' as the kids called it.

And things were about to reach a head, as Jennifer was spending the weekend with them.

An extra-marital Affair
Jessica had married in her early 20's to a man who was nearly 40 at the time. It had been an arranged marriage, to a man of great wealth, and didn't take into consideration her own desires. She was a virgin and still was a virgin, despite two years of marriage. They had tried, a few times, but her husband could never get hard enough to even begin to attempt to do what she wanted. She soon found her answer as to why - findinga host of gay-porn on his computer one day. To say that that was upsetting was an understatement.

So she did something she'd never done before, posting a CraigsList Ad, looking for some one 'experienced' and 'handsome' to help her explore her sexuality. She wasn't expecting the dozens of responses she got, but after a grueling check list, she finally agreed to meet up with a man, close to her in age, and see what happened. Sparks flew between them on their 'first date' and it wasn't long before she was giving herself to him, in her marriage bed one afternoon.

The Girl and the Geek
Sarah was an attractive teen and a very popular girl. There was always a swarm of other girls around her and her central clique and she was the type of girl who was dating the star quarterback of the school. And with her, the rumors of promiscuity were mostly true about her. She enjoyed having a good time and knew how to have one.

Andrew, on the other hand, was the kid who was constantly picked on. He was quite the nerd or geek, more comfortable interacting with computers than with girls in any sense. He didn't have many friends and was rarely seen at any of the parties. He was your Average Joe when it came to looks, but was packing a surprise.

Andrew didn't know why he had showed up at the party but by the time he did, the alcohol was already flowing freely an no one really noticed him. A game of '7 minutes in heaven' was started and he got thrown into a dark closet, with Sarah - the hottest girl in the school - of all people! She was a huge flirt and a tease and while she didn't know who she had been put in the closet with, it didn't matter to her (or that she already had a boyfriend) - she started kissing the boy, grinding up against him, putting his hands on her breasts, knowing it would drive him wild. But she couldn't help but notice the size of the erection that was pressing against her, her hand quickly sliding down to check it out even more. It was the biggest cock she had ever felt and she knew she needed to see it - and do more to it than just see it.

Giving the stranger her number, she told him to 'get in contact' with her so they could 'hang out later'. As it turns out, they had a history class together and had just been assigned a group project, and they were to be a team. Andrew was clearly the smartest person in the class and she struggled the most, so the teacher had paired them together. While he had a lot to teach her about history, she had a lot to teach him about the female body and sex in general!

Even more ideas can be found here!
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Re: Current Cravings of the Pen (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2015, 03:48:17 PM »
Updated with plot ideas.