Sadistic Seme, Demanding Seke, and Feisty Uke

Started by Dabi, March 27, 2015, 03:58:14 PM

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I'd appreciate it if you Personal messaged me.

ⓢⓣ⒤ⓒ⒦ⓢ and ⓐⓝⓓ stones ⒲⒤⒧⒧ brake ⒨⒴ bones.
ⓑ⒰ⓣ whips ⓐ⒩ⓓ chains ⓔ⒳ⓒ⒤ⓣⓔ me.


casualness, clothing sex, competition, exercise, fingers in mouth, dirty talking, flexibility, hand jobs, inexperienced partners, massaging, navel play, nonsexual licking, nonsexual servitude, photography/videography black mail.
pre-existing relationships,  public masturbation, romantic, sexual licking, shaving, strip tease, tail pulling, tickling, Male pregnancy and physical exhaustion

Hello their, welcome all.

I'm in my early twenties living in the UK so I understand the time zone may be difficult for most, but please don't let that stop you from messaging me. As I cater for most time zones and will get an immediate reply if not within the 24 hours, 48 at most depending the creativity level. But since I've been doing more things in the real world my creativity seemed to have came back.

My experience?

I'm extremely good at being a male despite being female. I have 10 years of writing under my belt writing more so for myself poetry to short novels. Purely for my enjoyment. I am experienced with m x m and straight couple relationship. Returning to old flames, or pre-existence I know some people can find it off putting to have an already kindled relationship but please, that doesn't put me off at all. If that's your thing.

I'm fine with 10 year relationship gaps. As I love age-gaps, although myself I don't see age on a person.  I have dated in real I was 22 my guy was 35. So I'm completely fine in-fact it's slight a  turn on for my guy characters. Their aren't many kinks that I will say no too as I like to learn more about what makes people tick. Please understand I do not write purely for the smut I have to have chemistry that makes sense and real-thought out motion instead of falling in love head over heals, even if I do believe in love in first sight. Just make it make sense.

What position do I prefer? I am a seke, a versatile partner. I neither prefer dominance, or to be submissive I love unpredictable behaviours and reactions. I can play submissive and dominate you. Bed or out. But please if I am dom don't quiver like a mary sue give me some challenge. Or battle for dominance I love that. Make me swoon over you, make it worth my while to remember why I chose you as a partner to be in bed with.

And nooo please... no one liners.


♥ Pairings and Plots ♥

England x Scotland.
England x Canada
England x Russia
Shy Guy x Shy Girl
Shy guy x bully (male)
Nerd x Jock
Nerd x Nerd,
Jock x older school bully
sister x sister
Brother x brother
Brother x sister
Next door neighbour x wife,
Head teacher x parent
Student x head teacher
Best Friends
Shy Guy x Bad Girl
Deaf x Mute
Blind x Blind
Best Friend x Best Friend's ex
"Average" x "Average"
Ex change student x student
Timid Guy x Popular Girl
Popular guy x shy girl.
Shy x Tutoring Student
Unlikely Pair
Child hood friend x childhood friend.
Liberian x  Sports player
Model x photographer
Assassins x target
Assassins x Templar
Assassins x pirate  (They will be set in a different zone)


Gifted human x spirit/ghost
Medium x human
ghost x ghost
Reincarnation x vampire
Blind x ghost

Vampire x human
vampire x vampire
vampire x shape shifter,
ware wolf x human
Werewolf x werewolf,
Angel x demon,
demon x human,
hunter x supernatural creature,
Shape shifter x witch,
Witch x warlock,
Witch x cursed human,
- Person from the Past x Present Day Person


- · 16th century anything {Pirates, bourgeoisie, royals, or some cross-over}
- . · Crime {Police, assassins, targets. Any time period.}
- . ·1 8th century American Revolution {Loyalists, separatists, British, or Americans}
Mafia {Mafia members, police officers, private investigators, or whatever}
· - Slice of life {We need to plan a plot or something before we begin. Plopping two characters in, like, a library or something gets boring real damn fast.}
-Mythology {Humans, Ancient gods, etc. etc. etc. Any time period.}
· Motorcycle Gangs
· Age of Exploration {15th-17th century Europeans traveling to exotic lands. Can include fantasy.}

- Black sails,
-Black dagger brotherhood,
- Midnight breed series,
- Lords of the underworld,
- Harry potter,
- Dark series,
- Lord of the Rings,
- Assassins creed black flag,
- Assassins creed, Revelations,
- Assassins creed 2.

Anime related-

-Ouran host club,
- Free
- Toradora
- La corda d'oro primo
- Death note,
- Shugo chara
- Angel beats,
- Gravitation,