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Started by GnothiSeauton, March 26, 2015, 10:25:19 PM

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I recently started this story in the hopes of maybe finding someone to write it with me...

What I had in mind is a bit of a secret and hidden romance based upon my story idea entitled "Sugar"

Sugar - Story Idea

Inspirations:  Random Thoughts
Rating:  Light Human, Bondage Human, or Extreme Solo (Depending on Kinks)
Pairing:  Male X Female (Sex Worker X Client
Looking For:  Seeking Male or Female Characters for Either Role.
Themes:  Modern.  Sex Trafficking.  Age Difference.  Taboo Romance.  Blackmail.  Dangerous and Toxic Relationships.  Sexual Slavery


This story is based off of a previous story I attempted with someone some time ago, with it ending very early in the story.  Still, after all this time, it's been on my mind and has been something I've been wanting to do again, but different with a certain amount of changes I'd like to add to it to make it different from the original.

It was only for the money.  When she first started doing it, she had no idea what she was doing.  Prostitution.  There was no way to sugar coat it.  She hated it.  Deep down, she loathed what she was doing.  Trading her body for a college education in the city.  Even after a year of doing it under her belt, she hated it.  If it weren't for the money, she would have given it up from the very beginning. 

But then she came across him.  At first, she pegged him as just another rich douche.  A businessman in town looking for a night of pleasure and fun with a girl more than half his age.  Yet, as the night wore on, there was something different about him.  He seemed genuinely interested in her, a much welcomed change from the usual pace of men who wanted nothing more than to fuck and fuck and fuck. More and more she looked forward to their dates, anxious, and a little excited, even if she didn't know much of anything about him.

So when he offered to pay for everything, from putting her up in a decent apartment in the city just blocks away from the college, to paying for her tuition and getting her a new job, she couldn't refuse.  The only thing she had to do was give up her then-current line of work, to focus her attentions solely upon him, to be his and only his.  There was a certain sense of freedom that came with that.  With him gone, she was her own person, free and independent.  But what would happen when she wanted out of it? What would happen if she tried to back out, to be friends, and keep their arrangement going?  What if she found someone she truly liked?

No.  He wouldn't let her go so easily.  He'd make her choose, to be his and reap the benefits, or go back to the life she left behind?

Also open to having this as a Male Prostitute X Female Client

Essentially a story between a sex worker and a client that, while turns into something like a romantic tryst, becomes something a little bit more darker and dangerous.  I'm open for either male or female characters to play the escort and love interest for my character.

If interested, please PM me.
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