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Author Topic: A year in the life of a Time Lord*  (Read 15187 times)

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Re: A year in the life of a Time Lord*
« Reply #25 on: April 19, 2015, 03:21:30 PM »
19th April 2015
Popped to Tesco to pick up food for the week this morning. Came home and started my fishing on Runescape. Way over 60m now. Spent the afternoon watching gameshow programs on Challenge, which was pretty fun. Had a pizza for tea, and I've done some colouring in with a nice mythological creatures book that my boyfriend has claimed and is now colouring for me. Woo.

Plan on watching films for the rest of my day and fishing. Work tomorrow, as long as I get the bulk of my newsletter finished tomorrow I'm on track for the rest of the week. Easter is over, thank god, so we shouldn't be awfully busy.

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Re: A year in the life of a Time Lord*
« Reply #26 on: April 20, 2015, 06:09:51 PM »
20th April 2015
Super slow work day. Managed to get the majority of what I wanted to do today done... Not that I had much planned today. Took part in and Easter review meeting with Education and the apprentices, and planned for what we could change for May Day.
Biggest news of the day is that I've been invited into the team leader meetings from tomorrow, which is a terrifying prospect but pretty awesome.

Aquariums are out on Runescape! I'm thrilled about this, and I spent my evening getting to 63 construction from 41 and have set out to get the fish for the aquarium. This unlocks perks and things to help me with my 120 fishing.

Currently rewatching Father Ted because of Father Ted night the other day. Bit addicted.

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Re: A year in the life of a Time Lord*
« Reply #27 on: April 22, 2015, 02:37:07 AM »
21st April 2015
Sneaky morning post!

Went to Specsavers again to get my glasses sorted. AGAIN. They seem to be fine now, my eyes just need to hurry up and stop being lazy about focusing on short distance now. Grabbed stuff from Greggs for lunch. The boyfriend got 99 Thieving on Runescape when he woke up. We always are together for our 99s... It's been a tradition since we got together and started playing in 2008. We were there for each other's firsts.
I popped into work for 3 to sit in on my first Team Leader's meeting. Terrifying prospect, but it was helpful for me in my marketing position.

Was hankering for a Dominos for tea, but ended up having a steak slice and peas, potato waffles and yorkie puds. It was rather nice, and was good fuel for trying to find a few things for my boyfriend's last experiment. Went looking for distilled water (ha) and black mustard seeds. Went to Tesco, where we found neither but I got some cream soda and he got banana mini rolls, and Asda, where we got stuff for tea tonight. Ended up ordering the seeds and a Doctor Who book online because of Amazon's silly 10 ordering thing.

And now I need to get ready for work!

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Re: A year in the life of a Time Lord*
« Reply #28 on: April 22, 2015, 04:11:05 PM »
22nd April 2015
Hideously busy day. Productive, though. Started by giving some training to our apprentices regarding blogging, and had a bit of a sit and think of what I can get them to write.
Getting them to write them is now the hard part.
As a sidenote, it's so unusual training people, given that I was in the position of being trained almost two years ago now.

Had a meeting regarding our Medieval Fair. Almost done the design work on our leaflets and adverts for that, will hopefully be finished by tomorrow.
Looking forward to the Medieval fair. This is the first proper fair I'll be working when I can spend cash. Bring it onnnn.

The rest of the day was spent doing the graphic design work and other bits and pieces, including getting my  newsletter out.

Boyfriend got the go ahead to used Ionised water instead of distilled, so that's helpful and sorted, and they've switched to cress seeds so the mustard seeds might have to be sent back.
Shall see, though.

Would like to sleep and sleep now, thanks.

Offline Oniya

Re: A year in the life of a Time Lord*
« Reply #29 on: April 23, 2015, 11:49:59 AM »
You could always plant the mustard seeds in a window-box or something.  Or you could just cook them and add them to curry (

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Re: A year in the life of a Time Lord*
« Reply #30 on: April 24, 2015, 12:24:28 PM »
That was the initial idea for the boyfriend's experiment, to be grown in a box thing. I don't like mustard, so the cooking bit is out. ;o
They're gonna end up sitting around just for the fun of being shook up when bored.

23rd & 24th April 2015
Yesterday was pretty busy, too. Somebody had cashed our float up wrong for the start of the day... She'd properly fucked up yesterdays cashing up, so that was our first crisis of the day.
Second crisis: Entire curatorial team had been wiped out overnight with a mysterious illness or bug. So that meant the apprentice I was on the desk with had to step in for part of Quiet Day.
Quiet Days is where we hold a number of themed activities for children with special needs. Yesterday's theme was St George's Day.

Got my advert finished a week before deadline, which is awesome. Happy about that. Learnt how to set up one of our digital tables...
And that's about it, really.

I've managed to finish most of my Runescape aquarium, unlocking the baitless fishing perk I was after.

This morning I woke up earlier than I wanted, but I watched Lost River, which I've been waiting to watch for a long time now. I'm hideously biased, of course, because of Matt Smith, but I really enjoyed it. It's clearly an indie film, but the story is interesting, and it was good to watch. Artistic.
Do like.

Aiming for 62.5m fishing exp today. It's looking likely. It's also hideously warm and I hate it.
I do.

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Re: A year in the life of a Time Lord*
« Reply #31 on: April 26, 2015, 12:10:59 PM »
25th & 26th April 2015
Popped up to Newcastle yesterday morning. Grabbed some food and some doughnuts from Krispy Kreme, very very tasty.
This weekend has been fairy slow except for popping for food shopping yesterday. I got a lot of fishing exp, but that's about all. Working through the final few series of Stargate with the boyfriend during our downtime.

Today has been so slow that I haven't even gotten properly dressed. Very, very lazy day. Watched James & The Giant Peach, and I'm watching Labyrinth for the first time. The second Ace Ventura is on after this, so that's this evening sorted.
Tea will be a hopefully nice M&S Spag Bol.

I'm off tomorrow, which is a mess up to my normal routine, but I could do with a rest before what could be an awful Tuesday.

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Re: A year in the life of a Time Lord*
« Reply #32 on: April 27, 2015, 12:22:53 PM »
27th April 2015
Bloody hell, it's almost May. Time is flying this year. It's ridiculous.

Today... Today I had some wonderful toast for breakfast, and I started off my Student Finance application, which is not as straightforward as it really should be, given that one of the questions is 'Do you want to apply for a tuition loan?'
Yes I do, that is why I am on your website.
Dear me.

Picked up the Shadow Drake on Runescape (I spend far too much money on ridiculous shit and I heart pets in games) and he's growing up as I fish, which I'm happy about. Enjoying my nice day off before what could be an awfully busy day tomorrow with work and training in the evening, which I'm planning on finding out more about tomorrow.

Today has been another quiet day, really. Pie for tea and I need to shower, and then that's about it.

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Re: A year in the life of a Time Lord*
« Reply #33 on: April 29, 2015, 04:14:02 PM »
28th & 29th April 2015
Yesterday was hideously busy. I tried to get most of my newsletter written and failed miserably, but made a lot of notes regarding the second meeting I took part in. Taken responsibility of the posers, aaa.
I don't remember much of my work day except that I got away late and I felt awful yesterday night, which has probably been the cause of forgetting most of it.

Today was equally as awfully busy. Went in with a lovely to-do list, left with two things crossed off. Never get anything done when I'm working the desk as well as marketing, it's just a struggle to concentrate. It's necessary, though, so can't complain.
Was going fine until the advert I had made for deadline tomorrow was returned as the magazine staff told me the event is before their publish date.
That's what I get for trusting blindly and not double checking. Developed a new one in about an hour, got the newsletter out, left late. But only by ten minutes after cashing up, too.

Our lovely apprentices also blocked the sink, which was awesome of them.

Had some spicy but gorgeous fajitas for tea, courtesy of the boyfriend, and I'm fishing and will be watching a bit more Stargate tonight. Have also managed to have a catch up chat with the long distance boyfriend (Poly relationship) tonight, we haven't spoken in a while over phone, so that was nice.

Need to drop off May Day flyers at the Library for work tomorrow, and off until Avengers at the IMAX in the evening. Expensive, long way away, but a good night with the boyfriend. Looking forward to it.

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Re: A year in the life of a Time Lord*
« Reply #34 on: May 01, 2015, 11:25:03 AM »
30th of April & 1st of May 2015
Yesterday was quiet, had to pop into town to drop some leaflets off at the library for work. Grabbed some lunch and came home.
Left at 6 to head to the Metrocentre, where we have the North East's only IMAX. There's roadworks right up past the place, so it took forever to get there, but we got there in plenty time.
Plan was to go and see Avengers. Sort of tradition to see the big films up there. ;o
Ironically, to add, two years ago we went to see Iron Man 3 there, and three years ago we went to see the original Avengers there. Same day and everything. So weird!

Had a pulled pork, chicken and cheese burger from Wetherspoons, with some gorgeous onion rings and chips. Boyfriend had a large mixed grill which made him hideously full, but we still wandered around the shops. And I got to see the Lego shop there!
Awesome stuff.

Then it was off to the IMAX to see Avengers, which was a really good film and well worth the money I spent on the damn tickets. 3D seems to have improved since we last went, and now they give out IMAX glasses to keep, not just to lend.

Got home late, got to bed pretty soon after.

Today was even quieter, but it's the start of May!
I have literally done nothing productive today.
Not at all.

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Re: A year in the life of a Time Lord*
« Reply #35 on: May 02, 2015, 01:49:54 PM »
2nd May 2015
Another slow day. Aiming to get 1m fishing exp in Runescape today, so it's been non-stop fishing all day. Except for food shopping, and Tesco have finally gotten their burger and bun packs in again, so I'm looking forward to having that for tea at some point this week. ;o

At work tomorrow, hoping it'll be quiet before the storm of a hopefully warm May Day on Monday. Sundays are generally very slow days anyway.
This week is going to be a slightly awkward week. With work on Monday, college at work on Tuesday, work on Wednesday and then nothing until Saturday again.

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Re: A year in the life of a Time Lord*
« Reply #36 on: May 03, 2015, 03:13:13 PM »
3rd May 2015
It was pissing down this morning. Expected a relatively quiet Sunday at work, but nothing prepared me for how quiet we actually were.
Jesus christ it was terrible. Our first customers appeared at 2pm, and our last at 3 minutes before closing time.
Which I don't mind, but it just drags out a slow day into a slower one.

Managed to get a fair bit done, though. Catalogued and organised all of the blogs I had received for my deadline. Updated our monthly goings on blackboard for the farm, updated the website, did some social mediaing... Started work on the shop catalogue.
All of these things I'll be able to do properly when I'm back in my office from next week, as a good friend and staff member is returning from maternity leave and is back on the desk, and I'll be relocating myself to marketing unless otherwise needed.
Which is awesome because I can finally sit down and crack on on a proper long time basis.

Hoping it doesn't rain tomorrow so that our village will clear up as all of the May Day stuff will be going on down there.

Had some gorgeous burgers courtesy of the boyfriend tonight. Tasty tasty. Looking to get 70m fishing exp this week, which is pretty damn exciting for me. I've decided that I'm probably going to push straight for 200m, but relax my gains after I get my master fish cape. So if I want to take a break, I won't feel guilty for doing so.

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Re: A year in the life of a Time Lord*
« Reply #37 on: May 04, 2015, 02:43:40 PM »
4th May 2015
Bright sunny day for May Day! Which was wonderful. Spent a lot of time flitting between reception and on photo duty. Was mostly on reception to help the returning staff member get used to everything again, but she was all good.
That and the boss told me to just go take photos.

Wore a flower crown for most of the day. I was roped into doing some Maypole dancing, which was the one thing I wanted to avoid. In the end, I actually enjoyed it, which was surprising. I spent a good hour and a bit outside in the afternoon, did some stonecarving, took a bunch of photos.
Something I should've realised months ago is that I have a proper camera, why don't I just use that for bloody photos instead of my phone.

Jesus. Idiot.

Really good day, really enjoyed today, and we made quite a fair bit today. Which was also good. Tomorrow is (if our lecturer has remembered...) a college day, and we're at work. So I don't have far to go, which is awesome.

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Re: A year in the life of a Time Lord*
« Reply #38 on: May 06, 2015, 03:06:32 PM »
5th & 6th of May 2015
These past two days have been manic. Hell, this is proving to be a hideously busy week. I knew it would be, but damn. It really is proving to be more than I expected.

Yesterday I had my college session at work, which worked in my favour as it was less for me to travel, better for me to get some units completed, and I could make it to the weekly meeting on time.
Naturally, our lecturer forgot. So she had to make her way down.
Delivered a tour to the people in my class, it was awkward but that was that. My assessor did not drop down which is unfortunate as I really need to fucking see him.
It's bordering on ridiculous. We have one session left and he hasn't visited me in the entire time I've been at my venue.

Boyfriend spent the evening tearing through his work so I watched junk on TV. I'm addicted to crime documentaries at the moment.

Today I had a clear plan of what I needed to get out of the way by the end of the day. Had a meeting regarding transition and training from January, had a meeting about the local credit union, and had my apprentice review also.
The more emails I picked up during the day, the longer my to do list grew. It went from one that had achievable goals to one that I had to prioritise.
In the end, a few things lost out.
No biggie.
Transition interview went well, this is regarding how we function as a museum and how we are growing into a co-op. Apprentice review went well, voiced concerns and found out some things. These are very much a formality now, I have no issues.

Managed to get pieces done on the website but not everything I wanted to so that'll be Saturday's job, got one leaflet made up and sent to print, got my newsletter finished proofed and sent, and did a few things the director wanted me to do.
Tomorrow I have a day off which is wonderful, even though I'm going in on the evening (Might as well go and live in one of our replica Anglo-Saxon huts this week...) for part of a mini-module being delivered by a local university. It's also the election tomorrow and I am hideously excited for all of the election coverage on the BBC tomorrow night because I am sad as dicks.
I'll be so happy if Labour get back in and the scum get out.

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Re: A year in the life of a Time Lord*
« Reply #39 on: May 08, 2015, 10:31:21 AM »
8th May 2015
Bonus points of today:
Nick Clegg resigned and Lib Dems got 8 seats lolol.
Nigel Farage resigned and UKIP got 1 seat lolol.
Paddy Ashdown is going to eat a hat.

Bad points of today:
We've got a Conservative government for 5 more years.
Everybody at work looked like somebody had died. Here come the cuts to museum funding yay.
Engine light on my car came on this afternoon and now it wont start so I am thus without a way to work for the next week.

All in all I am in a foul mood

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Re: A year in the life of a Time Lord*
« Reply #40 on: May 09, 2015, 02:13:43 PM »
9th May 2015
Yeah, I was pretty foul yesterday. Thankfully I appear to have accepted our fate, and I'm back to normal today.
Was at work, had to get a lift in due to car worries but I'm probably going to drive it in on Monday. Sod it. I'm in the AA.
It was rainy and awful, but a surprisingly busy day in all. Had a few groups in, managed to get a bit of leaflet and work done but not too much. It was mostly a day of dragging. God, today dragged badly. No idea why. Probably because I've been there every sodding day this week. Blegh.

Craved pasta, so I had that for tea. Going to spend tonight relaxing and tomorrow not going anywhere near work.

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Re: A year in the life of a Time Lord*
« Reply #41 on: May 11, 2015, 02:23:52 PM »
10th & 11th May 2015
Yesterday I did indeed stay far away from work. Didn't really do much. Went shopping, had a pizza for tea, fished on Runescape.
That's about all, really.

Another day at work today, it's my first Monday upstairs, and I'm hoping to be up there a lot more now that the desk has enough cover. It was good to just work my way through things slowly. Popped out to get a cake for one of the staff members who kept their birthday secret from us.
Was a good cake.
Did a few things, found out a few things. Sent the half term leaflet off to be printed and did some newsletter. Don't need to go to work tomorrow as there's no Team Leader meeting. I'm getting my hair dyed again, blegh, but it's a necessary evil.

Pretty tired at the moment.

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Re: A year in the life of a Time Lord*
« Reply #42 on: May 13, 2015, 02:39:23 PM »
12th & 13th May 2015

Did not do much yesterday. Woke up earlier than I would've liked, went to get my hair dyed at 1, did some Runescaping and helping the boyfriend plan for his revision for his exam in June.
We went to Asda late at night to get some stationary to help him organise his revision. I'm a stationary whore so I couldn't resist.
Also watched far to much of The Matrix before bed.

Slept the entire night through last night, which is sodding amazing. Must've been bloody tired. Couple of drama related things happened, we're losing an apprentice to another venue (Politics, sigh) so I'm hoping I don't have to go back on the desk as I can't really afford to with the amount of work I have to do.
Will find out next week, I suppose. Bleh.

Considerable amount of design work done today. I will get used to NE Lifestyle magazine's schedule soon. Blergggh.
Still got more than a few things to sort out but they'll have to be done on Saturday.
Walked past the sheep today and they totally blanked me. I know it's a new field and all, but seriously... Guys?

Sneaky Wetherspoons for tea. Tasty steak, not as rare as I'd like but hey ho I love the chips.

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Re: A year in the life of a Time Lord*
« Reply #43 on: May 15, 2015, 04:29:59 PM »
14th & 15th May 2015
Thursday... Didn't do much. Just Runescape fishing until half 6 when I went to work for the next session in the Anglo-Saxon mini module. Bioarcheology this time, which proved to be pretty awesome. We looked at bone casts and what bones go through during growth and injuries on skulls and so on. Learnt quite a lot, really enjoyed it.
Popped to Tesco on the way home and picked up a tasty pasta bake and some wonderful garlic bread.

Today I popped to the post office this morning, the news agents didn't have my favourite crisps, which was hideously disappointing...
I've spent the entire day helping my boyfriend write notes for his exam in June. Complicated stuff. Really complicated stuff.
Now relaxing with Oasis and cornflake clusters whilst I fish. Work tomorrow, but going to sample some Anglo-Saxon food, which is a bonus.

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Re: A year in the life of a Time Lord*
« Reply #44 on: May 16, 2015, 03:05:17 PM »
16th of May 2015
My mother has a new car. Giving it a few weeks (or days) before somebody breaks and one of us has to park out on the street. Bring on the hilarious arguments of car moving late at night.

Been to work. Slow day, busier than expected given that we're free next weekend, though. Tried out some veggie Anglo-Saxon stew, which was... Brave of me, and some gorgeous, gorgeous bread cooked over our fire. Cons of this included heading into the mead hall with the fire on, and stinking of smoke for the rest of the day.
Fleece could do with a wash, but I can't see that happening any time soon so I've sprayed it like crazy in the hopes the smell goes away.
Bread was worth the smell.

Looking out for the new rota, curious about what days I'll be in next week but I'm probably going to have another week of living there.
Very good job I love the place.

Have quite a few plans for Monday, need to finish some design work and get it sent away and rattle off a few emails and do a Medieval Fair prep checklist.

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Re: A year in the life of a Time Lord*
« Reply #45 on: May 27, 2015, 11:48:08 AM »
18th May - 26th May 2015
So I had the week from hell last week, that lasted right through until Thursday. It wasn't fun. Not at all.

My car broke on Monday evening. I left work and got in it to start, and the engine just ticked over. And over. And over.
Ended up in the green shed waiting for a lift. My dad was convinced it was the key, and convinced it was the key.
So, went home, went back the next day to try the key and see my assessor for college. Key did not work, keys went away to get reprogrammed. He knows a guy from Nissan who could come take a look and that was that.
Still sad over car.
On the bonus, I am getting paid for working Tuesday given that somebody rang in sick and my boss asked if I wanted to work, so I said yes. Of course.

Wednesday was one of the worst days of my week.
Guy arrived, instantly said it was not the key. No, didn't think it was. After many attempts and looking and fiddling, he diagnosed it.
Timing belt stretched. 450+ replacement fee, or new car. Given that my Micra is an 03 reg, isn't in the best condition anyway, new car seemed to be the way to go. But still no car, so... Sad times.
Night was okay, started looking at used cars which was great. Exciting. And then my boyfriend gets the dreaded text we've been expecting for a good few months now.
His dog at home, right across the country, is going to get put down in two weeks after his medication runs out, because he's too ill.
Cue crying. Copious amounts of it.

Thursday I went to work to see off one of my friends. The assistant curator is leaving, she's off down south for a new job. Her perfect job. I remember her finding it. It's sad, she was only a month older than me and we worked together quite a lot during my first placement. Liked my jokes and puns. D:
Our nannas, a group of ladies who come and use our conference room to knit on Wednesdays, put on a buffet for her. Many foods were had.

Thursday evening and my dad decided to be a colossal cock over this car situation. He suggested I lease a car, essentially paying for one on finance. I can't afford that. He didn't accept it. Big argument, ended up going out. Saw some rabbits in the park with the boyfriend. That was nice. Went to bed, really fucking fed up.

Friday. I was asked to go to work to speak to the high ups at the Heritage Lottery Fund who had come to visit us. The meeting went really well, got a nice compliment from the deputy leader of the council who said I was professional and myself, which was hard. Was happy about that.
I left later than expected after doing a few more things for people, went home, fully prepared for a fight in the evening. I had a gorgeous tea of pork ribs, and then returned to the car talk, where my dad agreed to pay finance on a new car for me. Which I couldn't really turn down, so... That's what's happening.

Saturday we had the start of our craft fair weekend... Had a wonderful hog roast, bought a couple of nice things... Bought mead! I don't drink, but it was gorgeous. Good for a swig now and again I think. Left pretty early, considering. It was the quietest day. And then in the evening... Eurovision!
I wanted Serbia to win, but Sweden was my second favourite. So I'm okay with the outcome. We got points, which was amazing. I thought we were very Eurovisionesque, but nobody else did, supposedly.

Sunday was the first day I was not in work. I looked at cars. I picked a car. I'm getting a SEAT Ibiza 1.2 I-TECH model in dark grey. Terrifying, but really exciting! News has come through that I'll pick it up on Friday afternoon. Eeeek.

Monday was the last day of our craft fair, got hold of a wonderfully long woolly cat called Matterhorn, who I love dearly. Also fudge. Tasty fudge.

And I think I'm about up to date... Slowly settling back, tomorrow I'm at the Doctor Who Symphony Spectacular, and I'm excited as buggery.

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Re: A year in the life of a Time Lord*
« Reply #46 on: May 28, 2015, 06:23:48 PM »
28th May 2015

Today I went to the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular! I went to the evening showing. There was a last minute change of plans... My mother was supposed to come with me, but her spine is disintegrating and she's having a bad time of it this week, so my lovely boyfriend stood in her place to join me, with the lure of alcohol. He's not a fan in the slightest, of DW or classical music, so it was big on his part to come.

Started off wandering around Newcastle first... Had a look in Game, and in HMV. Then we went to Forbidden Planet, which... Doesn't have a huge DW stock any more, sadly. I picked up an Ultron Funko Pop which I've been after for a while, an Ocelot Minecraft cuddly, who looks a little derpy but I've also been after for a while, and two TITAN Vinyl DW blind boxed figures... Of which I got two I did not want, but hey ho, that's the risk with blind boxes.

Went to Wetherspoons, had a BBQ pulled pork and chicken burger, which was tasty tasty. Did some on the spot revision with the boyfriend, and we walked down to the Arena a good half an hour later. Got there no problem, it was just fucking cold, and I picked up my special preordered programme, seen to the right! Nice cover.
I also couldn't resist getting a special tour t-shirt, and a hoodie. I have spent so much money today it is ridiculous, but I don't often have big geeky days out so there we go. Daren't look at my bank, though. Eek.

The orchestra was fabulous, they played some wonderful music and I got to hear I am the Doctor and This is Gallifrey live, the two pieces I really, really wanted to hear live. Over the moon with it all. They had many monsters come into the audience, including Cybermen, Daleks, Silurians, the Silence, the Whispermen, the Foretold annd... Yes, I think that's all that came out. It wasn't packed, but our block was a little squashed.
Saw both people I knew were going tonight, which was a pleasant surprise, given the Arena is biiiiig.

Bed time, I think. I'm picking up my new car tomorrow, and the boyfriend is going away for the weekend D: so I'm going to use that time to catch up on writing. And working.

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Re: A year in the life of a Time Lord*
« Reply #47 on: May 29, 2015, 04:22:10 PM »
29th May 2015

My new car is da bomb.
Weird as all hell to drive for the first time, because I've driven the same one for six years. An old Nissan Micra, second hand, old old old. This is new new new. Cloth and leather seats, leather wheel. Absolute dream to drive. Responsive, quick, very fast. Makes it to eighty easily. Love driving it... Music is great in it. Comes with a sat nav, so I've been playing with that.

My boyfriend left around lunchtime to go and see his very ill dog over at home, which is on the other side of the country. I'm really glad he's gotten the chance to go and see him before he leaves... I would've been over if I hadn't been working tomorrow, and if I had a car. The news came at the worst possible time last week. He'll be back on Sunday to chill in my new car with me, and have a good drive around. Exciting times. Just means I have to spent the next two nights alone with Doctor Who for company. Going to have to see if I can dig my blurays out to sleep with for the comfort of the noise instead of relying on Netflix.

Also... Because I never put him here, this is my old car. RIP you poor thing, he's left the car park and now changed owner. Sad face.

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Re: A year in the life of a Time Lord*
« Reply #48 on: June 05, 2015, 03:25:11 AM »
5th June 2015

I haven't been updating as much as I should've, really. This weekend has been a little strange. My boyfriend came back on Sunday afternoon and we went out for a Spoons. I'm addicted, it seems. He's been working to revise, and I had a busy start of the week in regards to work, finishing off college and a bit more work.
Also been getting used to my car. Good fun. Still love it. Everybody at work really likes it, too.

Incredibly busy at work, hit a bunch of deadlines earlier in the week for things due today which is nice, I think. Working hard to start to publicise our summer holiday events. Leaflet will be finished at the end of next week and ready to be dished out. Some things to do next week, website and catching up on other stuff...

Yesterday we popped into town for lunch, had some chicken and half a rack of ribs which was really nice, if not incredibly messy. Picked up stationary for my boyfriend's exam next Monday, and we had a look around the pitiful shops down there. Came home, I went out to work for the Anglo-Saxon mini module, which was about landscape archaeology and buildings last night. Nice and interesting.

Woke up this morning and I'm nervously waiting for the Doctor Who Festival tickets to come on sale. Eep.

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Re: A year in the life of a Time Lord*
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Ribs are expected to be messy.  Every rib place I've been to anticipates this by passing out the little moist towelette packets with the meal.  :D