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Author Topic: When Good Hunters Go Bad (a M/M scene with vampire hunters and vampires) [Un]  (Read 834 times)

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Offline RogueLadyTopic starter

Vampire hunting was a dangerous game, a game with no rules and few winners. It took a special breed to go after the bloodsuckers; some would say a dying breed. The golden years of hunting were over and now the teams had dwindled to a few hundred worldwide. It seemed that not enough new teams were trained to make up for the ones that retired or were killed.

It was into this dark world that Christian and Quinn were recruited. They were partners, and beyond that, they were practically brothers. Each trusted the other implicitly and knew that nothing would be done that would divide their loyalties.

Perhaps that was their mistake.

Quinn and Christian were in Oregon. Some small town that was barely a dot on a map but that had, for some reason, a higher then normal population of vampires. It was supposed to be an easy job, a cakewalk … but it wasn’t. These vampires were strong and they were angry and they wanted nothing more then to kill the young slayers who had come looking for them.

Christian escaped from the abandoned building where the vampires had been living. He was bloodied and hurt, but alive He waited for Quinn but after an hour he feared the worse.

No one blamed Christian for not going back into the hive; it would have been stupid and suicidal. If Quinn wasn’t answering radio communication or somehow getting word to Christian that he was alive then there was no reason to suspect he had been able to escape the vampires.

But Christian had to live with it. He had to live with the knowledge that his best friend had died in some condemned building that stank of rot and decay. It tore at him, he dreamed about it. He had a hard time forgiving himself for leaving Quinn behind.

Three years passed and Christian was stationed in New Orleans. The place was a magnet for vampires who’d been obsessed with Anne Rice and took to the city as if it was their own personal Mecca. Still in his early twenties, Christian rose up the ranks to become one of the youngest Master Slayers in recent history. He was praised for his cold, methodical and clinical treatment of vampires; never a shred of mercy or regret in his eyes when they were dispatched. He was the best of the best. Unshakeable. Unstoppable.

But all that changed in the blink of an eye. It was on a routine patrol through the cemeteries that Christian heard voices, soft and musical, speaking in a timbre that no human could ever achieve. He crept forward and bent behind the wall of a crypt, peering around the corner, already knowing what he would see.

There were three of them, two women and a man. They were beautiful in that preternatural way that vampires had. The women were slender and long-limbed, one had brown hair and the other was blonde. The man looked younger then the woman, not only mortally but vampiricly as well. His skin didn’t have the same lustre, the glow that old vampires achieved over time and his movements didn’t flow in the same way. He was like a gangly teenager compared to the undead women. But it wasn’t his age that made Christian’s eyes go wide and all colour drop from his cheeks. It was the male vampire’s face. Quinn’s eyes lingering on the blonde vampire woman and Quinn’s lips stretching into a smile and then parting with laughter; Quinn’s dark hair was falling casually into his vision and Quinn’s hand impatiently sweeping the locks away.

Christian felt an icy ball drop into his stomach and he made a noise in the back of his throat. The vampire women both looked up in perfect unison, identical animal snarls on their lips. They moved together towards the source of the noise and the Quinn-Thing moved with them.

As quickly as the surprised panic had overtaken him, Christian realised that it was not the time or the place to have a breakdown. He’d kill the women and try to disable Quinn, preventing his former partner from running.

He had questions he wanted answered …

((I'm looking for someone to play Christian, the cold-as-ice vampire hunter who'd been constantly battling feelings of guilt for what happened to Quinn that day at the warehouse. I think there will be a lot of anger in him especially as Quinn esentially betrayed his partner by joining the other side. It could turn into a chase type scenario but with no real clear-cut good guys or bad guys. Sometimes Christian would get the upper hand, sometimes Quinn would. We can figure out a way to throw in a dash of sexual tension ... and voila! A nice, angsty RP.

Oh, I guess I should note that the scene will definitely be M/M ... just because that's what I feel like right now. But, as always, I don't care about the real life gender of anyone interested in the scene :). So if this strikes a fancy in anyone, definitely drop me a PM and we can work out details and such.

Also, I'm stupidly bad when it comes to thinking up titles. The title I gave this one refers to both Quinn becoming a vampire and the rules that Christian may eventually break when it comes to his former partner. I don't know. If someone can think of a better name, I'll all ears.))

Taken :)
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New Idea :)