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October 24, 2017, 04:45:37 AM

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Author Topic: Survival horror type game - interest check - looking for a captain  (Read 1195 times)

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Offline RedEveTopic starter

I'd like to keep the fate of the crew of the Hypatia and any potential survivors a mystery for now.

In terms of the nature of the threat, I see it as purely violent.

Offline Joel

hmmm... i might be interested in playing the captain.  that or the ship's gunner or mechanic.

Offline Allangar

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i am interested in playing a female character if you still need some.

Offline Strangefate

Name:  Dr. Ananda ĎAnaí Johar

Age: 33 yrs

Rank/role: Science Specialist (Microbiology), Certified Medic

Background:  Ana comes from a large extended family, many of whom have been and continue to be influential in Earthís colonial projects.  Like most of her siblings, she has pursued a profession in the sciences, achieving her PhD in Microbiology from Cornell University before embarking on a career with the Earth Colonial Space Program.  She has served on several research teams, and has recently headed a project cataloguing newly evolved pathogens in the Europa colony.  A certified medic, she has also received basic combat training as a civilian associate of the Colonial Marines, and has been invited along on the Hypatia recovery mission to assist with determining the condition of any survivors and whether or not the ship should be quarantined in deep space or possibly destroyed before it can reenter the system.   

Offline RedEveTopic starter

Hey gang,

I have been swamped by some unexpected events at work which means that I am going to be working long most of this week.
So I might not get this game off the ground proper until this weekend at the earliest.

The good news is that this gives you more time to work on your CS. :)

Offline wander

Awesome in that I have some time to do the sheet (I was going to send it in tonight), sad that you're going to be so busy!

So I'll be doing pilot and navigation if noone else feels their character is going to cross over. I was thinking of my character having a background in asteroid mining given the speeds of the spacecraft allow them to be able to have spent some time in the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter... Or a ship salvage crew member... Something that has him be out in the black and used to it, with some stories to tell, a guy who never put down roots.

Y'know names are the hardest for me... I really struggle when it comes to naming a character I've built.

Offline Tinkertoy

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I am a female and I would love to toss my name into the hat for consideration. Maybe a shell shocked veteran that is still struggling witt the scars of the past, repressing  a career of combat and the unexpected.

Offline wander

Character sheet sent in!

RedEve, I'd love to know more of the technology of the setting... Keeping in mind the sheer speed the ships go in this setting (I placed an older ship my char was pilot of in his background, that could reach the Moon in a minute and would go at 20G for such a trek), what kind of compensation to Gs would there be to keep the crew safe?

If someone was hit with 20G as above, even laid down they'd likely end up as flatted chunky salsa... I'm sure you have something that keeps that in mind, I'm not asking to derail or be a nuisance, I'm genuinely interested in the science behind space travel and especially how you'll consider it in your setting :)

Given my CS has my character as a pilot, I'd like to know more. ^__^

Offline RedEveTopic starter

I saw it more as the way it is done in the movie "Event Horizon", where the actual travel is done with the crew in containment tanks.

Offline Amarlo

Hey wander, would you like to exchange CSs and see if we are able to build some sort of history between our characters?

Offline wander

Grav-couches... Nice.  ;D

Sure, Amarlo, I'll send you a copy in PM presently. :)

Offline Amarlo

Damn that movie, lmfao.

And sent, wander :)

Offline wander

I quite like Event Horizon, it's actually very hard scifi before they board the titular ship, though even then they keep some things right in how space works.

I really like your CS and pic for it, Amarlo.  :-)

Offline wander

Name: Daniel Freeman
Age: 30
Rank/role: Ship's Pilot/Astrogator
Danny was raised in an affluent family based in the Europa colony. An intelligent boy and a gifted artist, it was clear he would soon grow bored and rebel from the overly boring socio-economic surroundings he was placed in. His infuriatingly uneventful youth made him look to the stars and his want of escape gave him interest in wanting to be behind the piloting console of a spacecraft, to be free to wander the system. He had no real want to be on a colony-ship and head to Proxima and so he bided his time. He passed through a few small-time jobs once University was over, trying to find his feet.
Whilst Danny's family had money to be better off than the average colonist, they weren't upper class. Danny eventually found work, it was a small job and heavy going. Not one his family were happy that he was taking, but it was a dream for the man, a spell at the asteroid belt, mining. It wasn't the best job, but he'd be able to be that much closer to the system and he'd be able to travel to other stations to stake his claims, getting to be at least in orbit of Mars, Luna and Earth.
Eventually Dan made enough money via what the corporation he worked for paid him to muster out and move on to something he felt was a step up, working as part of a salvage crew. Another corporation gig, here he was checking out coasting hulks and occasionally working rescue, though more often than not taking back supplies to be resold to other ships. The ship wasn't a fast one, but given he didn't need to go all too far past Jupiter, it didn't matter and he liked watching space as they coasted in the monitors. The ship moved at 20G full thrust which was good speed, if less than other more modern ships, plus he was pilot.
Given he was in a small scouting crew, barely a handful of people on board, Dan soon learned over the space of the last few years to act as a pilot and an astrogator on a vessel. Whilst not a combat pilot, he had gained a reputation for being able to thread a ship through a needle, given how many a space pirate vessel targetted the crafts he'd find himself on often enough. This is how he ended up being chosen as the pilot for the Lewis and Clerk, where he has been stationed for the last few months. The rest of the crew may note him as an easy-going guy who is perhaps near geeky in his love of space, travel within it and the various parts of the system.

Offline Amarlo


This image was editted and put together by myself, please do not use or redistribute!

Name: Jay Asarde
Age: 30
Rank/role: Janitor Ė Veteran of 12 years
Background: There was a reason someone of Jayís experience and expertise was assigned to a rescue/exploration vessel as a janitor. The woman had done far too much for her service to just be thrown off like last yearís trash but she refused to retire and refused to become useless. They had thrown this job at her as a last resort hoping to get her to finally bow out and retire but much to their shock and amusement the woman actually took the job. She was just happy to do something at this point and actually fell into her role as shipís janitor with an uncanny ease.

While the woman is known for her large list of psychological issues and eccentric conversations, she is far more skilled than any mere space maid and could just as easily break their arm as properly clean their station. She has a large amount of combat experience under her belt, much of which can be easily recognized by the multitude of scars marring her form but it is well known amongst the crew that she wasnít in a position like say.. Captain, because she has continued to fail her psychological. This doesnít mean she is a malicious person, nor does it mean she will crack under the pressure. She is still permitted to carry a weapon and is even known to give good advice when it comes to strategy, piloting and recon ops. Just donít ask her for advice on personal matters unless you want a good laugh Ė she is just as likely to tell you to shit yourself to get rid of problematic ex as to give a box of sanitizer to your new beau for an anniversary gift.

Offline RedEveTopic starter

I have updated the opening post of this thread with links to the OOC and character threads.
If you have an approved character sheet, feel free to post it in the character thread.

Offline CandyLips

I was wondering if there are still openings for this game? I've never played in a group game before, but I've recently gotten some free time and would like to give it a go. I was considering playing a female maintenance engineer. Are there still openings available?

Offline Strangefate

Iím not the GM but Iím almost certain the game is still recruiting.  :-)

Offline Amarlo

Lol, I think we need more male characters now xD

Offline CandyLips

Lol, I think we need more male characters now xD
Lol It looks like it.

Offline RedEveTopic starter

We still need a captain as well. :)

Offline RedEveTopic starter

Re: Survival horror type game - interest check - looking for a captain
« Reply #46 on: April 02, 2015, 02:51:26 AM »
Still looking for a captain.
If I fail to find one, he or she will have to be a NPC.