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December 02, 2020, 06:44:38 AM

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Author Topic: Two Specific RPs! (Werewolf/Human, Dragon/Human) (F/M)  (Read 550 times)

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Offline Quinz128Topic starter

Two Specific RPs! (Werewolf/Human, Dragon/Human) (F/M)
« on: March 22, 2015, 08:09:01 AM »
If you want to know my specific details, check my request detail in my signature. I really desire two specific RPs, right now, and am jumping into it.

Lycanthropic Lust

A woman is infected with lycanthropy and becomes a feral beast upon the rising of a full moon. The woman's human personality is worth discussing, but I see her as being meek or passive-aggressive and sexually repressed. Because of this, when she becomes a werewolf her violence and lust increases greatly. She will go on rampages at the transformation nights that could be either violent or sexual, depending on who her focus is, either an enemy or object of lust from her normal human-life. The setting is negotiable, depending on what direction my partner would go with developing a plot for this.

There are a couple of things I really would like involving this RP. First, I want some Mother/Son incest where the woman targets her son to rape when she becomes a werewolf. Second, she becomes pregnant from her lust-filled rampages from her transformation. Lastly, I would like time skips to be frequent to keep the pacing quick and the focus on the transformation and problems that come from them.

Broken Behind Enemy Lines
Two mercenaries were hired for a scouting job for a military's war effort. This pair is of a dragon and a man, both are experienced from a few sorties before, and confident with this job to just scout and return to get paid. These two had not known each other before, but each had their respective experience as a rider/mount. However, something goes wrong and the dragon would have gotten shot from the sky and lost the ability to fly. So, the two need to figure a way to get out of the enemy lines with their lives intact. And even develop a bit of a relationship between each other.

Female Dragon, Male Human, please!

In both RPs, I can play either role. So if you rather be the male human, go for it! If you want to rampage and rape as a female werewolf, good! If you want to be the dragon? Sure! But female beast/male human, please!

Offline Quinz128Topic starter

Re: Two Specific RPs! (Werewolf/Human, Dragon/Human) (F/M)
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2015, 01:06:44 AM »
Interested Parties had discussed and dropped out before starting. These ones are still greatly desired, please.